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Title: Talliswood
Author(s): Tarowen
Date(s): 2002
Length: 100,000+
Genre: Elf AU
Fandom: 'N Sync
External Links: no longer available

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Talliswood is a popslash AU by Tarowen (JC/Justin, Chris/Lance). It was posted as a WIP[1] and it took forever to get finished. Both JC and Lance are elves and find their true love with Justin and Chris while saving the magic of the realm. The story was originally inspired by Helen's Guerillas series, but ultimately went in a very different direction.

From the author's notes: This series is set in a fantasy AU, in which only Joe is all human. Jayce and Lansten are elves, Justin (Joe's half-brother) is half sylph, and Chris has some wild blood running through his veins. They're on a quest through a dangerous wood full of restless magic. Read this if you like swords, sorcery, elves, quests, angst, and jeweled codpieces.[2]

Recs and Reviews

  • "Fantasy AU Beautiful high-magic world, with the five questers out to save it."[3]
  • "This is an amazing story for all you fantasy fans like me! It is predominantly an NSYNC story (although Kevin, Howie, Nick and Brian do make appearances), so some of you may wish to avoid it like the plague, but it's your loss, this I promise you (that was a *really* bad joke, huh?!). IN PROGRESS"[1]
  • "JC/Justin, Chris/Lance. Fantasy AU with elves."[4]


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