Love and Guns

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Title: Love and Guns
Publisher: AMC Press
Date(s): 1997-2002
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Sentinel
Language: English
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Love and Guns is a slash Sentinel fanzine that ran for sixteen issues. All covers are by TACS. Agented by Requiem Publications with print and PDF ezine available as of 2018.

General Fan Comments

[2000]: And, on the subject of artwork, I have no fondness for the current fad of "the Adobe Photoshop School of Fanzine llustration." I have enjoyed Carole Swoboda's artwork for years (house illustrator for AMC Press), but I have little liking for what she produces with this technique. It looks artificial and, frequently, oddly proportioned. I was unhappy, particularly, to see a pretty Bodie/Doyle piece that she did many years ago recycled as a Jim/Blair piece for a "Love and Guns" cover (and I'm not talking about re-drawing the same pose with different characters -- it's the exact same piece, with the facial features changed and Blair's hair added, in place of Bodie and Doyle). [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, TACS
Love and Guns 1 was published in 1997 and is 201 pages long. The interior art is by TACS.
  • Love and Guns by MegaRed: After Maya leaves, Jim is left with a despondent Blair - who has to be convinced that not everyone he cares about will leave him. (7 pages)
  • Walk the Walk by Yvonne McCool: Jim has to go undercover as an ex-con to help break up a pornographic movie ring using underage runaways. Will he be able to get out safely or will he be pulled into the hellish world of the beautiful woman running the once before? (35 pages)
  • Into the Woods by Nemrys: Blair gets Jim to do sentinel testing while camping. How far does Jim go before he realizes that his guide has an ulterior reason for these tests? (9 pages)
  • Facing the Night Together by Scout: Jim goes to work without Blair and is shot. Even after the cop convalesces, Blair is feeling guilty about not being there to prevent a zone-out, so he starts popping pills to get through the night without nightmares. (15 pages)
  • Nightmares II - revised & combined by MegaRed: What happened after Jim killed Lash and rescued Blair from the warehouse and what were the effects on the young man afterwards? (17 pages)
  • Night Train by MegaRed: Blair shows Jim how he can pick handcuffs with his Swiss army knife, but after several tests, Blair finds himself stuck and can't free his Jim takes advantage of the situation by using...a feather? (15 pages)
  • Good Vibrations by M. Leigh Frank: Just how much trouble can an electric toothbrush get you into? Blair finds out. (12 pages)
  • Forgotten Memories by Brandy: Nightmares about the crash in Peru threaten Jim's sanity. Can he get Blair to help him without telling him about his deepest secret? (13 pages)
  • When the Smoke Clears by K. Ann Yost: Blair's been missing for two days before Jim realizes that Jane (Pheromones) has kidnapped him for revenge against the detective. (11 pages)
  • Much Ado About Nothing by Windy: Getting school work and Jim's work done was literally exhosting the grad student. One night he comes homes, takes a quick shower and climbs into his lover's bed ready to go to sleep. Forgetting his wet hair, which falls on a startled detective, he's now faced with a pissed off bed mate. What's a guy to do? (4 pages)
  • Swimming With the Sharks by Legion: Jim is dating a rich, successful woman and Blair is so not happy. What Jim doesn't know is that this woman is also very dangerous and had painful plans for the Cascade detective. (14 pages)
  • One Piece Missing by R'Rain: A serial killer of gay men is loose and Jim goes undercover as bait to catch him. While on this job, he gets a different perspective on this life style and begins to question his own beliefs. He also realizes he is being drawn to Blair and is confused if it is only the case making him feel like this... or something more. (50 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, TACS

Love and Guns 2 was published in 1997 and is 198 pages long.

  • The Other's World by R'rain (Blair is selected to go on a two week observation study on a Peruvian tribal anomaly - human sacrifice - and has Jim go along with him but the head of the study didn't know Blair was bringing along his 'male lover'. Will the Professor make it difficult for Jim and Blair in the jungle and will the 'killing puzzle' be solved?) (1) (sequel to "One Missing Piece" in the previous issue)
  • Keeping In Touch by Legion (Jim is slated for an IA investigation because of the way he handled a prisoner but through Blair, learns that, because of childhood abuse, why he was trigger ready with his fists when he booked the criminal. But once Blair learns about Jim's childhood, he realizes he can't tell him that he's in love with the he moves out of the loft and says he is moving in with his lover...a young woman from the university.) (56)
  • Short Eyes by Moz (When the guys in the bullpen start teasing Jim and calling him 'short eyes', Jim tells them like it is...) (82)
  • Confederate Dreams by P. B. (Blair has discovered that he's in love with his roommate, but with the stress of the end of the school year, papers and keeping Jim from zoning out, he just falls asleep exhausted in the living room and dreams of another time and place - but one that has the answers for him.) (92)
  • Reunions by Brenda Antrim (crossover with The Professionals, "a completely revised and expanded version of the episode "Intersections" with a continuation added, separate and distinct of that name available electronically.") (Jim and Blair go to a police conference not realizing how much of an impact this will make on their lives, especially Blair's. After a murder and kidnapping, the young man finally learns who his father is, much to the happy confusion that follows Jim, Blair, Naomi and members of CI5 to London and back.) (107)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Reunions]: The Love and Guns series of zines are a well produced, well loved set in the Sentinel fandom with good original artwork and competent editing. This version of "Reunion" is a completely revised and expanded version of "Intersections", with a continuation added, separate and distinct from the electronically version of the same name. The story begins with a conference held in Seattle, USA, where Blair Sandburg and Jim Ellison (The Sentinel) run into an old friend of Jim's, W.A.P. Bodie, who is acting as chief security for a respected Italian judge. Also in attendance, as a conference speaker, is Chief Constable Alan Cade, aka Ray Doyle. Bodie and Doyle had been forced apart and into other lives to avoid assassination by terrorists eight years before. Neither had any knowledge of where the other was and when Cowley died unexpectedly, their last hope of finding each other ended. Now fate takes a hand. Many surprises and a well rounded plot weave through to a satisfying finish. [2]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, TACS

Love and Guns 3 was published in May 1998 and is 178 pages long.

  • Guided Imagery by Frances Redding. Jim goes to a late night meeting with a snitch and gets into trouble. Blair is awakened from sleep by the recently dead Inchacha, who tells the student to find and help the detective by using his own senses. (14 pages)
  • Hope For The Future by Emrys. Ellison is confused by the onslaught of hyperactive senses and strange visions and meets a graduate student, Blair Sandburg, who says he can help him. (10 pages)
  • Indiana Comes in Cascade by Pumpkin. Fun and games with Indiana Ellison. (8 pages)
  • In The Pale Moonlight by R'rain. Jim and Blair spend the night in a haunted house whose ghostly happenings make them realize the love they have for each other. (13 pages)
  • Tres Sheik by MegaRed. Can two people have the same dream at the same time…desert, sand and sheiks? Previously net published but revised by the author. (44 pages)
  • None Other by J.M. Griffin. Blair is in love with Jim, but thinks the detective would get angry if he knew so turns to someone else. (5 pages)
  • Confessions by Legion. Jim's brother, Stephen, tries to sabotage Ellison’s and Blair’s new friendship. (23 pages)
  • Straight Boys In Bed by Haze. Blair is insecure about a physical relationship with Jim because of disappointing earlier affairs. (6 pages)
  • Picking Up The Right Pieces by Bagheera. Carolyn comes back to Cascade with the hopes of getting back together with Jim...but there’s one problem--Blair. (7 pages)
  • Just Another Elf Story by Windy. One more time...Blair dons a pair of pointed ears. (7 pages)
  • Fever Pitch by J.M. Griffin. Blair has a fever from the flu. (2 pages)
  • ”Not Images Of Beauty, But Realities” by Sabra Lindburg. Jim discovers photographs of Blair taken when the student was several years younger, but the erotic nature of the shots disturb the cop who had certain longings hidden and controlled for years but now is in danger of giving into them. (30 pages)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, TACS, nominated for a STIFfie

Love and Guns 4 was published in 1998. The title page says "1997," but this is a typo. This issue was apparently fairly close to issue #3, and in fact, may have been printed before issue #3. Or something like that. [3] and is 177 pages long.

  • Mother-In-Law by R'rain (Blair decides it time to tell Naomi about his relationship with Jim. Afterwards, Blair thinks everything is okay...until Naomi shows up on the Cascade P. D. doorstep while Jim is giving Blair a lesson in shooting a gun at the P. D.. target range...all the while a bomber is loose and blowing up schools.) (1) (sequel to "One Missing Piece" in issue #1 and "The Other's World" in issue #2)
  • Whoever Fights The Monsters... by Stacy Stronach (Young boys are being molested and murdered and Ellison has to find out who is doing it...unfortunately, it also dredges up childhood memories that Jim has to take care of as well, with the help of Blair. A x-over story with "Millennium".) (38)
  • Life Savings by Yvonne McCool (In the old West, 1874, the Sandburg 'Banking' family plan to open a new branch in Cascade and must transport gold, the bank seal and Blair Sandburg from Philadelphia across the uncivilized Old West. In order to do this safely, the family hires Jim Ellison, a renown tracker and war hero to take charge of the move.) (50)
  • Family Skeletons by Candy Apple (Jim Ellison reveals his family and background to Blair and his friends when his father dies. Little did they realize that an estate and extensive land are part of his inheritance...but was it *his father* that really died and what really happened to his mother? Did she die from an automobile accident years ago...or was it murder..and if it was, who would have done it?) (72)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, TACS

Love and Guns 5 was published in November 1998 and is 194 pages long. It has a color cover and interior b/w art by TACS.

  • Possibilities of Loving by Gillian Middleton (Blair keeps telling Jim that he loves him, but Jim keeps saying Blair doesn't know what he's talking about.) (1)
  • Always and Forever by J.M. Griffin (After Alex, Blair leaves Jim and finds another lover, but can Blair stay away from his former love.) (43)
  • Milestones - Jim by Ann Teitelbaum (The beginning of a love affair - part 1.) (48)
  • Milestones - Blair by Ann Teitelbaum (The beginning of a love affair - part 2.) (50)
  • Sweet Surrender by the Lady of Shalott (After the near drowning, Jim takes Blair to a hotel where they work out their differences.) (52)
  • Stolen Minutes by Legion (Jim is depressed so Blair tries one of his methods to make the cop feel better.) (69)
  • Model Behavior by the Lady of Shalott (Jim is the head of a large and lucrative corporation and he is looking for a model with 'just the right look' - a young grad student.) (73) (This was to be continued in the next issue.)
  • The Lost Hours by Legion (Jim's personal thoughts on how important Blair is to him.) (86)
  • Synchronicity by Debbi Baily (After Blair is released from the hospital, he has no memory of Jim from his past - and what they were to each other.) (90)
  • Rock and Roll Fantasy by Y.S. McCool (Blair is a rock and roll singer and he is being stalked - and Jim is his bodyguard. Sex, rock and roll and tight pants - what more could you ask for?) (102)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5


Cover Art: TACS Jim and the Panther, or jaguar, look fierce. I wouldn't want to meet up with either. Well, okay, maybe I would. I'm weird. Hee hee. Blair and the wolf look relaxed, sexy and beautiful. Okay, maybe it's just Blair. Putting my tongue back into my mouth, I move on to the next piece. (Geeze, I sound like I'm talking about one of the guys, eh?)

Page 29: TACS Blair looks gorgeous in this pose. It's a great drawing. You have to see it to really appreciate it. As you all know, I don't know how to describe art at all. However, I know what I like. Hee Hee

Page 45: TACS Another one of Blair that is just wonderful.

Page 51: TACS Blair and the wolf. Again, this is a very serious and sexy Blair.

Page 67: TACS Jim and Blair having major fun in bed. Woo Hoo. Drool alert. Warnings should be posted on this one. Hot damn.

Page 73: TACS Naked Blair. Woo Hoo again. Drool alert. Maybe we should have it on the cover, C. Hee Hee. Need I say any more? I don't think so. Check it out.

Page 75: TACS Gorgeous Jim. I'm not sure why but I adore this one. It made me hot just looking at it. Damn if he doesn't have all his clothes on too.

Page 95: TACS Blair looking sad and miserable. I have a question to ask. Does everyone always look at the pictures first? Or am I the only shallow one? This is a great piece. (Get your minds out of the gutter; I'm talking about the art piece.)

Page 111: TACS Picture of Blair's dog. It's a very different picture, but the dog is in the story a lot so it was nice seeing whom we were talking about.

Page 125: TACS Protective Jim. He is like so loving in this picture. Yet it says, he is mine, don't hurt him. God, now the pictures are talking to me. What will happen next? Deb, help me, I'm talking and I can't shut up. (I don't know, Patt, all this drooling you're doing... I wouldn't want to buy a used 'zine from you. Eeeewwwww...)

Page 163: TACS Outdoorsy, bare chested Blair. Nothing is better, unless it was a totally naked Blair. Like the one on page 73. Go and look again. Go ahead. You can join the club I belong to. I'm shallow and damn proud of it.

Page 195: TACS Another drool alert needed here. What a fantastic piece. Jim lying down with Blair straddling his chest while stroking Jim's cock. Woo Hoo. God, I'm reduced to saying Woo Hoo for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, C, great job. [4]
Possibilities of Loving by Gillian Middleton. Jim notices a change in Blair. He becomes worried that Blair is sick because he has stopped dating. Blair tells him he is re-evaluating his life. I loved that line. Blair finally admits he's in love with Jim. Jim tells him he can't return the feelings and they tell each other things will be the same. Of course they aren't. Jim finds out he can be in love with a man without having sex. They are taking things slowly and carefully. Jim is scared. Gillian you end this one way too quickly. Is it too late to ask for more of it? You could just write it for me. Yeah, that's the ticket. I loved it and you all will too. Thanks, G.

Always and Forever by J.M. Griffin. This story opens with Blair living with another man in Texas. Ben talks Blair into going home to talk things out with Jim. He knows that Blair is in love with Jim and won't be Ben's until this is closed. While on the plane, he calls Jim and this part is one of my favorite scenes. I'm not going to say what happens, but I was in a big old pile of goo. Loved it. Sad, but yet, so damn moving. Something you don't want to miss. Happy endings are so great. The only complaint I have is that it was too short. Jan, I think I need a sequel. In fact, I think I deserve a sequel. I've been good this year. I send off Loc's. I'm a good fan. Let's all start chanting, 'we want a sequel.' If you'd like you can share it with everyone else, but I'm looking out for myself here. Hee hee. More happy endings. I love them. Thank you so much, Jan. It was great.

Milestones-Jim by Ann Teitelbaum. Seen from Blair's POV. A very short, two page, description of Jim's first time sucking Blair off. God, my descriptions are great, aren't they? It was totally sweet. I loved it.

Milestones-Blair by Ann Teitelbaum. Seen from Jim's POV. Same night, different guy's thoughts. Hee hee. Again, it was just so darned sweet. Thank you so much Ann. Too short. (Yes, I'm a chronic bitcher. I can't help it.)

Sweet Surrender by The Lady of Shalott. This is a really great first time story. It takes place after the drowning. I loved how easily I was pulled into Jim's world. A world of confusion, fear, self-loathing, love and joy. Everything was covered. Moreover, Jim did surrender to love, peace, joy and Blair. God, how I love first times and happy endings. Thank you so much, this was great.

Stolen Minutes by Legion. First thing I have to mention. I read way too many zines when I see that Legions story starts on page '69'. I cracked up and wondered if she planned it that way. (Legion is wondering why anyone would wonder this. So is Deb.) [No I'm not, Patt. I've noticed that several of Aly's stories at the SXF archive are 69K in length. Hee!] Jim had to shoot a young kid. Blair fears he'll lose part of Jim somewhere. However, he needn't have worried. Blair always knows what to do and how to take care of Jim. In addition, Jim seems to know how to bounce back when he has a certain guppy behind him. This was a great story. I loved it. Thanks, Legion.

Model Behavior by The Lady of Shalott. An AU story that shows us a Blair model and a rich CEO Jim. He's looking for a new face for his company. This was an odd story. It took me awhile to understand it. (Well, I never said I was the sharpest of pencils.) You've all read my reviews, cut me some slack. Hee Hee. I'm really to be pitied. Anyhow, once I understood where it was going, go it did. Hot damn. This was a hot one. Drag that fan closer and turn it on high. And there is a promise of a sequel. Geeze, I need to ask her if she wrote one. In addition, which one it's in. You'll love this story; it's great. Thank you so much.

The Last Hours by Legion. I love a deep thinking Jim. I also love Jim trying to take care of himself without Blair. As we all know, Blair is an answer to his prayers. This is a very thought provoking piece. You'll truly love it. I don't want to give everything away. I feel like I do enough of that. Thanks again, Legion.

Synchronicity by Debbi Bailey. What a heartbreaking start. It's Sentinel Too after effects. Jim is sitting outside every night listening to Blair's heartbeat. And Blair sits inside his place, alone, wondering what he should do or say to Jim. Poor Blair doesn't remember anything of his life with Jim before the drowning. It sounds sad and hopeless. But let me just say, her ending words are, The Beginning. I loved that she ended it that way. So perfect. The beginning said, the end. Yup, I really liked this one. Thank you so much, Debbi.

Rock and Roll Fantasy by Y.S. McCool. Yvonne gives us a wonderful AU. I love protective Jim and Simon. The interplay between Jim, Simon and Blair was terrific. I can't wait to read this again. I can se Blair as a rock and roll singer. Yvonne pulls you into the story and you'll believe almost anything she says. (Not a bad thing.)

This was a suspenseful, sexy and fun read. I loved it. Thank you so much, Yvonne. [5]

Issue 6

coverof issue #6, TACS

Love and Guns 6 was published in January 1999 and is 190 pages long.

  • Capture by Merlyn: Blair is running for his life while being tracked by a deranged killer in the woods and Jim is nowhere near. (1)
  • Travellers by J. M. Griffin: An AU where Blair as a young gypsy boy steals the heart and soul of a war weary James Ellison. (24)
  • How Do You Feel by Ophelia: Panic attacks can sometimes bring on the truth and Blair decides it’s time to tell Jim about a few of his own. (61)
  • Bet Me by M. Leigh Frank: Jim confronts Simon about the way Blair has been treated and what it has done to the student. (76)
  • Conjugation by Legion: An AU in the future, where the world has been decimated by disease and ecological disaster, Jim and Blair lead some of Cascade’s survivors to safety. (81)
  • Something So Simple by Debbi Bailey: Blair tells Jim he loves him… Jim tells Blair he loves him—and except for the fact that Jim’s married (which he forgot to tell Blair about). Well... uh, did I also say there was angst? However, the policy of this zine is that all our stories end with a happy (and satisfied) ending. (148)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, TACS

Love and Guns 7 was published in May 1999 and contains 187 pages.

  • 1002nd Night by Serena: An AU and Jim appears as a handsome sheik, saving a lost party of explorers in the dessert among them a teacher called Blair and a student named Richard. First published on the net.
  • Discovered In An Alley by Emrys: To keep Simon from being discovered during an undercover case, Jim does the first thing he can think of...much to Blair's and Simon's shock.
  • The Puzzle That Is Us by K Ann Yost: Carolyn is murdered and Jim is found guilty and sent to prison - except Blair takes matters into his own hands and helps Jim escape.
  • Past Perfect by Legion: Legion's universe of the sentinel after the breakdown of society continues in this further adventure.
  • Second Chance by Jungle Kitty: After Blair is almost permanently taken from Jim by Alex, soul searching and dreams show Ellison what is meant to be.
  • Ebony and Ivory by Owlet and McVey: Watching Jim's and Blair's close relationship, brings back memories for Simon when he was in college and a certain relationship that he once had.
  • Illuminations by J. M. Griffin: The night brings on inner reflections to Blair and Jim and of their life together.
  • Discoveries by Ophelia: A startling revelation of Naomi has Blair furious and Jim upset. Can she pull herself out of this one?

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, TACS

Love and Guns 8 contains 191 pages and has art by TACS and Sorka. It was published in May 1999.

  • Unexpected Awakenings by Owlet: At night when the panther stalks the darkness to seduce the Wolf, he had better make sure Blair's floor is clean and uncluttered.
  • That Which Does Not Kill by MegaRed: As Jim holds the wet body of his Guide, he is suddenly transported to his shadowlife where Incacha demands to know the truth from the Sentinel...and Alex meets her just rewards.
  • The Way It's Supposed To Be by Emrys: Can't these boys ever get to relax after a job is over...?
  • Journey Into Darkness by Tiger Tyger: Jim thinks Blair is dead and there is only one thing on his mind - revenge! After leaving final instructions with Simon, he flies to Peru...entering the final plane ride as a detective but leaving the surprised pilot as a savage. He returns to his tribe where he refuses another guide and takes off after Alex, no longer the rational man he was. What he doesn't know is Blair is alive and after him to keep him from murdering the woman and then...possibly himself.

Issue 9

cover of issue #9,TACS

Love and Guns 9 was published in July 1999 and contains 192 pages.

The story "Love and Curses has this warning, which appears to be written by the author for the list it was originally posted: "Warnings: Okay, now for the hard part. PLEASE READ THIS WARNING. This story contains potentially 
offensive material that may be too much even for many people on this list. It is of a graphic nature and is
depicted as realistically, but hopefully tastefully, as I could make it. While the pairing is Blair/Jim there are
some... changes. If you are not sure whether you wish to be so offended please read. This story contains
 consensual bestiality, aka human/animal pairing. This is not a spirit walk nor a dreamscape, if you read
 this and then are offended you can't say you weren't warned."

  • Anytime by XFreak: One of Blair's students is murdered because he is gay. Unable to help Jim with the case, he tells the detective it is because the young man reminded him of himself when he was younger...he's just afraid to tell Jim just how much the student was like himself, even now. (1)
  • Future Perfect: The final part of Legion's futuristic saga. (31)
  • Mountains by Pumpkin: Jim invites Blair along on a vacation that includes climbing glaciers. Blair doesn't think this is much of an idea so Ellison tells him there is a practice wall inside the resort they can try first, not realizing how full his hands will be (and his lap) when Blair goes half way up and decides - no way! (42)
  • Love and Curses by Sorka: From the net, but I couldn't resist drawing an illo for this story. Jim receives a bracelet from Blair as a present not knowing that he is getting more than a piece of jewelry. (51)
  • The Brass Ring by Ophelia: Did Blair really lose everything when he gave up his dissertation? (76)
  • Crusade by Serena: Novella length story AU that takes place during the time of knights and crusades. It involves treachery, mercenaries, lies, slavery. (88)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

See reactions and reviews for Love and Curses.

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, TACS

Love and Guns 10 was published in September 1999 and is 198 pages long. It has interior art by TACS and Diana.

  • Midnight Ride by Ophelia (Blair discovers that Jim has a motorcycle and begs for a ride…and gets more than he bargained for when the big key is finally inserted) (1)
  • Charismatic by K.A. Yost (A day at the races if followed up with a racy night) (13)
  • Fraud by XFreak (Blair feels less than worthy after his press conference, so to prove his love, Jim tells everyone close to the two men, the truth) (20)
  • Going Down by Lianne Burwell (Jim and Blair are in a helicopter searching for an escaped convict. The copter crashes, Jim loses his memory and thinks he is back in Peru…he also thinks Blair is Incacha) (34)
  • Jungle Love by Pumpkin (Vacationing in the jungles of Peru, Jim allows Blair to conduct some tests…with some interesting data arising) (60)
  • The Locked Door by Geli (Arguing seems to be the only thing that Jim and Blair are doing lately…until Jim tells Blair what he really wants) (67)
  • A Guide’s Need by Ophelia (Blair’s constant bad behavior is only evident when Jim goes on dates. Jim decides to find out if the reason is because Blair is jealous) (74)
  • Return to Innocence by Rayden Star (Jim comes down with a deadly disease and it’s only Blair’s love that pulls him through, but once he is better, Jim finds that the love seemed to disappear as well) (92)
  • Pictures on the Net by Serena (Finding child pornography on the Internet has Blair pushing Jim to help break it up, especially after several small children turn up missing) (150)
  • Reassurance by Emrys (Now for an easy relaxing story...not!) (186)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

See reactions and reviews for The Locked Door.

Issue 11

cover of issue #11, TACS

Love and Guns 11 contains 194 pages. All content is by Sorka. It was published in February 2000.

The art is by TACS.

The author introduces their fiction:
Treehugger: This story may be remembered by some as it was once posted on the sentinel adult email list SXF, however, it was in terrible shape at the time. I made the decision to not post it anywhere, not even on my own page. It has since been cleaned up and modified and while there isn't much difference, it is a much better and more enjoyable read. It was inspired by Virg, who thought up a pwp fantasy that exploded in my mind into a strange alternate universe.

Covert Ops: I don't remember what inspired this story, perhaps it was the first part of Saraid and Pumpkin's Sweet Memories. But there is nothing remotely similar between the two stories. 1 wanted to explore a slightly different dynamic between Jim and Blair and this is their result. I want to Wolfling for the incredible editing job she did, and if there are any errors left, they are solely my fault.

Turns on a Dragon's Wing: Normally when one writes fan fiction they will use their favorite characters in the stories. However, there is in Dragonriders of Pern fandom a known request by the author Anne MacCaffery that the fans not use the 'current pass' or any known characters there-in. Knowing this I created this story using the world of Pern, yet using the known characters of The Sentinel and its mythology to fill the roles. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. My thanks to EagleEye, Lori, Wolfling, Aaboe, Mama, Owlet, Shanny, and everyone from the #senslash irc group for encouraging me.
  • Tree Hugger (Blair just received his Masters and plans to spend the summer with his new girlfriend...who happens to be a part of a radical nature group. Not knowing that the group has kidnapped a police officer, Blair is faced with helping a 'pig' escape or saving an innocent life. Now Blair has to deal with the consequences of his actions.)
  • Covert Ops (Blair is a student on an expedition with Dr. Stoddard. Unfortunately, Papua, where the group is doing a field study, is over turned by a military coup and the whole group is captured and held prisoner. Jim is in the Army, part of the Rangers and it is their mission to rescue the students. Oliver, Jim's superior, is trying to get rid of Jim in order to cover up his drug operations, and sets him up to fail in his mission to save the students.) [6]
  • Turn Upon a Dragon's Wing by Sorka (The dragons of Pern make an appearance with the riders J'im and B'lar. A magical story where dragons are impressed with their human riders at the time their eggs hatch. The heir to a hold and a harper's lives are changed when a dragonet impresses with each and a whole new beginning for each starts.)

Issue 12

cover of issue #12, TACS

Love and Guns 12 was published in 2000 contains 188 pages.

  • Speaking in Tongues by Destina Fortunato: Blair asks Jim the important question... Where do I fit in your life? Now Jim has to honestly answer.
  • Tonight by Patt Rose-Darrow. (poetry)
  • Just Once by Emrys: Warning: Haircut Warning.. .Blair is alone at home when he decides that is time to trim his locks for the police academy. What he doesn't know is that Jim has come home and hears the pounding of Blair's heartbeat. He races into the bathroom to find a dejected partner...with scissors in his hands.
  • Fun in the Bullpen by Patt Rose-Darrow. (poetry)
  • You Know You're a Sentinel When by Patt Rose-Darrow.
  • Pirate's Price by Nova D.: An historical AU romance novella. Squire Blair Sandburg battles pirates and thieves to find the one man who made his heart race faster. After being captured and sold to a slave auction, he is bought by the Black Panther, a well-known buccaneer. Thinking his life is over, he is confronted by his new owner with only the hope that he will be allowed to live by being ransomed.
  • An Inheritance of Wings by Sorka: Blair's old mentor is dying in Australia and asks for Blair to come to him. Jim, knowing how important this man was to Blair, accompanies him there. In the meantime, Carolyn arrives back in Cascade to promote a new department and becomes involved romantically with Simon. Wondering if this is going to be a problem with Ellison when he returns, he is completely thrown back when Jim tells him of his own loving involvement now with Blair. Neither man is happy about the new situation of the other and basic trust between them almost breaks.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

Great 'zine! The A/U cover is primo! Be sure to sneak a peek at AMC Press' site.

Some great prose by Patt! She's really has a fun way of writing. One of the few prose authors I like!

All the stories are first time! Yum. A little warning for all you Hairy Blairy fans, better get your tissues ready before reading Just Once. For those of you who, like me, thought the title, An Inheritance of Wings coupled with the name Sorka meant is was an A/U of maybe the Dragons of Pern type... it's not! But for you A/U fans, Nova D gives us a really angsty, yet hot, pirate story.

Overall, I was quite pleased with this 'zine! [7]

Issue 13

cover of issue #13, TACS

Love and Guns 13 was published in October 2000 and contains 152 pages. It has art by TACS. According to at least one fan, there was to be art by Larkkin which was left out of the zine and may have been in later editions; it does not appear in the issue used here on Fanlore.

  • All The Kings Horses by Valaria. Just starting a relationship is hard enough, much less starting one with a member of your own sex. But if that was all, Blair could have easily worked it out with it was something else and that something else came from Jim's childhood...and it was THAT that was causing them the biggest problems. This is the first part (but complete in itself) of a longer story. (Reprinted as the first part of All the King's Horses, All the King's Men.) (1)
  • Getting Back On Solid Ground by Gloria R. Ah, do you tell a cop that in your own fantasies that he is the sexiest thing on earth...when he's wearing his Kevlar... (54)
  • Even Darkness Fades by Gena Fisher. Children are missing...disappearing right out of their sign of struggling. It is as if they simply walked our and disappeared. The cases are weighing heavily on Jim and Blair is trying his best to show Jim that he is there for him. They both realize that they are there for each other but Carolyn shows up to help with the disappearances and then Jim is missing himself...subject to the same set of circumstances that happened to the children. An excellent 'what's happening here' mystery. (92)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

This 'zine features full color cover and interior art by TACS. I liked the art so much I bought some of the prints at Friscon. Very nice! Of course, it is TACS!

Since there is not yet a description at AMC Press' site for this 'zine, I'll just give the synop from the Table Of Contents, then some additional Slash Slut comments.

All The Kings Men: warnings/spoilers: Childhood sexual abuse. J/B first-time! This was a very good story, I thought. I enjoy Jim-angst of this type on occasion. However, though the description says the story is "complete in itself" I'll have to say it doesn't have that feel to it. Sure it's complete if you don't want to know about Jim's recovery. I want more, NOW! I guess we can look forward to more, since the end of the story has this note: This is the first part of a longer story by the author. She is working on the second part now where she will delve further into the childhood abuse that Jim suffered and how he and Blair work through that.

Getting Back On Solid Ground: Established couple. This is an Dead Drop missing scene. It's what happens when they get home and the adrenaline is wearing off. Jim needs to be reassured that Blair is really alive and more or less well. Primal-Jim! Oh, yeah!

UPDATE - 12/04/00

I learned the picture which inspired Gloria's story was, much to Gloria's dismay, inadvertently left out of the 'zine. I have had the opportunity to see the picture and must agree it would have been a lovely addition to the 'zine and particularly this story. The artist is Larrkin, whose work I've seen in other 'zines and have always enjoyed. This sexy piece shows our guys on the couch, Blair straddling Jim, who is still in his Kevlar vest. They are embracing and engaging in a little suck face! I can certainly see where the inspiration to write this story came from! I have heard further editions will contain the missing art, and that any more first run issues sold without the art will have it placed inside (as a loose page, I guess). For all of us who bought the 'zine at Friscon's a sad, sad thing... :-( I re-read this story after I saw the art...did I mention before this is a totally hot story?!? I nearly fainted. Again!

Even Darkness Fades: First time. Lot's of angst tempered with some great comfort. Great plot. Nice scary story and creepy happenings. [8]

Issue 14

cover of issue #14, TACS -- "I would like to mention the cover is HOT! Nude!Jim and Blair in a shallow pool with a misty waterfall in the background. Blair is kneeling, with a hand on Jim's hip, while Jim holds Blair's head as they kiss. YUM!" [9]

Love and Guns 14 contains 158 pages. It is undated, but appears to have been published in 2000. It has art by TACS.

  • Beautiful Slave by Geli: Ahhh, a favorite of mine, an AU where Blair is a beautiful slave... (1)
  • Something to Hold Onto by Owlet: A nightmare come true. (10)
  • Taped Deceptions by Altera Kai: Blair confides to who he thought was a friend about his feelings for Jim...but the 'friend' turns in the taped conversation to the school board who threatens dismissal... (13)
  • Happy Birthday, James by Ophelia: Blair gets a phone call in the middle of the night from a very drunken Carolyn...and strangely enough, he gets the idea for Jim's next birthday present from her. (27)
  • Olympic Games by Geli: Jim is watching the Olympic games one night and learns that at least one of Blair's former lovers was a man. So he decides to change the rules of the friendship game they were playing... (90)
  • Rainy Day by Garnet: Can Jim ever get over the possibility that Blair could really get hurt and he could lose him for good? (100)
  • Transformation, poem by Garnet (120)
  • The Morning Lake by Geli: On a vacation at his brother's cabin with Blair, the cool mountain lake water awakes more than Jim's senses... (124)
  • Journey into Destiny by K. Ann Yost: Blair is troubled after nearly drowning in the fountain and can't figure out his role with Jim now. In a dream, Incacha comes to him and suddenly everything is clear again. (132)
  • Talisman by J.M.Griffin: After the debacle of his sentinel paper being released by Naomi, Blair decides to go on an expedition with Dr. Stoddard. Even when he told Jim he couldn't be a cop and that this was for the best, Jim never Blair left. Unfortunately, Blair is in a bad accident in the mountains which kills Stoddard and the other assistant and only the leopard talisman, which seems to come alive, manages to get Blair to any type of help. He didn't know that Jim knew something was wrong with Blair before a phone call told him that Blair was missing and Jim goes to find him. (141)

Issue 15

cover of issue #15, TACS -- "Honestly, the first thing I think when I look at the cover is, 'Where are their necks?" It looks like they both had a brick fall on them, and shortened their necks a couple of inches." [10]

Love and Guns 15 was published in May 2001 and contains 157 pages.

  • Shake Down by Rogue
  • Layin' In It by Valaria
  • Up Against the Wall by Emrys
  • Feathers and Paint by Garnet
  • Gabe's Real Miracle by Lucy
  • Fit to be Tied by Lillith
  • Jim, Blair and the 'Big Rig' by Cherokee Girl
  • The Shriner's Convention by Otter

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

Honestly, the first thing I think when I look at the cover is, 'Where are their necks?" It looks like they both had a brick fall on them, and shortened their necks a couple of inches.

Shake Down by Rogue. Rogue has consistently written informative stories, and this is no exception. Although, do we need to know some of this stuff?! The earthquake info is a little dry but the story moves on rather quickly afterwards. A nice, long (50 pages) story, and some interesting bathtub sex.

Layin' In It by Valaria. A first person story from Jim's POV. A common post-TSbBS story...fighting the attraction, but eventually giving in. It was a decent story, but I thought Jim was a little too much the martyr.

Up Against the Wall by Emrys. It should have been called Denial Squared! Jim denying, Blair denying. Eventually, the truth surfaces and the next surface they're seeking is a wall, just like in the beginning - up against the wall. It was satisfying and made me want to read more.

Feathers and Paint by Garnet. First off, I have to's SandbUrg, not SandbErg!! I can't believe any author, let alone a publisher, would let that one pass. It's a first person POV from Blair's perspective. Blair's having nightmares about a test, which is just covering the real problem. [yawn] Not too impressive and a bit dry, but there are a few lines which offer a much needed oasis.

Gabe's Real Miracle by Lucy. Another 'Nightshift' story. A couple of changes of scenes that caught me by surprise. I had to reread to make sure I hadn't missed something. It was a new approach to having them admit their feelings. An okay story but the end was rather unsatisfying.

Fit To Be Tied by Litith Sedai. I've read this story before - online, another zine, somewhere. Blair is at a party that's about to be busted by the cops, but Jim comes in to 'save' him. Jim gets an eyeful when he sees Blair in a compromising position with another man. Not a very original idea, but still a good read.

Jim, Blair and The 'Big Rig' by Cherokeegirl. Right up front I have to say 'yawn' at the title. Sounds to me like a working title that never got changed. But then, that's the overall feeling I got from the story, like it was still just a working version and not yet ready to be published. I found at least three beta remarks still in the story. So, Jim and Blair are working undercover, driving a rig for Blair's uncle to catch some bad guys. And that's all we get about the case. Jump immediately to a perpetually horny Blair who can't wait to get into Jim's pants, and cares more about his orgasm than about solving the case. And, oh what a surprise, I hadn't seen this one before: an uncut Jim. Not gonna say anything else about *that* one. [snerk] And a possible case driven story with some decent sex, turns into a sex story with a case thrown in for distraction. Fell flat on its face.

The Shriners' Convention by Otter. Now, I *love* Otter, but I felt a little lost at the beginning with the spirit guides. Ready to take off on vacation, Jim and Blair stop at a shop to buy belt buckles, [Really. I swear.] and the owner is a friend of Blair's. There is quite a bit of discussion explaining Blair's dissertation and new status. Premise is a bit too coincidental. And where are the Shriners you ask? Well, there's a brief mention of them in the middle of the story, with them noticing a particular Shriner who looks like trouble. Days later, when they return to work [can you see where this is going?] they find that that *specific* Shriner was trouble. [sigh] And the spirit guides return at the end, still not happy. But then, what do you expect from animals? Or is it humans?

Overall summary - A decent buy unless you're looking for some really good sex scenes. I admit to preferring stories that include, in the sex scenes, anal penetration. Only two stories had this, and the rest were usually cases of who could rub off fastest. A bit redundant, like three frottage stories in a row. It really just rubbed me the wrong way. [11]

Issue 16

cover of issue #16, TACS

Love and Guns 16 contains 160 pages. It was published in July 2002. It contains two uncredited illos.

  • Reason to Endure by Legion (Jim comes up with a plan to keep Blair by his side and in his home for as long as his partner will stay.) (1) (It is the third part of a series which began in Stories of a Different Hue, part one and two are titled "The Business of Survival.")
  • Demands of the Flesh by KAM (Good loving for both the boys.) (35)
  • After Hours by Ophelia (Jim thinks he's bested Blair in the bullpen, but his partner has other ideas.) (38)
  • Laundry Day by Ophelia Sequel to "After Hours". (Jim wants payback.) (43)
  • Rafe's Revenge by Ophelia Sequel to "Laundry Day" (Rafe thinks he has the upper hand against Jim and Blair. Little does he know how quickly the tables can be turned.) (49)
  • Tender, Loving Care by KAM (Blair gets some much needed TLC.) (58)
  • Hope for Our Future by Emrys (Blair is plagued by mysterious and disturbing visions of the past. What are their meaning and how will they impact on his and Jim's future?) (62)


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