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Name: Jungle Kitty
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Jungle Kitty is a Star Trek fanfiction writer and created the OFC Suzanne Brandt. While she was a fan of Star Trek since it first started running in syndication, she only became active in the fandom in 1997.

By 1999 she had written 83 stories and attended 5 conventions.


In Her Words

In 1999, she participated in an interviews series on the COCO CHANNEL. An excerpt:
[My motivation for writing was] finding Treksmut on the web. I'd always been afraid to go looking for it, thinking it might be so awful that I'd be embarrassed that I even read it. And, yeah, I found some of that. No, I won't name names. But mostly it was a stunning surprise, especially Killa's "Surrender" and Tjonesy's "20 Questions." Those stories made me realize that you could take what seemed like a very silly obsession and turn it into something wonderful. I wanted to try my hand at it. And it didn't hurt that a good friend said very sternly, "Girl, write those stories down! You are insulting your muse!" [1]
From another interview around 2000:
Slash really doesn't have much appeal to me as a writer anymore, unless it's humorous. I just can't get serious about it... When I started out in fanfic, I was looking for sexy stories about Kirk. What I found was K/S. I wrote K/S because I wanted to write about Kirk in a sexual way and had already heard the term "Mary Sue" and didn't want to confront all the negative connotations of that right off the bat. I've joked that my K/S stories should have been coded K/s because I think it's pretty obvious where my interest was. K/S was a way of exploring Kirk. Now I explore him in a different way, one that to me seems to resonate more with the Kirk I see onscreen. But I was never a slasher, as in 'a person with an interest in slash per se.' [2]
Also from around 2000:
I primarily write K/Brandt, a relationship that has no basis in canon. Well, except for the way I see Kirk. I like to think that has a basis in canon. Suzanne Brandt is an original character. I created her out of a basic frustration with The Girlfriend of the Week Syndrome and a dislike of many of those women. Initially, I wanted to see how he would respond to a woman who was both a friend and a competitor, someone who was like him in many ways. I thought there was going to be at most three stories about her. Then as the series started developing, I began exploring what might happen to Kirk in a serious, non-platonic relationship, one that wasn't over at the end of the ep and lasted more than a few days. Of course, now I'm exploring Brandt (as well as Kirk & Brandt together) as much as, if not more than Kirk. For me, she's becoming more her own person and less a means of discovering him. I know many people see Kirk as a perpetually horny, skirt-chasing, love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. I think they might have him confused with Mitchell. <g> I think his longing for a different sort of life in "The Paradise Syndrome" and the happiness he found for a short time with Miramanee is an often overlooked part of his character. So I'm kind of dangling that in front of him, but making him work at it. I'm evil. <g> [3]

Fans Comment

Jungle Kitty is terrific. Everything she writes is as good as it can be--her humor is side-splitting, and her drama is heartbreaking. It's a testament to Jungle Kitty's skill that she has created an original character who is very nearly as well-known as Kirk, Spock, or McCoy among fanfiction readers. Suzanne Brandt belongs with Jim "T is for Tomcat" Kirk, and we really believe that she is the one who can make him settle down. Jungle Kitty's dialogue is always sharp, her narrative always smooth, and she never fails to pull us into the story with the first few words. And what can we say about the imagination of a writer who can dash off something as inventive as jet-propelled tribbles at the drop of a hat? Jungle Kitty never ceases to impress me. [5]
JK has almost converted me to Kirkology -- in fact, if there weren't a lot of really good Spockologists around, she would have succeeded. After reading "Blood Claim", I found my self combing her lair for more and more K/Brandt. I admit it -- I'm hooked. For creating the most un-Mary Sue character ever seen in fanfic and for making me actually enjoy hetsmut, Jungle Kitty gets a big round of applause. "The Uneasy Dancers", in particular, is a masterpiece. Of course, I may be saying that because it's got quite a lot of Spock in it, but I really did think it was one of this year's best reads in mondo angst. I'll read anything she writes and never think twice that it's labeled K/f -- and from a K/S-ing Spockologist, that's saying a mouthful. [6]
[I love Jungle Kitty] for making me believe that, sometimes, just sometimes, Kirk belonged with a woman, and for creating a wonderful, strong, and entertaining female character. The Brat is one hell of a gal. As Jane Austen said of Lizzie Bennet: "I must confess that I think her as delightful a character as ever appeared in print, and how I shall be able to tolerate those who do not like *her* at least, I do not know." [7]
She's got it covered, from side-splitting humor to the deepest emotions. She pushed the envelope with "The Uneasy Dancers" and "Golden Boy", creating situations that put the reader through every emotion the characters were experiencing. Suzanne Brandt is a strong and wonderful character who holds her own with my favorite captain, JTK. Jungle Kitty was one of the first authors I read on the NG and I've never been disappointed. [8]
Everybody knows that the quintessential Kirk author is Jungle Kitty. No one else does such a masterful job with his character, whether it's a playful WIP like "Hush" or "Distracted" or touching on a much more serious issue like "Mercy." And I absolutely adore "The Family Mythology", which is the best in a long line of great Kirk/Brandt stories. When I read this story, I could see everything unfolding before me as if I was watching it on the screen, and could hear the characters' voices so clearly. And then there's Jungle Kitty's gift for parody--it's amazing that the same author who had me in tears with some of her offerings this year also had me giggling my way through her humorous stories. So many of Jungle Kitty's stories this year are real keepers in that I keep going back to them again and again. [9]
Jungle Kitty is an author who has been so long in the genre and is so proficient, both at writing and at writing Trek, that she can go from writing a strong, serious story to hilarious comedy to an even more hilarious parody of some really bad writers without breaking a nail. Ya gotta admire that kind of flexibility in a writer. I sure do. [10]


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