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Name: Wildcat
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~TSU_Campus/Wildcat.html
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Wildcat is the author of Star Trek fanfiction, including a Spock/Uhura series begun in 1998 with "A Woman's Touch". She began writing fan fiction shortly after she gained net access in 1997 and posted her first Spock/female character story "Time and Again."

In 2000, she participated in an interview series on the COCO CHANNEL. An excerpt:

'Spock! Spock! Spock! I've always loved Spock's character. He has internal conflicts, but they've never crippled him. He's not afraid to look inward, but yet the people closest to him are not privy to what goes on there. His reactions are subtle and nuanced, and while he expresses so much with the tiniest gesture, it's always open to interpretation. Through all the years, he continues to grow. The Spock of the episodes is not the Spock of the movies, and neither of those are the Spock of TNG. What a terrific character, and what a terrific actor.' [1]


Fan Comments

Wildcat only wrote one story this past year [2002], but "Utoto" is such a treat that it's worth the price of admission. There is no one else who does such a masterful job with the character of Spock or Uhura, and it's been wonderful following the continued development of the two of them and their relationship. I'm amazed at how Wildcat finds new aspects of their love and marriage to explore. I love the way the themes of trust and of companionship are reinterpreted and reaffirmed. I also love how over time the character of Saavik has grown up and how the parallels with her son echo her own experiences without ever feeling repetitive. It seems that Wildcat is reaching the point where the S/U series is winding down; I dread the day it's truly over almost as much as I dread the day that Wildcat is no longer writing.[2]

Notable Work


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