Golden Orgasms

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Name: Golden O's, Golden Orgasms
Date(s): 1997-2007
Frequency: annual
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfic award
Associated Community: ASCEM
Fandom: Star Trek
URL: FAQ, ASCEM Golden Orgasms Archive, As archived on Wayback machine
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Also known as the Golden Os, the Golden Orgasms were the yearly fan fiction awards given for fan fiction posted on ASCEM.


Among the awards given are The Captain Jinx Award for Best Author, the Greywolf Award for Best New Author, and the Ruth Gifford Award for Non-Authorial Contribution.

In 2009, the site went offline as part of the Geocities site shut-down. The majority of the site is archived on the Wayback Machine, however a few years are missing. Pdfs for the missing years are: 2005 Golden Orgasm Awards, 2004 Golden Orgasm Awards, Eligible contestants for the 2006 Golden Orgasm Awards and Eligible contestants for the 2007 Golden Orgasm Awards

See The Internet: Online K/S Awards for some history and analysis.

Current Staff

Current Golden O's Awards staff.

Awards Staff

  • Stephen Ratliff, Coordinator (2003, 2005-present), Vote Counter, FAQ Maintainer (2005-present)
  • Cait, Awards Categorizer, Vote Counter
  • AcidQueen, SoS FAQ Maintainer

Previous Staff

Previous staff and founders.

Awards Coordinators

Vote Counters

FAQ Maintainers

  • Datalaur, GO FAQ Maintainer (?-2004)
  • j.juls, SoS FAQ Maintainer (?-2004)


  • 2001 - Voyager - Misc Male/Male Slash - 1st place: Command Logic by Mel Blue
  • 2006 - Voyager - Best Paris/Other Male Slash - 1st place: Command Possession by Mel Blue
  • 2006 - Voyager - Best Chakotay/Other Male Slash - 2nd place: Command Possession by Mel Blue
  • 2006 - Voyager - Best VOY Novel - 2nd place: Command Possession by Mel Blue


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