Captain Jinx

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Name: Captain Jinx
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: Voyager
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Captain Jinx was a Star Trek: Voyager writer who focused on the Paris/Torres pairing.


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Fans Comment

I thought he was amazing last year when he won the Best New Author award, but he has gotten even better! His works which span from sweet and sexy to character pieces and wonderful smut are always an amazing treat! [1]
My favorite guilty pleasure has to be Captain Jinx. Though I don't count myself as a connoisseur of NC-17 fanfiction, Captain Jinx is the exception to my rule. Not only are his stories breathtakingly sexy, but they capture a wry, perceptive male voice that is frequently missing amongst the heaving breasts and taut nipples in many female authored romances. I admire his ability to create intimacy and fun amidst the foreplay. He has successfully married Tom and B'Elanna without losing any of their charm and uniqueness. "Lila Rose" was beautifully poignant without being maudlin. Bravo! His sense of humor never ceases to bring lots of LOL moments in every story he writes. His Captain Proton P/T story remains, in my view, the best Captain Proton story out on the web. Most importantly, however, is Jinx's incredible gift with words. His natural talent combined with his amazing charm make him a personal favorite. [2]
Most folks know I'm partial to Captain Jinx, and yes, I am a bit biased :-) but I think Jinx writes some of the best relationship fiction I've seen. Funny, hot and emotionally complex (in my opinion), Jinx's work ranks up at the top, and I've read and re-read his stories more times than I can count. [3]
Jinx's B'Elanna's Secret series is not only full of hot sex and a lot of humor, but the Capt always writes Tom and B'Elanna with such a believable connection to each other. You can feel their affection for each otheralmost jumping off the page, yet it's never sappy or cloying, and both characters keep their edge, and their sense of humor. [4]

Notable Works


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