B'Elanna's Secret

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: B'Elanna's Secret
Author(s): Captain Jinx
Date(s): 1997
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: B'Elanna's Secret series and on Trekiverse

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B'Elanna's Secret is an Star Trek: VOY story by Captain Jinx.

It was posted at alt.startrek.creative and won an ASC Award.

Reactions and Reviews

We bow down before the Captain. His P/T stories are a joy to read. They aren't PWP, but they are still quite sexy. [1]
Jinx's B'Elanna's Secret series is not only full of hot sex and a lot of humor, but the Capt always writes Tom and B'Elanna with such a believable connection to each other. You can feel their affection for each other almost jumping off the page, yet it's never sappy or cloying, and both characters keep their edge, and their sense of humor. [2]
Well, now, I am a little biased here, but I do have to cast a vote for the Captain. He's really my favorite Voyager author, y'know. ;-) I love how he writes Tom and B'Elanna with humor and dignity in equal measure. Oh, did I mention the sex is pretty hot? Woof! In B'Elanna's Secret, and its sequels (B'Elanna's Secret 2: Leather and Lace, Private Line, so far), we see the portrait of a happy, angst-free couple enjoying life and each other in every sense of the word. Angst and hurt/comfort have their place in the fanfic world, but sometimes you just want a happy ending! But even when *not* writing Treksmut, the Captain does well, as in the lovely "Good Tidings," as others have mentioned (though he follows up with the simmering "Comfort and Joy"). Check out the Jinxian universe -- it's a nice place to be. [3]
I'm not all that objective about this one, but hey. It's funny AND hot, my absolute favorite combination. A romantic sex-comedy romp between my two favorite Starfleet lieutenants, and just a delight -- spot-on characterization, snappy dialogue, and a plot to boot. Plus funny stuff (both ha-ha funny and hot hanky-panky). Aw, read it already! [4]
[It was the] first of the Captain's stories I've read, and it remains my favourite. Love the attention to details ;-) and gives us ladies all sorts of ideas......I must go now, see if the husband's around ;-P [5]
Wow! One of the best! A very sexy comedy. The plot behind the story is quite inventive, and totally plausible. I loved the descriptions of Tom piloting Voyager. Very well-written, and colorful descriptions. The dialogue is well-timed and flows. The sex scenes are excellent! All around this story satisfies the fanfic desire. [6]
There have been tons of enjoyable stories [this year], but this one is special because it was one of the first to tap into something that I've always felt about Tom and B'Elanna. These two would have a marvelous time in bed. Frankly, it's not easy keeping them out once they get into it. This story shows that, with terrific descriptive passages written in the Captain's inimitable style. Wonderful sexy scenes, but made even better by the humorous style of the writing. I could think that Tom DOES think those often wicked thoughts that the good Captain Jinx endows him with .And that he loves B'Elanna just as much, too. The highest compliment I can pay to this story and writer, however, is that it had a great influence on me. I had written stories exhibiting the sense of humor and style of Tom and B'Elanna before, but never to the extent that Captain Jinx has used in this story. It was a revelation. The thing is, to me, Captain' Jinx has captured how I envision these characters talking, moving, showering and making love. All this, and B'Elanna wearing sexy lingerie, too? It freed me to write some rollicking love scenes for Tom and B'Elanna in a story or two that I wrote. He--how shall I put this delicately--inspired my own endeavors with the freedom he showed in writing his. Thanks, Captain! [7]


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