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Name: Stephen Ratliff
Type: Fan Writer, Archivist, Moderator
Fandoms: Star Trek
Communities: ASC, ASCA, ASCEM, ASC-VSO
Other: Index Maintainer - Trekiverse, FAQ Maintainer - Alt Startrek Creative, FAQ Maintainer, Moderator, Alt Startrek Creative Erotica Moderated, FAQ Maintainer, Moderator - Alt Startrek Creative All Ages, Awards Coordinator, Golden Orgasms,
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Stephen Ratliff is a member of the Star Trek Fandom.

Stephen Ratliff has been an active reader, writer, archivist, and moderator in the Star Trek fandom since 1995. Often known for writing the character of Marissa Picard, Stephen is also tied to the MST3K fandom through his series of stories about her.[1] In 2011 he began to write Harry Potter stories.

He is currently the Index Maintainer for the Trekiverse Archive (1997 - present) and a member of ASC-VSO.

He is also the FAQ Maintainer in alt.startrek.creative, among other positions, and is founder of the ASC Awards. He is legion.


Stephen Ratliff first posted to alt.startrek.creative on November 22, 1993, while attending Radford University. Initially only a writer, in February 1995 he started his first FAQ, the Status of Stories FAQ (SoS) which became the foundation which the ASC Awards were based. In the fall of 1995, after the retirement of prior FAQ Maintainer Joseph Young he took over the job of ASC FAQ Maintainer. He joined the Trekiverse Archive Team in 1996 as a replacement for Matthew C. Steenberg as Index Maintainer. Long known as Insufficiently Reluctant, Stephen accumulated several additional FAQ jobs over the years, as well as Awards Coordinator Positions.

Current Positions

Former Positions

ASC Awards Coordinator (1995-1997), (2000-2002)

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