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Name: Katie Redshoes
Alias(es): Constable Katie
Type: Archivist, Fan Writer, Moderator
Fandoms: Star Trek: Voyager, The X-Files
Communities: ASC, ASC-VSO, DDEB, PTFever
Other: Trekiverse Archivist: (2000-present)
ASC-VSO Moderator
URL: http://pw2.netcom.com/~redshoes/
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Katie Redshoes AKA Constable Katie, is the current archivist of the Trekiverse Archive in the Star Trek fandom (2000 - present). Katie was assistant archiver and indexer for ASC before this [1]

She has been involved with The X-Files and Star Trek: Voyager fandoms. Her website, Dances with Redshoes, hosts her fiction and that of several other authors. She belongs to or has been associated with the mailing lists PTFever and The David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade (DDEB), and active in alt.startrek.creative.

Katie was closely associated with Jamelia and with the X-Files early archive and indexing work.




Fans Comment

I read all my favorite fanfiction writers for different reasons, but one of the main reasons I read Katie is because of her

willingness to take risks and focus on the craft of storytelling. When she has the time (write more, Katie! Write more!), Katie's muses inspire her to tell stories that I, for one, always want to read. She has a tactile, lyrical quality to her writing that I admire. I particularly love her first person stories. She is one of the few fanfiction writers that can capture the cadence and music within an individual voice. Her "Torrid" was one of the first fanfiction pieces I've ever read. Since that time, I'm always eagerly anticipating her newest creation. More than just being the diligent, faithful constable, Katie is a talented writer that I hope we continue to hear more

from. [2]

Notable Work

  • Archivist, Trekiverse
  • Second Place, Best Paris/Torres Story, Torrid Golden Orgasms


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  2. ^ alt.startrek.creative, April 1999

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