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Name: alt.startrek.creative, ASC
Date(s): 1990 – present
Moderator: not applicable
Type: usenet
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise
URL: ASC / Trekiverse
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alt.startrek.creative (ASC) is a usenet group that was created for the purpose of posting of fiction based in the Star Trek Universe.[1]

Fan Comments

From 2002:

Usenet newsgroups have come and gone, but alt.startrek.creative continues to be the main forum for the posting of fan fiction based on Gene Roddenberry's creation. The web archive associated with the newsgroup has had its ups and downs over the last decade, but Stephen Ratliff and his dedicated crew of archive maintainers have kept the archive (also, not coincidentally, mirror'd across three sites to avoid bandwidth problems) and the newsgroup running smoothly despite the Barbarian Hoards that have invaded the 'net each year as gated communities like prodigy and AOL gained their Internet gateways, and new university students come online every Fall.[2]


From 2006:

Yes ... that's eleven. Yesterday eleven years ago, I posted the first version of Introduction to Alt.StarTrek.Creative ... and I haven't stopped since. This was just my second stop on my path of alt.startrek.creative insufficient reluctance. At the time I was twenty-one, still in college, and we had a really bad off-topic problem. We don't have that anymore.

The mighty Joseph Young was my predecessor, serving as FAQ Maintainer and Archivist from ASC's founding in 1991 until April of 1995. We went without an Archivist until July of that year when Alara Rogers stepped up for the role. Then I got insufficient reluctance expanding my role from Status of Stories FAQ Maintainer to just FAQ Maintainer.

In January of 1996, ASC premiered it's ASC Award, under my gavel, which I led for 3 years. It's those awards that I consider my biggest accomplishment, even if they keep pulling me back in. I passed them off to Charlie Rando for the 1998 Awards, then to Kattz for two years, before I picked them back up for a year, handing them off again to Seema for the 2002 Awards, who handed them to Rocky for this past year.

Meanwhile our associated groups came into being. The great Slash Debates led to the creation of alt.startrek.creative.all-ages, and spam caused first the migration of to alt.startrek.creative.erotica then to alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated.

Over on the Archive side, we gained an web index to the then ftp archive in 1997. Matt Steenberg ran it for a year and a half, then I picked that up

(see a pattern here?) Alara retired from the archive in 1998, and it was picked up by Constable Katie and Dina. Dina left in 2002, and Katie and I still maintain it.[3]

You can read about Alt.startrek.creative Slash Wars.

Current Staff

  • Stephen Ratliff - FAQ Maintainer, Status of Stories: Backup
  • Katie Redshoes - Archivist
  • Ian Toldman - Assistant Formatter
  • Rocky - Status of Stories: The Original Series
  • Keroth - Status of Stories: The Next Generation, Status of Stories: Enterprise, Status of Stories: MIS
  • Seema - Status of Stories: Voyager
  • Gabrielle - Status of Stories: Deep Space Nine

Previous Staff

Past staff and members of ASC.


FAQ Maintainer

Status of Stories

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