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Name: Seema
Alias(es): Seemag
Type: Archivist, Fan Writer, Moderator
Fandoms: The Amazing Race, Commander in Chief, Gilmore Girls, Gladiator, Grey's Anatomy, JAG, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Enterprise, Without a Trace, X-Files, X-Men, and others
Communities: ASC, PTFever, Zendom
Other: The Worf Dax Fanfic Archive
URL: Unbound;; @LJ; @Blogspot
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Seema is a long-time Star Trek writer and reader, particularly active in Voyager and Deep Space Nine from the late 1990s. More recently, she has become active in a wide rage of fandoms.

Her occasional writing partner Rocky describes her Trek writing:

Seema is one of the best writers I know of, and very versatile. She doesn't limit herself to just one series or even fandom, but in each case careful attention is paid to characterization. She always makes sure to get the details right. And her descriptions, particularly setting, are absolutely amazing.[1]


Seema has been a Trek fan since 1986, when TNG started. Her primary Trek fandom in 1999 was DS9.[2]


As of 2008, Seema was active in PTFever as well as ASC, where she acts as the Status of Stories Maintainer for Voyager and is former Awards Coordinator for the ASC Awards (2000-2002). She is also one of the moderators of the mailing list Zendom (link) and was the archivist of The Worf Dax Fanfic Archive. She was one of the reccers for Bright Shiny Objects.

In Her Own Words

Seema was interviewed at The Best of Trek Fanfic in 1999,[2] and participated in Min's 'Impact of Fandom Survey' with cowriter Rocky in 2002.[1]

For my original fiction, I draw heavily from real life; nearly all of the stories have some kind of basis in reality, whether it be the characters or the particular situation. I also enjoy history a great deal and a couple of my stories are historical in nature for that reason. I prefer the short story genre and I'm particularly enamoured of flash fiction -- the very short short story. I have also written some poetry, though it's not my preference.[3]

For more, see The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Seema.

Fan Comments: 2002

Seema was in the running for a 2002 ASC Award for "Best Original Series Author: Deep Space Nine." The comments below are from fan votes:

What can one say about Seema when it comes to writing Deep Space 9? Ze is a master. Hir touch is sure, hir characters true and very much alive, hir plots touching. Seema is always in control of hir story, never more so than in The Absinthe Heart, an experiment in a difficult POV, a challenge response story, a wonderful treatment of the Daxes, and an amazing look into the soul of a Ferengi. In Blink, ze shows us a Kira just starting out on her path of freedom fighter, and explores what it means to go over the edge. In Sand and Water, Seema explores the older and far more tired Kira, one that has won and lost everything in the process. Seema always shows us a person that is very real, even flawed. Ze doesn't flinch from showing the rough edges. What comes through most in a story by Seema is the unwavering love and respect this author has for these characters. You've had another wonderful year, Seema. I can't wait to see what you offer us next! [4]

I loved Sand and Water, mostly because I'd love to see what the average Bajoran thought of the changes that had occured in just seven years, and even though Kira isn't 'average', I thought it captured it well. Blink was good too, and I thought you captured the Occupation setting very nicely. [5]

Seema does a lovely job in any series, but she really shone in DS9 this year. Nobody portrays Kira so well as Seema did in stories like Blink and Sand and Water. Snapshots of Kira at vastly different stages of her life, nonetheless they are clearly points along the same journey, and it is very easy to see how the angry young freedom fighter about to lose the last vestiges of her innocence in Blink became the woman we saw at the beginning of DS9's run and finally the weary officer in Sand and Water who realizes she has no idea how to adjust to peacetime. Seema also has a way with Ezri Dax, as evidenced by Absinthe Heart. Regardless of story, Seema's affection and understanding of the characters really comes through and her beautiful writing adds to the overall effect of a real standout. [6]

Seema posted three DS9 stories to ASC this year, all stand-outs. My favorite is the very different, lyrical and atmospheric "The Absinthe Heart." Quark is not a character you see in fan fiction very often, so it was fun to see a story from his POV. Told in the second person, the technique seems very apt for Quark, giving an immediacy and distance at the same time as he observes and reflects on Ezri, vividly drawn here. Seema's story of a young Kira in the resistance, "Blink" is powerful and incredibly intense. It doesn't flinch from its emotional and moral complexity. Finally, there is another Kira story, "Sand and Water." Shakaar is so well drawn here and I can't think of a better figure to draw out the emotions and thoughts of Kira on all that she experienced and lost. Seema deftly weaves the personal and the political. I loved the quiet, subtle hope of that last line. These three tales made a wonderful contribution to DS9fic this year. [7]

Seema is another of those writers whose story-telling talent has tempted me outside the VOY fandom. I know I can rely on her for powerful, thought-provoking fanfic, with carefully-drawn characters and even good mechanics! [8]

Seema's DS9 fic has always amazed me. I know that I can count on her for consistently-good storytelling. [9]

I've been a fan of Seema for a few years. She is so good at delving into the emotional heart of the story and painting a world around it. She writes about the characters we know in such a way that we understand them a little more than before. [10]

Seema wrote some incredible stories featuring Kira this year, and it was interesting to see a glimpse of her past. "The Absinthe Heart," though, was one of my favourite stories this year because it provided such a unique perspective on the Dax situation. [11]

Notable Works


Seema won many Golden Orgasms awards, including:

  • 2000 Third Place, Best Kim/Torres, Red
  • 2001 Best Voyager Single Person, Erosion
  • 2001 Third Place, Best ENT Story and Third Place, Best ENT Single Person, Irrational
  • 2002 Best ENT Slash and Best ENT Archer/m and Second Place, Best ENT One Part Story, An Inconvenient Attraction
  • 2002 Second Place, Best TNG Single Part, Beautiful and Touch (tie)
  • 2002 Best TNG Hetsmut, Beautiful; Second Place, Best TNG Hetsmut, Touch
  • 2002 Best TNG Miscellaneous Het, Touch; Third Place, Best TNG Miscellaneous Het, Beautiful
  • 2002 Best Janeway/Male, Touch; Second Place, Best Janeway/Male, Beautiful
  • 2002 Best Paris/Torres, A Delicate Affair
  • 2002 Best VOY Miscellaneous Hetsmut, Beautiful
  • 2002 Second Place, Best TNG, DS9 or VOY Single Person, A Delicate Affair
  • 2003 Best DS9 Het, Wet
  • 2003 Best Paris/Torres and Best VOY Other Hetsmut, Lovers and Other Strangers (cowritten with Rocky)