Gilmore Girls

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Name: Gilmore Girls
Abbreviation(s): GG
Creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino
Date(s): 2000-2007, 2016
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: IMDB
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Gilmore Girls began airing on the WB in 2000. With Chad Michael Murray and Jared Padalecki both having starred in it - (Murray leaving in 2001 for a role on the WB's Dawson's Creek) - it is tangentially related to CW RPS fandom. Adam Brody also guest starred for a time, leaving toward the end of season three to "go to college in California".

A revival four-episode miniseries was released to Netflix in November 2016.

Show Synopsis

The show focuses on the lives of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory Gilmore. Lorelai, who became pregnant at 16, rebelled against her controlling parents and left home to raise her daughter on her own. 16-year-old Rory and 32-year-old Lorelai live in the quaint town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, and the town's residents, along with Lorelai's parents (Richard and Emily), make up the supporting cast. The show lasted for 7 seasons, the last of which was produced without its creator.

Other characters include Lane Kim, Sookie St. James, Luke Danes, Christopher Hayden, Max Medina, Jason "Digger" Styles, Dean Forester, Paris Geller, Logan Huntzberger, and Jess Mariano.

Gilmore Girls Fandom

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Fanfiction in this fandom leans heavily toward het and gen. Rory/Paris has a small subfandom. Overall, this fandom is quite small, but still has produced a few popular unconventional ships, such as Lorelai/Dean.


Name Ship Type
Gellmore Rory Gilmore/Paris Geller Femslash
Javajunkie Lorelai Gilmore/Luke Danes Het
Lane x Dave Lane Kim/Dave Rygalski Het
Literati Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore Het
Lorelai x Christopher Lorelai Gilmore/Christopher Hayden Het
Lorelai x Jason Lorelai Gilmore/Jason Stiles Het
Lorelai x Max Lorelai Gilmore/Max Medina Het
Rogan Rory Gilmore/Logan Huntzberger Het
Rory x Dean Rory Gilmore/Dean Forester Het
Trory Rory Gilmore/Tristin Dugray Het

Example Fanworks



  • Boston Marriage by Jae for the Femslash '05 Ficathon. Rory/Paris. "A Boston marriage," Paris said. "A passionate friendship between equals. A mutual relationship of love and support. A primary emotional attachment and outlet between two women. Forsaking all others. You and me. Till death, blah blah blah --"


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