The O.C.

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Name: The O.C.
Abbreviation(s): OC
Creator: Josh Schwartz
Date(s): 2003-2007
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: IMDB
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The O.C. was a popular FOX drama that began airing in August 2003. It ran for 7 episodes before taking a 6 week hiatus. The first season ran for 27 episodes, a large number for any recent US drama. It ran for 4 seasons, with the final season clocking in at only 16 episodes.

Show Synopsis

It stars Ryan Atwood, a troubled teenager from Chino, CA who is taken in by the Cohen family. The Cohen family is made up of Sandy, Kirsten and their son Seth. As the title suggests, the bulk of the setting is Newport Beach, Orange County.

Other characters include Marissa Cooper, Summer Roberts, Jimmy Cooper, Julie Cooper, Luke Ward, Anna Stern, Caleb Nichol, Hailey Nichol, Kaitlin Cooper, Oliver Trask, Theresa Diaz, Taylor Townsend, Zach Stevens, Alex Kelly, Lindsay Gardner, and Che.


An integral part of the show, The OC's use of music brought to wider popularity a number of bands, including Death Cab For Cutie. Five soundtracks were put out, covering a wide range of the music used on the show. The third soundtrack release was also a holiday album.


On LiveJournal, the fandom grew significantly during the 6 week break in 2003. This time period saw publication of hackthis's Telegraph Avenue.


Shipper's Manifesto essays:


There used to be an all genre automated archive, The OC Fanfic Vault, created by stopawhile.[1] It was associated with the theocfic mailing list, but the archive has been defunct since the middle of 2005.

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