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In the broader sense an automated archive is any archive that is run with the help of website software that automates the archiving process, rather than via manual archiving and coding by the archivists. There exist several software solutions for this, among them the Automated Archive in the narrower sense (see below), eFiction, and the Archive Of Our Own software.

In the narrower sense Automated Archive refers to a free, GNU licensed collection of Perl scripts developed by astolat. The software allows a small to moderate fanfiction archive to work semi-autonomously, meaning that archivists no longer had to hand-code each story in order to include it on the archive. The AA software also allows authors to simultaneously post their stories to an archive and to an associated mailing list (if one existed) such as the Smallville Slash Archive and ClarkLexFic.

The AA software is best known as the software that used to run Yuletide, where each year it demonstrates that Yuletide is no longer "small to moderate". It was first created for the Sentinel archive 852 Prospect. For some time it was extremely popular in medium-to-large fandoms, although many new fanfic archives now use eFiction (the one with the Tens).

The software has now been acknowledged by astolat as suffering from code rot, and Yuletide is moving to the Archive of Our Own.

Archives that have used the AA system

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