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Name: Farscape Slash Archive
Farscape / Archive
Date(s): (1999) 2001
Archivist: WitchQueen
Founder: Aiobheann
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Farscape
URL: http://www.slashx-files.com/farscape/
http://adult.dencity.com/aioheann/index.html (old link) | mirror: http://aiobheann.tripod.com/index.html (defunct)
Farscape Slash Archive.png
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The Farscape Slash Archive is an archive for Farscape m/m and f/f fiction. It uses the Automated Archive software.

From the F.A.Q.:

How did this Archive come to be?
Long, long ago, in the Wayback Time (i.e. during season one, shortly after Thank God It's Friday. Again aired, mid-1999), a lady named Aiobheann began writing a lot of Farscape slash. Other people were writing it, too. She collected a lot of it up, and started Aiobheann's Farscape Slash Archive on Dencity. Eventually, Dencity got to be too much trouble, Aiobheann got her own domain (wildwimmin.com) and the archive was re-named the Farscape Slash Archive. In March of 2001, Aiobhean stepped down as archivist and WitchQueen volunteered to take over. Because WitchQueen had to gather the stories from various places around the Net, and because WitchQueen is an extremely lazy and lackadaisical somebody, it wasn't until November 2001 that the archive came back on-line, as the Farscape / Archive.