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Name: Jared Tristan Padalecki
Also Known As: JT, Moose, J-Pad, Sasquatch, J-Rod, Puppy, Giant Puppy, Gigantor, Jormangandr, Jolly Green Giant, Gentle Giant, Jay (in fanfic)
Occupation: Actor
Medium: Television/Movies
Works: Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, House of Wax, Friday the 13th Walker (2020)
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Jared Tristan Padalecki is an American actor, born on July 19, 1982 in San Antonio, Texas. In 1999, he won a contest sponsored by Fox television, and appeared on the Teen Choice Awards as a presenter. He made his first television appearance as an actor the next year.[1] He is primarily known for his starring role as Sam Winchester on the CW television series Supernatural - prior to that he was known for portraying Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls.

CWRPF and J2

Jared Padalecki is one of the four main characters in CWRPF fanworks. His canon connection to former Gilmore Girls co-star and close friend, Chad Michael Murray (who also portrayed Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill) has led to them joining Jared in many stories as secondary characters.

Jared is one of the two Js in J2. While most often paired with the other J, Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles, other slash pairings featuring Jared have also been written, including Jared/Chad, Jared/JDM, and Jared/Misha (Mishalecki). Het pairings usually involve his former girlfriends, most notably, Sandy McCoy, or in more recent works, his real life wife, Genevieve Cortese, who played Ruby on Supernatural in season 4.

Much of Jared's canon life influences the characterization in both AU and non-AU works. A childhood nickname of JT (an abbreviation of his first and second name Jared Tristan) and a fanon nickname of Jay (opposite of Jensen's nickname of Jen or Jenny) are equally likely to be used by many fan fiction writers. His non-celebrity family, his celebrity friends and his dogs, Harley and Sadie, are all likely to show up in a J2 story. In fact, his dogs have gotten so much attention from writers and fans within SPN fandom, that they have a fanon characterization of their own, with Harley suspiciously resembling his big goofy, dork of a master, Jared, while Sadie is more intelligent, shy and quiet, rather like the way some fans see Jensen Ackles.

Jared's performances at fan conventions and in the Supernatural DVD extras have led many fans to write him as a candy-addicted, extroverted, bubbly, physically affectionate, adorable, cheerful, always smiling, giant goof-ball of a prankster, whose only hidden depths are likely to be his deep and abiding love of whomever he is paired with. He does frequently however, get featured in a lot of darker-themed work such as slavery, D/s and dominance, where his large size and presence is less diminished by his behavior.

In AU stories and fan fiction, Jared is often given stereotypically "macho", masculine or dominant roles and occupations. He is frequently portrayed in physical professions or professions of authority including a jock or athlete, fire fighter, cop, FBI, detective, teacher, engineer, scientist, construction worker, doctor, businessperson, CEO, banker, etc. He is nearly almost always an animal lover, a genuinely happy person, and his hair and dimples get as much descriptive effort as his large, muscular physique and his height. In AU werewolf fan fiction, Jared is frequently portrayed as an Alpha, which is the most powerful wolf within a wolf pack.

In regards to top/bottom (anal sex) roles within RPS fan fiction, Jared is frequently portrayed in most RPS slash fan fiction as the top. He is also frequently given the dominant role in D/s dynamics, especially when paired with his co-star Jensen (who is overwhelmingly portrayed as the bottom and the submissive role in D/s dynamics) in J2 fan fiction.

Because of Jared's large physique, size and height (which is 6'5"), while his co-star, Jensen, is a mere 6', and his increasing musculature starting in Season two of Supernatural, culminating in Season 6's Robo!Sam arc, many J2 fanworks include subtle or overt size kink aspects (such as Jensen responding happily to the, according to fanon, relatively unusual kink or sensation of being dominated, controlled or manhandled by someone significantly bigger than he is).

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