One Tree Hill

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Name: One Tree Hill
Abbreviation(s): OTH
Creator: Mark Schwahn
Date(s): September 23, 2004 - April 4, 2012
Medium: television
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: IMDB
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One Tree Hill is a an American television drama which premiered in 2003 on The WB, and later moved in 2006 to The CW. After nine seasons it finally ended in 2012.


The series chronicled the lives of five high school friends, living in Tree Hill, whose lives collided when Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) joined his half-brother Nathan Scott's high school basketball team. The initial animosity between the brothers, fueled by the influence of their often regretful parents, sparked a major confrontation which became thrice as fierce when three beautiful girls became further entwined in the brothers' lives. Lucas' best friend Haley James tested her loyalties and slowly started to fall for Nathan after breaking through his bad-boy persona; Peyton Sawyer struggled to choose between her head and her heart when it came to Lucas - even more so when her best friend, party-girl Brooke Davis, finally removed her facade and truly fell for the one-time outsider. After Season 6, Peyton and Lucas depart Tree Hill and two new regular characters are introduced: Haley's sister Quinn and Nathan's agent Clay. Quinn and Clay's relationship develops after the death of Clay's wife Sarah. Brooke hires actress Alex, to be the face of her company, who initially causes conflict between Brooke and Julian.[1]

On October 12, 2010, One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected had an official crossover event.


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The beginning of the show introduced us to four major pairings, Lucas/Peyton, Peyton/Nathan, Brooke/Lucas, and Nathan/Haley. Haley/Lucas also existed but that pairing never went further than BFFs. Lucas/Peyton and Nathan/Haley ended up being the endgame pairings. After Season 6, Julian Baker was introduced and later married Brooke.


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