Life Unexpected

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Title: Life Unexpected
Author(s): kitsune_tsuki
Date(s): 27 February 2011
Length: 2,190 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Life Unexpected (LJ)

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Life Unexpected is a Steve/Danny story by kitsune_tsuki.

Summary: When Danny blows out his knee for good he has no idea what he's going to do with his life. And then Matt calls and tells him about a couple of clients who are looking to sell an idea they have for a television show, and are looking for a consultant.

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: Well first of all it’s FUN! The scenario in this AU is highly plausible plus the whole gang is here and completely recognizable. You wont believe the job the author has cooked up for Steve... or maybe you will.[1]


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