House of Wax

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Name: House of Wax
Abbreviation(s): HoW
Creator: Charles Belden (original film),
Chad Hayes & Carey Hayes (2005 film)
Date(s): 2005
Medium: Live-Action Film
Country of Origin: United States & Australia
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House of Wax is a 2005 horror film and is a remake of the 1953 film of the same name. It starred several big names: Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Jared Padalecki and Paris Hilton.

From a fandom standpoint, it's similar to Doom (2005): a 2005 horror movie whose main fandom contribution is a twincest ship.


A group of six young adults are on their way to go see a college game, however on the way they take a break in the middle of nowhere. Cue loud music, making out and beer everywhere [1]. They get interrupted by a truck driven by a mysterious owner that scares them a bit before disappearing. During the night, Wade's car belt gets cut and thus he volunteers to stay behind while they go and get the tickets for the game and buy a belt. Carly and Paige however separate from the guys and finds a graveyard of roadkills when Carly falls through a bush and falls in it. Wade (Carly's boyfriend) and Nick (Carly's twin) come to her rescue along with Dalton and Blake (Paige's boyfriend). A guy pulls up and dumps a dead deer into the pile. Wade asks him if he knows where a close by mechanic or gas station is, while Nick gives Carly his own shirt off his back [2] since hers is ruined with blood.

Lester takes Wade and Carly, who wouldn't let Wade go alone, to Ambrose - a small town close by while the others head to the game. The town looks abandoned practically but Wade and Carly explore it a bit and interrupt a funeral where Bo Sinclair meets them. He promises to help them after the funeral is over, and Wade breaks into the "House of Wax". Unknown to either, the wax people inside the building are all actual people - just long dead. Carly gets creeped out when she catches a glimpse of a mysterious figure in a window watching her. They then head back to the gas station and was about to take a random belt and head back when Bo stops them and leads them back to his house. The others come back to the campsite because the traffic was too bad to go anywhere. Nick and Dalton head out to Ambrose to check up on Carly and Wade since they were still gone.

Wade goes inside the house to go to the bathroom while Bo goes to grab the belt, however he slashes Wade's ankle and takes him out. Carly, meanwhile, outside in the car realizes that it's the truck from last night and calls Paige (and gets voicemail because she and Blake are too busy making out) and tells them about catching up with the weirdo. Vincent, however, goes after Paige and Blake - killing them [3].

Carly just manages to get away from Bo when she realizes the whole town is wax people - and no one was real. Bo catches her hiding underneath the priest in the church and locks her in the basement of the gas station, duct taping her arms and legs to the chair and super-gluing her lips together to keep her from screaming [4]. It was then that they hear Nick and Dalton. Dalton heads up to wax museum, where he is beheaded by Vincent. Carly, however manages to rip her lips apart and warn her brother about Bo - but not before Bo cuts off a part of her finger [5]. Cue sibling bonding as Nick saves Carly and kickass fighting as Nick fights Bo... leaving him dead.

Nick and Carly head back to Bo's house because Carly's phone was in Bo's truck, however they find it gone so they look inside the house. Carly finds information on Bo and Vincent, who were Siamese twins separated at birth, leaving Vincent horribly disfigured. Bo is revealed to be alive and Vincent tries to heal him after returning with Blake and Paige's bodies. Nick and Carly set fire to the house which spreads to the "House of Wax" museum basement, the fire so intense that it literally starts to melt to museum because everything inside it was made of wax.

Nick and Carly manage to finally kill both Bo and Vincent, before crawling and digging their way out of the museum as it collapses.

The next morning, police and ambulance are at the scene due to the amount of smoke and fire the wax museum set off. The sheriff informs Nick and Carly that the town has been abandoned for a decade. Over the radio, while the ambulance takes Nick and Carly away from the town, police discuss the Sinclair had a third son. Carly doesn't hear this, but she does see that the dog that had been with Bo and Vincent is now with Lester, the man that had driven the teens to the town earlier. It's believed that Lester is the third son.

Main Characters


The fandom is still fairly small and was mainly active in 2005-2006 with a few spurts of activity in the following years through the present. The fandom can be found mainly on FFN, Youtube and AO3. House of Wax was a Yuletide fandom in 2007 and 2012.

The most popular pairing in House of Wax is the twincest ship of Nick/Carly. Other pairings have also appeared in fanworks such as Nick/Wade, Bo/Vincent.

In fanfiction (especially on FFN) you can find a lot of OCs, sometimes related to Carly and Nick (or the other characters) and other times paired with Nick. Other times they are related to Bo and Vincent, or is a character that will be paired up with one of them.

The most common crossover with the fandom is with Supernatural due to Jared Padalecki's role as Sam Winchester in SPN and Wade in HOW. Supernatural episode "Fallen Idols" (Season 5.5) references House of Wax, when Dean Winchester tells Paris Hilton (who plays herself who is being played by a Leshii in a wax museum) that he has never seen House of Wax and the scene quickly cuts to Sam's face[1].


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