Jensen Ackles

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Name: Jensen Ross Ackles
Also Known As: Jen, Jenny, Jackles
Occupation: Actor
Medium: Television, Movies
Works: Supernatural, Cybill, Dawson's Creek, Dark Angel, Smallville, Days of Our Lives, My Bloody Valentine, Ten Inch Hero, The Boys
Official Website(s): on IMDB
Fan Website(s): Jensen Daily
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Jensen Ross Ackles is an American actor, born on March 1, 1978 in Dallas, Texas. He worked as a model and appeared in television commercials as a child. As a teenager, he was cast in a main role of Eric Brady on the soap Days of Our Lives. He went on to minor roles in Dawson's Creek, Dark Angel and Smallville.[1] He is primarily known for his starring role as Dean Winchester on the CW television series Supernatural.

CWRPF and J2

Jensen Ackles is one of the four main RPF characters at the centre of the CWRPF fandom and is one of the two J's in J2. While frequently and overwhelmingly paired with his Supernatural co-star, Jared Padalecki, other people Jensen is often paired with include Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins and Chris Kane. His canon connection to fellow Smallville actors, such as Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum, have also led to them being paired with Jensen on an occasional basis. But his very intimate, close on screen and off screen relationship and friendship with Jared has led to Jensen becoming one of the most written about characters in RPF.

Much of the canon details of Jensen Ackles' life makes up the most popular characterizations in fan works. Everything from his middle name, to his noncelebrity family, and to his former celebrity girlfriends go into the mix. His past as a model, soap actor and occasional musician all add flavor to the Jensen that appears in fan fiction. Fanon would also have you believe that he is a coffee addict, not a morning person, painfully quiet, shy, and introverted (the total opposite of Jared, who is known to be cheerful, bubbly and extroverted), oppressed by a religious values, beliefs and family and finally, the most popular, secretly pining for or in love with Jared. These tropes are frequently featured in the non-AU stories with Jensen.

In AU fan fiction, Jensen is often given either introverted, nurturing, or even somewhat "feminized" roles and occupations. These occupations include sex trade worker or hooker, a stripper, a slave, a consort, a bull rider, an interior designer, a spy, a librarian, a sales clerk, a college student, a high school student, a Genderswap woman, a 'lady boy', a secret service agent, a nurse, a "housewife", a tortured artist, a recording artist or singer, and the ultimate woobie in a lot of hurt/comfort fan fiction, especially in J2 fan fiction. In kink (sexual) fan fiction, Jensen is overwhelmingly the one being enslaved, objectified, and tortured. He is mainly the submissive to a dominant partner (mainly Jared) in most D/s kink fan fiction.

In AU werewolf fan fiction, which includes the hierarchy of alphas, betas and omegas', Jensen is frequently portrayed as an omega, which is a male wolf that self lubricates, goes into heat and is capable of being bred or impregnated by the alpha after mating. Jensen is also portrayed as a beta in some fan fiction, but the rarest for Jensen is to be portrayed as the alpha.

In regards to top/bottom (anal sex) roles or dynamics within J2 RPS fan fiction, Jensen is overwhelmingly portrayed as the bottom. He is also frequently given the submissive role in D/s dynamics (especially AU slave fan fiction), especially when paired with Jared (who is overwhelmingly portrayed as the top in top/bottom dynamics and given the dominant role in D/s dynamics) in J2 fic.

Jensen is frequently "feminized" and given a rather nurturing, gentle, submissive role in fan works. Therefore, he is often the subject of much Mpreg fan fiction. He is frequently portrayed as being pretty, innocent and a 'twink', especially in RPS underage fan fiction. This is probably due to old modeling photos of Jensen when he was much younger, showcasing his physical beauty and 'prettiness'. Many J2 fan fiction writers like to contrast a pretty, 'twink', innocent, virginal, submissive and younger Jensen with a handsome, rugged, experienced, dominant and older Jared, especially in underage J2 fan fiction. Many fan fiction writers (and fan works) could portray Jensen in this way for a various number of reasons. It is possible that these roles for Jensen could be most of the fan fiction writers' personal preferences. But other reasons could be anything from Jensen's introverted, quiet and shy personality in real life, to his frequently noted physical attractiveness or beauty. In regards to Jensen's physical beauty, Jensen is known for having perfect, feminine, and "androgynous" facial features; most notably his large, round green eyes with long, thick lashes, his full, plump lips and his very pale, freckled skin. Another possible reason Jensen is often portrayed in a submissive, gentler role in the majority of most fan fiction could be his generally low key, practical and passive nature off screen. Jensen is also seen to be quite nurturing and "motherly" towards Jared off screen. Jensen is also often portrayed to be a shy, blushing type in many fan works as well.

Jensen occasionally, but uncommonly gets paired with someone other than Jared, sometimes Jeffrey Dean Morgan, occasionally Christian Kane and once in while, with his Ten Inch Hero co-star and real life wife, Danneel Harris.

A lot of his RPF characterization draws on his many appearances at fan conventions and on the Supernatural DVD extras where he often employs a dry wit and a showy, long-suffering patience for Jared's high-energy antics.

Accusations of homophobia

In 2013 Jensen came under fire by the fandom when he refused to answer a fan's questions about Destiel at a con, telling her not to "ruin it".[2] The fan left crying, sparking outrage among other fans who not only accused the Supernatural writers of queerbaiting, but Ackles himself of homophobia.[3]