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Name: Christian Kane
Also Known As: Chris Kane
Occupation: Actor/Musician
Medium: Television
Works: Angel, Leverage
Official Website(s):, Christian Kane's Twitter, IMDB
Fan Website(s): Kane Daily
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Christian Kane is an American actor/musician originally from Dallas, Texas. He grew up in Norman, Oklahoma.

Angel the Series

He first gained fandom's attention in the role of Lindsey McDonald on Angel. He appeared as an RPF character in fanworks for the first time in Jossverse RPF, sometimes paired with David Boreanaz.


Christian Kane's canon friendship with Jensen Ackles led fans to start using him as a secondary character in CWRPF stories. He often appeared as Jensen's friend as a counterpoint to Jared Padalecki's friend, Chad Michael Murray. He is often characterized in this role as a gruff, protector of Jensen, sometimes going so far as to be portrayed as the yenta to Jensen and Jared. He is occasionally the villain of the piece, presented as either an abusive or overprotective ex, or sometimes as merely an obstacle to Jensen getting together with Jared.

Christian Kane/Steve Carlson

In 1998, Christian formed the band Kane with Steve Carlson. Fans began to incorporate Carlson into CWRPF stories, nearly always paired with Kane. The slash Christian Kane/Steve Carlson pairing became a spin-off fandom in its own right, with communities and fans of fanworks featuring the pairing without other CWRPF characters. Many fanworks in this fandom focus on Christian's and Steve's work as musicians. In (I have no idea when) Carlson stopped performing with Kane, but the two remain friends and the fandoms haven't stopped producing works featuring both of them.


In 2008, Christian began appearing on Leverage as Eliot Spencer. Even though the show is popular with many of the same fans who participate in his RPF fandoms, there is little interest in Leverage-based RPF works, and the Chris/Steve pairing is still the dominant pairing in works featuring Christian Kane.

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