Dean Forester

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Name: Dean Forester
Relationships: Barbara and Randall Forester (parents), Clara Forester (sister)
Rory Gilmore (ex-girlfriend), Lindsay Lister (ex-wife)
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Other: Played by actor Jared Padalecki
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Dean Forester is a character from the television series Gilmore Girls.


Dean moved to Stars Hollow in season 1 and soon became Rory Gilmore's first boyfriend. The relationship between Rory and Dean was complicated when Luke's nephew Jess moved to Stars Hollow in season 2 and made his interest in Rory fairly obvious. He starts dating Lindsay Lister as Rory starts to date Jess. Dean and Jess fight after Dean finds out Jess made Rory cry. Dean and Rory do not rekindle their relationship as Dean remains with Lindsay and soon impulsively marries her.

However, Dean remains too close to Rory and, when it becomes clear to him that he's made a mistake in marrying Lindsay, he goes to Rory and they start an affair. Dean and Lindsay's relationship is later ended, Lindsay having found out about their affair. Rory and Dean continue their relationship. Due to Rory rarely in Stars Hollow due to her life at Yale and Dean holding three jobs at once to make ends meet, the two of them rarely find time to spend together. When they finally have time for a date together, Rory's grandparents throw her a party - which was thrown with the sole purpose of introducing Rory to other prospective blue blooded boyfriends with business aspirations, including Rory's next boyfriend, Logan Huntzberger.

They break up after Dean realizes they were going into different directions.


Because he is also portrayed by Jared Padalecki, some fans believe or like to imagine that Dean is really Sam Winchester from Supernatural (or vice versa) and some have created fanworks in which this this the case. The fact that Sam's brother's name is Dean makes it difficult for some fans of Gilmore Girls to keep the names of the Winchester brothers straight when they start watching Supernatural.

Dean is probably most often shipped with Rory. In Supernatural crossovers, Dean Forester/Dean Winchester has also been known to occur.[1] In Gilmore Girls fandom, he is also known to be shipped with Lorelai.

Some fans who ship Rory/Dean refer to their ship as "narcoleptics" or "narco", and themselves as "narcoleptics" or "narcos". This is a reference to the season 1 episode "Rory's Dance", when Dean and Rory accidentally fell asleep at Miss Patty's after attending a dance, arousing suspicion regarding what they had been up to and prompting Lorelai to refer to Dean as "Narcolepsy Boy".

The question of which of Dean, Jess and Logan was a better boyfriend for Rory (or which one she should have ended up with) is controversial among many Gilmore Girls fans.

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