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Name: Jess Mariano
Occupation: Writer
Relationships: Liz Danes (Mother), Luke Danes (Uncle),
Rory Gilmore (Ex-Girlfriend),
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Other: Played by actor Milo Ventimiglia
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Jess Mariano is a character from Gilmore Girls.


Relationships & Pairings

Jess is most commonly paired with his canon love interest Rory Gilmore. Their pairing name is Literati, sometimes shortened to Lit. This name refers to their shared love of literature. Other pairings for Jess, include Jess/Dean, Jess/Paris and Jess/Lane.

There's also a lot of Jess-centric gen works. Some of these are pre-canon works that look at Jess's unhappy childhood with his mother Liz, and his pre-canon and canon relationship with his Uncle Luke. Luke and Jess are considered a BrOTP by many fans, and works focused on them are often tagged Diner Boys.

Connections to other Fandoms

Actor Milo Ventimiglia previously portrayed Peter Petrelli in the TV series Heroes. This has led to a small number of crossover works. In some works, Jess assumes the name Peter Petrelli after leaving Stars Hollow, or Jess was always Peter and hiding in Stars Hollow.

Example Fanworks


  • The Subsect by TruncheonPress. -- A fan's attempt to write the book Jess wrote in Gilmore Girls canon.

Meta/Further Reading

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