Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore

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Pairing: Rory Gilmore/Jess Mariano
Alternative name(s): Literati, Lit
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Popular
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Rory/Jess is the canon pairing of Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls.


They first meet soon after Jess moves to Stars Hollow, and soon grow closer over their mutual love of books. Rory and Jess begin dating very soon after her break up with Dean. Jess is insecure about Rory's continued friendship with Dean. He fights with Rory, and later leaves town without speaking to her. They meet each other various times after this, but never rekindle their romance.


Jess/Rory is a popular pairing in the Gilmore Girls fandom. Their pairing name is Literati, sometimes shortened to Lit, in recognition of their shared love of literature.

When Rory's mother Lorelai Gilmore married Jess's Uncle Luke Danes, some fans found the pairing of two step cousins problematic. However JavaLit works, pairing Jess/Rory and Lorelai/Luke, were common before the wedding and remain popular.

There are a large number of canon divergent AU fics in which their relationship progresses differently. There are also future fics showing the two meeting as adults, or in an established relationship. Following the release of Netflix's revival A Year in the Life, many of these works were jossed. However many Post-AYITL works pair these two. Some works assume that Jess is the father of Rory's baby, while others show him stepping in to help raise a child that isn't his.


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