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Name: Lorelai Gilmore
Occupation: Inn owner, Former: Executive manager (at the Independence Inn), maid
Relationships: Richard & Emily Gilmore (Parents),
Rory Gilmore (Daughter),
Alex Lesma (Love Interest), Max Medina (Love Interest), Jason "Digger" Stiles (Love Interest), Christopher Hayden (Love Interest & co-parent), Luke Danes (Husband)
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Other: Played by actress Lauren Graham
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Lorelai Gilmore is a character from Gilmore Girls. She is the mother of Rory Gilmore and daughter of the wealthy Emily and Richard Gilmore.


Lorelai was a wild child who got pregnant at 16. She declined to marry the father and lived with her parents until after her daughter, Rory, was born. Lorelai and Rory ran away from the Gilmore's oppressive house and ended up in a weird little town called Stars Hollow, where they stayed. Lorelai worked as a maid at an inn, eventually working her way up to manager. Rory gets accepted into an expensive private high school, and Lorelai approaches her mostly estranged parents for help with the tuition. Emily and Richard agree - on the condition that Rory and Lorelai attend a family dinner every week.


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Fanworks involving Lorelai focus on the relationships between her and Rory, her and her parents, and her and various romantic relationships. Fanworks strive to pay homage to Lorelai's fast style of thinking, sense of humor, and her love for coffee and Rory.

Relationships & Shipping

  • Luke Danes the owner of "Luke's Diner" and a friend of Lorelai and Rory. During the seven seasons, Luke and Lorelai grew closer and eventually began a relationship, and married in the Netflix revival. Lorelai/Luke appears to be the most popular pairing for Lorelai. Their pairing name is Java Junkie, sometimes shortened to JJ. The name arose from Lorelai's love of coffee, and Luke reluctantly enabling her. Fans of this pairing also refer to themselves as Java Junkies.
  • Christopher Hayden is Rory's father and Lorelai's first love. They briefly rekindle their romance during the show. Their pairing name is Balcony Buddies, and arises from the story of Rory's conception.
  • Sookie St. James is Lorelai's best friend and later business partner.
  • Alex Lesman and Lorelai dated for awhile, but separated later on.
  • Max Medina was Rory's English teacher at Chilton.
  • Jason "Digger" Stiles

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