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Name: Peter Petrelli
Location: unknown, formerly New York City
Status: Alive
Relationships: Arthur and Angela Petrelli (parents)
Alice Shaw (aunt) and Tim Petrelli (uncle)
Nathan Petrelli (brother) and Heidi Petrelli (sister-in-law)
Simon and Monty Petrelli (nephews), Claire Bennett (niece)
Malina and Tommy Clark (grand-niece & grand-nephew via Claire)
Love Interests: Simone Deveaux, Niki Sanders (Five Years Gone AU Futureverse), Caitlin
Fandom: Heroes
Other: Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia (unless in shapeshifted form)
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Peter Petrelli is a main character on Heroes for all four seasons and it's various comics. He's mentioned to or referred to a couple times in the spin-off, Heroes Reborn.




Peter was shipped with many different characters, could be considered the show's Little Black Dress. Peter/Nathan, Peter/Skylar and Peter/Mohinder are popular slash pairings. Peter/Claire, by far, is the most popular het pairing for him, although he's commonly been shipped with many others (both canon and fanon pairings), for examples: Peter/Niki and Peter/Elle. Peter has also been shipped in various crossover pairings, including Rogue from the X-Men, due to their similar abilities.

Other Peter pairings include:

Peter/Adam Peter/Caitlin Peter/Claude Peter/Emma Peter/Heidi
Peter/Jessica Peter/Matt Peter/Simone Peter/Thompson


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