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Name: Nicole "Niki" Sanders
Occupation: Agent of the Company, former webcam stripper, former casino worker
Status: Dead, Alive in the AU
Relationships: D.L. Hawkins (husband), Micah Sanders (son), Hal Sanders & Kelly Sullivan (parents), Tracy Strauss (estranged triplet sister), Barbara (estranged triplet sister), Jessica Sanders (adoptive sister), Nana Dawson (Aunt-in-law), Damon Dawson and Monica Dawson (Cousins-in-law, once removed)
Fandom: Heroes
Other: Portrayed by Ali Larter
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Niki Sanders is a character from the Heroes fandom. She had the power of Enhanced strength.


Niki was a former casino worker in Las Vegas. She was raising her son, Micah, alone because her husband D.L. Hawkins was a fugitive. In the absence of D.L. and his regular paycheck from construction work, she earned extra money as a webcam stripper running She had an aggressive split personality named Jessica, under whose identity violent acts and murders were committed. After the events at Kirby Plaza, Niki worked as an agent of the Company and was infected with the Shanti virus. As the virus progressed, Niki returned to New Orleans to stay with Micah. She was later killed in an explosion after she saved Monica Dawson.

Niki of the Explosion Future is alive, and works at a strip club in Las Vegas using the show name Jessica. In this future, her son and husband are dead. She is in a relationship with Peter Petrelli.


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Fans sometimes spelt her name as Nikki.


Gen works with Micah and Jessica were fairly common. Niki was rarely shipped with anyone else besides the above, the most common rarepairs are Niki/Sylar, Niki/Ando, Niki/Mr. Bennet, Niki/Simone, Niki/Mohinder, and Niki/Claire.


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