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Synonyms: Size Difference
Related: Height Difference, Height Rule, Size Queen, Muscle Kink
See Also: Kink; Big Guy, Little Guy
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Size kink is a kink or preference for a distinct difference in size, height, musculature or weight between two sexual partners. Stories may focus on canon physical differences or deliberately increase them. There may be elements of power play, restraint or being held down, wrestling or fighting for dominance then capitulation and submission, or other kinks like wall-fucking. Some fics focus on a particular physical attribute.[1][2]

A related trope is the Height Rule in yaoi fic, where the seme (the top, dominant) is taller than the uke (bottom, submissive). Some writers and fanartists will even make one character shorter than in canon so the pairing is the desired way round.


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  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by cherryvanilla. Eames forges himself taller and buffer in a dream. Arthur runs his hands over Eames’ shoulders and down his arms, taking in the sharp, dark lines stretched tight across muscle. His eyes rove hungrily, taking in Eames’ chest, the fullness of his girth, not one ounce of fat on him that isn’t muscle mass.
  • Iron Man by eleveninches, another Arthur/Eames fic. He was still wearing the same poorly-fitting clothes as always, but since the last time Arthur had seen him, he'd put on at least twenty pounds of muscle. Arthur could see it in his gaping collar, high shirt sleeves, and thick neck; even from his vantage point across the living room, Arthur could see the stretch of Eames's shirt across his shoulders, tighter than before. He looked thick and sturdy and outrageously strong.
  • Size kink is a wise kink, an inspiring picspam by cherrybina showing the physical differences between Arthur and Eames.

Stargate Atlantis

Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • Side to Side by rainbowdracula. Keith would admit that he has a type - big, muscular, and strong. Shiro hits every note.


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  2. ^ And not just fics. The Earth's Children series by Jean Auel repeatedly mentions Jondalar's larger-than-average manhood, and that Ayla's womanly cave is fortunately deep enough to accommodate it. With Pleasure(s).