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Name: Wolfshark
Alias(es): sharkie
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Buffy, Supernatural, Stargate:Atlantis, Marvel Cinematic Universe
URL: Her livejournal

Her fic journal

Her webpage
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Wolfshark, aka sharkie started in online fandom in 1999 in Sentinel fandom. She got to know many fans in the IRC channel most used by those fans, #senslash.

In 2004, she ended up in Angel, and from there went to Buffy. Her first piece of fic was in Buffy fandom. It was a 30,000 word unfinished WIP called Slave Boy.

She ultimately wrote 26 stories in Buffy fandom, mostly Spike/Xander.

Since then sharkie has written Wincest, and then spent a long time in Stargate Atlantis, where she wrote 217 stories. They're mostly John/Rodney, and have a fair amount of kink.

Since 2012, she's been writing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She doesn't really have an OTP in that fandom, having written Stony, Stucky, WinterIron, and WinterHawk, among others.