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Name: Devil Doll
Type: Archivist, Fanwriter, Moderator
Fandoms: Alexander the Great, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, X-Men Movieverse, Mary Renault, Temeraire, DC Comics
Other: OTW Board Member (2007 - 2009), OTW Volunteers & Recruiting Committee Chair (2007 - 2009), OTW Volunteers & Recruiting Committee Member (2010),
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DevilDoll at AO3
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Devil Doll is an archivist, writer, and moderator in fandom.

Devil Doll has made a blanket statement about further transformation of her fanworks.[1]


Devil Doll's first active online fandom was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which lasted until the premiere of the first X-Men movie in July 2000, after which she moved to X-Men Movieverse fandom, where she was most active in Wolverine/Rogue circles. She then spent a brief amount of time in Alexander the Great, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Harry Potter, before moving to Stargate Atlantis.


The following is an incomplete list of her past and current projects.


LJ Commmunities

Mailing Lists

Notable Works


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