Gonna wash that man right outta...

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Title: Gonna wash that man right outta...
Creator: Devil Doll
Date(s): March 10, 2007
Medium: essay on livejournal
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Topic: sexism in comics
External Links: Gonna wash that man right outta..., Archived version
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Devil Doll posted a controversial rant that focused on the "Collector's Edition" MJ statuette released by Sideshow Collectibles.

The post condemned the overt sexism in the figurine of Mary Jane Parker in heels and pearls bending over a plastic bucket to do Peter Parker's clothing.

The post has 1575 comments and includes an image of the original statuette, as well as a fan-created parody by logansrogue.

The essay went internet-wide with a New York Post article citing her in their article about the growing protest against the statuette. See: Neil Graves: Mary Jane is Spidey 'Sensuous', Archived version (May 16, 2007).

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Devil Doll's Post: Gonna wash that man right outta...

The post has 1575 comments. See them at: Gonna wash that man right outta..., Archived version.

The New York Post Article

The New York Post article was mainly about the comments the statuette had garnered. It quotes an anonymous "irate Canadian lass."

Say, doesn’t that comely babe – barefoot, buxom and scrubbing some laundry – look familiar?

Why, it’s Spider-Man’s better half, Mary Jane, and, wow, are the Webbed Wonder’s fans steamed over this one.

Bloggers are scorching their keyboards, claiming that a statuette of Mary Jane, based on artist Adam Hughes’ notion of a fantasy femme, is an eyeful of outrage.

Sporting sexy cleavage and a very exposed pink thong peeking out from tight jeans, Mary Jane is nobody’s washerwoman, although she’s bending over a tub scrubbing Spidey’s iconic superhero gear.

The rendition has gotten so many catcalls that a Web observer, in a six-part outline, said enough already: Cease and desist.

“Devildoll” wrote on the site LiveJournal, “Okay, people. It’s been six days and 750 comments and I’m not going to try to keep up anymore.

If you’re here to comment about how much you dislike it, I agree with you and I thank you for commenting.”

On Blogspot.com, under the title, “Mary Jane, the Other White Meat,” a writer said, “The statue represents a big step backwards for those concerned about the state and future of comic books.”

A disappointed Angie’s electronic diary read, “Sorry but naah. It’s a girl in some jeans holding a Spider-Man mask.”

And an irate Canadian lass blogged, “I’d like a statue of Spider-Man doing his own damn laundry … This is the worst thing I have ever seen.”