Junk Cheap

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Title: Junk Cheap
Author(s): devildoll
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Junk Cheap is a McShep story by devildoll.

Reactions and Reviews


There's this thing about Atlantis where they produce some of the cutest AUs known to man. This one is John having left the military, and Rodney too (or never joined) and they are therefore in the fairly likely occupations of junk shop owner and physics professor. As such, it's not a big leap to go there as a reader, and it's very easy to stay in this story once it's begun. Junk Cheap, by devildoll, is Sheppard/McKay, SGA AU, but a close one. R rated. [1]


The One That Shows Us That True Love Is Killing Spiders. (Really True Love Would Be Killing Cockroaches, and I Mean All the Cockroaches in the World. Why Don't Mad Scientists Ever Get on This? Mad Science, You Have Failed Me.) Junk Cheap, by [livejournal.com profile] devildoll. Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay.

I have read this AU several thousand, thousand times since it was posted. I don't know why I haven't recommended it before. It's one of those inexplicable oversights. (Except maybe not, because this story always makes me want to make lasagna, and I went through enough of that in TS fandom. There are only so many lasagnas a woman can make, fandom! I am perilously close to my lifetime limit, and will soon have to pay an extra Surplus Lasagna Fee for each one.) But I am remedying that now.

The key concept here is: John owns a junk shop, and Rodney does not want him. Not at all. No siree. Who wants to sleep with a junk shop owner? Not Rodney, that's who! Even if he's, you know. Kind of hot.

This seems, perhaps, overly simple. I assure you it is not. There is action! There is the other kind of action! There are leaky showers! (I assure you leaky showers are extremely compelling within this context.) And did I mention that there is lasagna, and also baked goods of various kinds? (You don't get to eat them.)

But the real joy of this, and the reason I come back to it again and again, is that it is absolutely the kind of story I can crawl into and pull over my head when things get bad. There's true love, and comical old people, and a junk shop, and just enough conflict to keep it interesting without raising my blood pressure unhealthily, and it is just adorable and fun in the same way that old movies starring Audrey Hepburn are. I love it. And, right now, I need it.

So. Now it's your turn! Rec me something? Something fun and escapist? (Vulcans are appreciated, but in no way necessary.) I suppose the ideal story would be an AU where there are no real estate agents or car salesmen, but I will gladly settle for any kind of happiness. Really. [2]


It’s a classic AU and, just like the summary says, it’s Rodney as a college professor and John as a junk shop owner. But there are senior citizens, casseroles, bicycles, awkward romance, and missing landlords who make it cute and fun. [3]