Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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Name: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Also Known As: JDM
Occupation: Actor
Medium: Television, Film
Works: Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Watchmen, Weeds, The Losers, The Walking Dead, others
Official Website(s): on IMDB
Fan Website(s): Jeffrey Dean Morgan page on Supernaturalwiki
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor. He has played a variety of characters in several popular media fandoms.


Morgan occasionally appears as a character in Supernatural RPF, where he is often paired with Jensen Ackles (Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan) or Jared Padalecki (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jared Padalecki). Occasionally he is paired with both (J3). He also appears in Walking Dead RPF, one pairing being Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Norman Reedus. Pairings with reader inserts and original characters are also prevalent.

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