Boston Marriage

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Title: Boston Marriage
Author(s): Jae W.
Date(s): Story 2005; Podfic 2011.
Length: story: 5400; podfic: 28:33
Genre: femslash
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
External Links: Boston Marriage (I will not be afraid of boybands)
Boston Marriage (femslash05)
Boston Marriage (AO3)
Podfic announcement (Amplificathon).

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Boston Marriage by Jae W. is a Rory/Paris Gilmore Girls story written for the Femslash '05 Ficathon. A podfic was made in 2011 by exmanhater.

"A Boston marriage," Paris said. "A passionate friendship between equals. A mutual relationship of love and support. A primary emotional attachment and outlet between two women. Forsaking all others. You and me. Till death, blah blah blah --"

Recs & Reviews

  • I think this is my favourite story that I have read this year. What I loved about this story is the way you balance humour and pathos on a knife-edge -- the snappy dialogue and comedy only make the moments of almost achey tenderness more poignant. I know this is not meant to be a sad story, but I finished reading it feeling impossibly wistful. The loneliness of intelligent, driven women is not something easily glossed over. Who among us has been wooed as sensibly and tenderly by one of our equals? [1]
  • I was just talking with a friend about how very few Gilmore fics actually do it for me, cause the show is just so verbal, which is very hard to get across in fic. so, I'm beyond stoked to have read this, because you absolutely capture that element of the show here. just everything about this story rings true, like something the show would do [...][2]
  • Every time I read this fic, I'm simply blown away by how Jae nailed Paris and Rory's (but especially Paris's) characterizations. Their voices are so perfect that I could actually hear them talking along with the dialogue, which is just as sparkling and hilarious as the early seasons of the show. Mix in the fact that Paris's proposal (and Rory's determinedly fair-minded review of same) is so thoroughly awesome that it sold me on a pairing I'd never previously considered and a positively hilarious (and sweet and insightful) cameo by Lorelei, and you have a fast, funny, and very enjoyable take on how Rory and Paris could actually end up together.[3]
  • This remains one of my favourite Gilmore Girls stories. It starts with the premise of Paris suggesting that Rory enter into a Boston Marriage with her, and it just keeps getting more awesome from there on. The author has the voices down perfectly, and the banter flows beautifully and hilariously. I always find myself giggling at various bits of dialogue and I love that the author includes various other members of the cast in this, which really grounds it into the story's universe for me. [4]


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