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Journal Community
Name: Epic Recs
Date(s): 14 June 2007 – present
Moderator: jane_elliot, meishali, slytherin_gypsy, slyprentice, jenna_marianne, mothlights
Founder: jane_elliot
Type: recs
Fandom: multifandom
URL: epic_recs (LiveJournal)
epic_recs (Dreamwidth)
epic_recs (Delicious)
epic_recs (Pinboard)
epic-recs (Tumblr)
EpicRecs (Twitter)

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Epic Recs is a multifandom recommendation community with a focus on long, well written stories. The community is affiliated with Epic Rants.

Reviews are generally posted once a day (except in December), and once a month the community posts a new topic (example: "Marriage of Convenience" or "Literary Fandoms") for readers to recommend stories in. New reviewers are recruited via comments to these posts when necessary.

Tags allow readers to find older reviews by fandom, genre, length and pairing. There are art, podfic and video reviews under the 'medium' tags.