I will not be afraid of boybands

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Name: I will not be afraid of boybands
Dates: 2001 to present
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: popslash, bandom, Gilmore Girls, Deadwood, etc.
URL: http://www.waxjism.org/jaesepha/
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I will not be afraid of boybands is the popslash fiction website of Jae (aka jae_w and Jaesepha). (She now also archives media fandom fiction and bandom fiction there.) Jae is known for the skill and variety of her stories, and also for her exploration of the Chris/Justin and JC/Justin pairings.

A few of her notable popslash stories include:

Coldhearted, a multi-part 'N Sync/Backstreet story that is funny, acerbic and occasionally painful, based, as Jae notes, on "...one of fandom's time-honored traditions: sleeping with someone on a bet."

Sleeping Beauty and Remember are sweetly funny JC/Justin stories, with ample appearances by other members of the group.

The Secret Marriage is a bitterly poignant story about Chris and Justin.

The Earl of Rothinghamtonfordshire is witty and bursting with clever dialogue, focusing on a young Nick Carter.