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Name: The Chilton Library
Date(s): January 4, 2001-?
Founder: Rebecca Carefoot
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
URL: The Chilton Library
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The Chilton Library, a Gilmore Girls fan fiction archive was founded on January 4, 2001.

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Submission Guidelines

Chilton has a very tough admissions policy, so you should probaby read these guidelines before applying for entry.

Submitting your fic to the GGfanfic mailing list associated with this website (find out more at the headmaster's office) is one way to submit your fic to the library. Unless you say otherwise, permission to archive the fic here is assumed. Below are the guidelines for submitting fic directly to me instead of through the mailing list.

No incomplete stories will be posted. If you want to make the parts public as you go along, you can do that on the mailing list. But I'm not going to archive incomplete fics because it's very frustrating for readers if a fic ends up staying incomplete. Of course once the story is done I will put it up.

Please spell check your work. Having another person read it, friend, beta reader, whatever is always a great idea. But if you can't, please do take the minute or two to run a spell check. The grammar isn't the most important thing about a story, but if it's so horrible that I can't read the story I'm not going to put it up.

Avoid using abbreviations within the fic. By this I mean things like writing 'u' instead of 'you' or 'r' instead of 'are.' Folks, it's just a couple extra letters, and it's worth the minor amount of extra effort to make the fic feel more professional, and give the impression that you've spent time and taken care with your work. Abbreviations are great for e-mail, but you wouldn't see them in a short story or a book, so I don't think they belong in fic either. If you've got a great story, I'm not going to keep your fic off the site just for using abbreviations; but I do prefer fiction that looks like literature instead of a note written to a friend during class.

There are no content guidelines at this time. You can run wild, any pairing, character, or rating. If I get any really, really tasteless or horrible fanfic, I'll make up some guidelines as I go. (But it takes a lot to shock me, so it'd have to be pretty darn bad.)

Please insert a blank line between each of your paragraphs. Indenting is much harder for me to read and format.

Some stories include symbols to indicate thoughts such as *, <, or _. If you are using the carrot < to indicate thoughts, you should leave a space between the mark and the words. Ex. < I never should have said that. > If you don't leave the spaces the thoughts will disappear when I format the story.

Include a heading with your story that contains this information:

SPOILERS - (If the story gives away details of a specific episode)
CONTENT - (why it has that rating)
PAIRING OR CHARACTER - (pairing if the story focuses on a romantic relationship. character to let me know the main characters if it doesn't focus on a couple.)
DISCLAIMER - (stating you don't own the characters, and stating who does...the WB, Amy Sherman-Palladino, etc).

E-mail your submissions HERE under the subject "Chilton Submission" either pasted into an e-mail or attached in .txt or .doc format. DO NOT send me stories already formatted in html. I will just have to reformat them.

Once you've sent your story, please be patient. I update the archive several times a month, but it all depends on my free time. [1]


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