Bright Shiny Objects

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Recommendation Website
Name: Bright Shiny Objects
Reccer(s): Alice, Anna S, cgb, Liz B, Seema, Victoria P & Vonnie
Dates: ~2003 – ~March 2016; last updated October 2005
Fandom: multi-fandom
URL: via WBM

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Bright Shiny Objects was a prominent multi-fandom recommendations site, mainly focusing on television fandoms. It described itself as Cross fandoms, cross genres, crossed wires and crossed eyes. In other words, stuff we've been reading and thought you might enjoy too.[1]

The reccers were Alice, Anna S, cgb, Liz B, Seema, Victoria P and Vonnie. Bright Shiny Objects was updated monthly and participated in the We Read Shite and Recs Rainbow livejournals for rec site update announcements.

The site was last updated in 2005. The site was offline by June 2016; the last date archived by the Wayback Machine is March 2016.


The major fandoms recommended were:


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