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Journal Community
Name: Recs Rainbow
Date(s): 2003 - Present
Moderator: wistfuljane
Founder: thistle_chaser
Type: LiveJournal Recs Noticeboard/Listing
Fandom: Multifandom
URL:, LiveJournal

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According to its profile, Recs Rainbow is "sort of a noticeboard community for reccers, a place for them to advertise their recommendation site and post update notices, but [...] [i]nstead of posting the notices themselves, reccers submit their notices to a moderator for tagging and posting."[1]


Recs Rainbow was founded in November 2003 by thistle_chaser as a "blog for updating recs page" when wereadshite, a recommendation listing and updates journal founded and maintained by thete1, lapsed into a period of inactivity as a result of technical difficulties and thistle_chaser was unable to initially contact thete1 regarding the status of wereadshite.[2][3][4] However, soon after launching of Recs Rainbow, thistle_chaser was able to successfully communicate with thete1 and thete1 accepted her offer to maintain wereadshite under a new location, recsrainbow.[5][6]

thistle_chaser continued to maintain Recs Rainbow until March 2006 when she decided to move on and handed management of the community to wistfuljane who is still presently moderator of Recs Rainbow.[7]

As of August 2015, Recs Rainbow remains active, but only a handful of recs sites are advertising updates there.


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