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Name: Victoria P
Alias(es): musesfool, victoria_p, cacchieressa
Type: Archivist, Fan Writer, Moderator
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, DCU, Firefly, Homicide: Life on the Street, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ocean's 11, Sports Night, Star Wars, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, The West Wing, X-Men Movieverse
URL: musesfool at AO3
musesfool at Dreamwidth
musesfool at LiveJournal
musesfool at Pinboard
cacchieressa at Tumblr
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Victoria P, also known as musesfool, joined online fandom in 1997 as a lurker on the newsgroup In May 1998, she joined and became a regular poster on both newsgroups (as well as by the fall of 1998.

She has been active in many fandoms as a reader, writer and reccer. She hosts the X-Men Movieverse Fan Fiction archive.

She writes gen, het, slash (both m/m and f/f), and crossovers, and has made a blanket statement about further transformation and reviews of her fanworks.[1]

She ran the multifandom FPF Remix challenge We Invented The Remix... Redux from 2003–2012 and 2014–2015. She was one of the reccers for Bright Shiny Objects and Unfit for Society, and has maintained a rec journal on LJ at unfitforsociety since 2002.

Notable Stories



  1. ^ "transformative works policy: everything I have written or created is fair game for further transformative work, including, but not limited to: podfic, remix, sequels, meta, negative reviews that will make me cry, and commentaries. Just credit me for the part of the work that I did, and let me know if you get a chance." from LJ profile page (accessed 11 Dec 2011)