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Name: Ocean's Eleven
Abbreviation(s): O11, O12, O13
Creator: Ocean's 11 by Harry Brown and Charles Lederer
Date(s): Ocean's Eleven - 2001
Ocean's Twelve - 2004
Ocean's Thirteen - 2007
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: USA
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" illustration of a large number 11 on a red background, at the bottom are the silhouettes of the Ocean's 11 crew. Text reads "Alright you proved your point, Congratulations you're a dead man, Ocean's Eleven""
Oceans Eleven Fanart Poster by loudpaperclips (2011)

Ocean's Eleven is a caper film and a remake of a 1960 Frank Sinatra vehicle. Like the original, the remake takes star George Clooney as Danny Ocean and teams him up with some of his real-life pals and acting peers for a ensemble piece about a heist at a Vegas casino. Like the original, the cast is almost exclusively male, Julia Roberts as Tess Ocean is the only major exception.

Ocean's Twelve continues the caper theme, but moves the action to Europe and adds Catherine Zeta-Jones as a love interest for Brad Pitt's Rusty Ryan. By the end of the film, both the leads are single again.

Ocean's Thirteen comes back to Vegas and skips the love interest sub-plot altogether.


The fandom is small, with mostly slash works focused on Danny/Rusty or one of the other nearly infinite number of possible pairings from the large ensemble supporting cast.



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