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Name: Law & Order
Abbreviation(s): L&O
Creator: Dick Wolf
Date(s): 1990-2010
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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Law & Order is a long running crime drama about NY police and prosecutors airing on NBC. The fanfiction features various pairings, including, on the het side, Jack/Claire and Connie/Mike, and on the slash side, Stone/Logan and McCoy/Logan.


Notable Stories

  • Trig wrote a number of Logan/McCoy stories in a series; the first of which, New York Rain sets up the series premise; that Mike Logan and Jack McCoy have a one night stand before they ever start working together. Fans are let in on the secret—the identity of Logan's one night stand that becomes more—by recognizing such distinctive items as McCoy's motorcycle and the description of his appearance. The series later posits that Logan had previously had a relationship with Ben Stone.



  • Apocrypha: from 1997-2007 apocrypha published vetted, quality fan fiction based within the Law & Order universe. Archive.


Slash, multimedia:

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