Poltergeist: The Legacy

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Name: Poltergeist: The Legacy
Abbreviation(s): PTL
Creator: Richard Barton Lewis
Date(s): 1996-1999
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: US
External Links: Poltergeist: The Legacy (Wikipedia)
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Poltergeist: The Legacy is a television series about a secret society known as the Legacy that works to protect mankind from paranormal threats. The main characters of the show belong to the San Francisco house of the Legacy. Officially they work for the Luna Foundation which collects things that are often connected to the Occult such as artifacts, books, and antiquities, but the Foundation is only a cover for their often dangerous and deadly work. They all live together in a mansion on an island and there is a lot of canon h/c which is a combination that is usually attractive to fandom.


Fanfiction is often gen h/c or slash but compared to other fandoms with this kind of premise there is not as much fanfiction as one would expect. Most of it is online but there are some zines as well.

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