Ezri Dax

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Name: Ezri Dax (formerly Ezri Tigan)
Occupation: Ship's Counselor
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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Ezri Dax is a character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, appearing in the show's 7th and final season. She becomes a host of the Dax symbiont after the death of its former host, Jadzia Dax. Although Ezri had previously made the choice not to pursue joining, she was the only Trill aboard the ship transporting Dax to the Trill homeworld and was asked to undergo the procedure when Dax's health began to deteriorate. As such, she was unprepared for the change and had a lot of difficulty adjusting to it.

Fan Perspectives

During the show's original run, Ezri was a controversial figure -- to some, her presence on the show was a constant reminder of the loss of Jadzia, who had been a fan favourite for several seasons. Other fans felt that introducing a man character during the last season was pointless, arguing that there would not be enough time to have any amount of development, especially given that the plot was in the middle of a fairly dark arc with the Dominion War.

More recently, as new fans are brought into the fandom via streaming platforms and social media, Ezri has had if not a resurgence of popularity, at the very least more compassion.


Ezri's canonical romance with Julian Bashir (sometimes smush-named as "Jezri") was also not without controversy. Some fans argued that she was simply a watered-down replacement of Jadzia, and therefore the writers' way of "rewarding" Julian for his years of failed pining after the former Dax host.

Others saw her as getting in the way of what they felt was the more compelling Garak/Bashir ship. One tumblr user complained about the trend of killing off Ezri[1] in fanfics in order to get the two together.

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