Benjamin Sisko

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Name: Benjamin Sisko
Occupation: commander of space station; Emissary of the Prophets
Title/Rank: Commander, Captain
Location: with the Prophets
Status: time is not linear
Relationships: father of Jake; married to Jennifer (deceased) & later Kasidy Yates; friend of Dax
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
Benjamin Sisko by J-Redd, (2009), Watercolour pencils & inks on 2.5" x 3.5" bristol board
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Benjamin Sisko is the commander of Deep Space Nine in Star Trek: DS9.

Some Brief Canon Facts

  • moonlights from Starfleet as a Bajoran religious icon
  • exploits the Prophets wormhole aliens to gain unfair advantage in the Dominion War
  • his mother isn't who he thinks she is
  • has a son named Jake
  • lost his first wife to the Borg
  • his close friendship with the previous host of the Dax slug makes him call Jadzia, "Old Man"
  • a baseball fanatic, he always keeps a baseball on his desk
  • a mean cook
  • might be dreaming the entire series...



Unusually for the Captain character, Sisko is not particularly popular in fanfiction. Where he appears at all, he often plays a supporting role in ensemble adventures, or acts as a mentor to his son Jake or to those under his command. Some gen fanfiction explores the revelations about his background from season 7 or the life of his alternate, Benny Russell, from 'Far Beyond the Stars'.

In pairing-centric stories, he's sometimes paired with Kasidy, his second wife in canon, or his friend, Jadzia. Slash stories are relatively rare, with no particular pairing dominating.

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