Women at Warp

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Title: Women at Warp
Created by: Andi, Sue, Jarrah, Grace
Date(s): March 2015 - Present
Focus: discussion, interviews
Fandom: Star Trek
External Links: Official Site (streaming episodes)

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Women at Warp is an ongoing Star Trek podcast. It's officially described as: A biweekly podcast where four women talk about Star Trek, its representations of women, contributions of women behind the scenes, and other fun Trek topics.[1]

The website also hosts a blog with episode recaps, meta, book reviews and recommendations (both for tie-in novels and "Star Trek-inspired" books), and articles examining Star Trek topics in relation to current events and social issues.

Topics Covered

  • Fandom history and culture (specifically Star Trek fandom)
  • Portrayals of female characters in Star Trek
  • Current social issues as presented in Star Trek (i.e. immigration, disability)
  • Con reports
  • Discussions of themes and tropes within Star Trek

Notable Fan Interviews/Appearances