Ami Angelwings

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Name: Ami Angelwings
Alias(es): ami_angelwings
Type: blogger, meta writer, critic
Fandoms: U.S. comics, others
Communities: eschergirls
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Ami Angelwings is a fan primarily known for her involvement in US comics fandom. Her best-known work is the Tumblr eschergirls which is dedicated to criticising unrealistic portrayal of female anatomy. While her main focus is superhero comics, eschergirls is run on submissions, and features many posts about video game art, as well as other fannish media. Her involvement in other fandoms, such as Sailor Moon, Young Justice and sports fandoms, has drawn less public attention. Ami is known to have a particular fondness for the character of Supergirl, frequently commenting on her characterization du jour.

Blogging history

Ami's early involvement in comics fandom started circa 2006, using Blogger as a platform for comics reviews[1] and later, for more criticism-focused "rants".[2] These early blogs were marked by heavy use of chatspeak and emoticons, which drew comments from readers who felt they could not take her seriously as a reviewer and critic[citation needed]. However, she gained some traction in the feminist comics blogosphere, and was invited to write a guest post on, a major nexus of discussion at the time.

Escher Girls

The blog was meant to showcase examples of drawn female figures that defy anatomy and perspective, likening them to Escher prints that lack geometric sense when you examine them closely. It has hosted redrawing competitions and also reblogged many anatomy guides for artists. EG frequently reblogs back and forth with other tumblrs on women's representation in comics, such as boobsdontworkthatway.



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