Beatrice Otter

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Name: Beatrice Otter
Alias(es): Beatrice_Otter
Type: Fan Writer, Rec'er
Fandoms: BtVS, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, Star Wars, others
URL: AO3, Dreamwidth, FFN, Tumblr
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Beatrice Otter is a fanfiction writer, and frequents fanfic rec communities. She has made over 900 recs at Fancake.[1]


I grew up in a family that loved SF/F, both books and TV/movies. In high school, I started reading fanfic and lurking in fannish spaces. My username was Beatrice after my favorite Shakespeare character until I tried to join a message board that already had a Beatrice; I added "otter" to it because it was a childhood nickname, and have been Beatrice Otter in fannish spaces ever since. It wasn't until years later that I realized that "Beatrice Otter" sounds like a play on Beatrix Potter, who was a favorite childhood author.

I wrote my first published fanfic in 2005, and got my Livejournal in 2006. Shortly thereafter, I wrote my first ficathon story (for the Unconventional Crossover Ficathon) and the rest is history. I love fanwork exchanges. I am polyfannish, and I tend to love minor characters and rare pairings. I have done Yuletide every year since 2007, and have been a Hippo for many of those years.

I am active on DW and tumblr, and archive all my fic both places plus AO3 and I like redundancy, and I've seen too many beloved fics (and beloved archives) vanish. I'm on Discord, currently on the Yuletide, Murderbot 2.0, Radchdome 3.0, The Goblin Emperor, and vulkhansu boards.[2]

Notable Fanworks