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Title: The Captain's Log
Publisher: Austrek
Editor(s): Gail Adams, Geoff Allshorn, Adam Bradshaw, Katharine Shade, Rose Mitchell, and others
Type: fanzine, nonfiction, newsletter
Date(s): February 1977-to at least February 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
External Links: Austrek Fan Club
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interior art, by Robert Jan for Austrek's newsletter, The Captain's Log, unknown issue

"The Captain's Log" is the newsletter for Austrek, the Australian fan club that is the second oldest continuously operating Trek club in the world.

"The Captain's Log" contains Trek and general science fiction news, reviews, letters, articles, club news, information on social activities, regular meetings and special events, and upcoming conventions. In 1999, the fanzine won a Ditmar Award (formerly known as the Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards) in the category 'Best fanzine'. In 1998 and 2007, it was again nominated for the award. [1]

It was called Trekkie Talk for two issues (Dec.1976/Jan.1977) before becoming Captain's Log in February 1977. At that time, the numbering starts with #1 again. [2]

Some History

See: The Captain's Log (Australian newsletter)/History for commentary from the newsletter's 150th and 200th anniversary issues regarding production, trends and changes, and memories. This includes 1989/1988 problems.

The Editors

Issue 1

The Captain's Log 1 was published in February 1977 and contains 3 pages (photocopied). The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • gives the club's first P.O. Box address in Heidelberg
  • news of the movie: ST:II
  • news of the Enterprise space shuttle
  • ST petition for Channel 9
  • Trekkie vs Trekfan label
  • the venue of the Austrek meeting was changed from private homes to public church halls to cater to greater expected number of attendees
  • review of Spock Messiah

Issue 2

The Captain's Log 2 was published in March 1977. The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • official closure of MASC due to Austrek's overwhelming growth
  • 36 members attend the clubs first public meeting on February 27
  • suggestions on a "Ding-a-ling Derby"
  • forthcoming con speculation/information, Gene Roddenberry hopefully attending
  • Clayton's letter from GTV Channel 9 in reply to club letter

Issue 3

The Captain's Log 3 was published in May 1977. The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • plans to surprise David Evans from Channel 9
  • new P.O. Box in Rosanna
  • petition report: has 630+ signatures

Issue 4

The Captain's Log 4 was published in June 1977. The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • ST returns to TV (10:30 pm on Fridays) after a "cool" reception to the petition
  • the 100th member joins Austrek
  • Fixxbin craze dominates Austrek meets (see "More History" above)
  • 1st official Open Letter from NSW club
  • plans for a club amateur fan film

Issue 5

The Captain's Log 5 was published in July 1977. The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • PR of new TV series with original cast instead of the second Star Trek movie (Susan Sackett says "fall is rather optimistic.... as sets haven't been built yet")
  • finance report shows a $156 profit in six months

Issue 6

The Captain's Log 6 was published in August 1977. The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • Paramount LoC warning of illegal "bootleg" super 8 and 16mm films of episodes for sale
  • 30 members attended the July meet
  • club news in NSW, QLD, SA and TAS
  • plans for the amateur film (which later flops, but possibly inspires City on the Edge of the Yarra)

Issue 7

The Captain's Log 7 was published in September 1977. The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • Gene Roddenberry responds to the club's first offset printed Spock fanzine (issue #7)
  • Paramount has news for Star Trek 2 TV series
  • premier of Star Wars
  • death of the actor who played Cyrano Jones
  • the Alan Nimoy Fund for Cystic Fibrosis was established in Australia
  • info on the letter writing campaign to retain Spock in the Star Trek 2 series

Issue 8

The Captain's Log 8 was published in November 1977. The editor is Geoff Allshorn.

  • rumors of casting problems with ST TV series
  • survey of Spock vs Xon (Xon was Spock's replacement in the proposed TV series)
  • 13 scripts approved for the proposed TV series
  • STOP PRESS: TV series cancelled and the sets were to be used for the movie instead

Issue 9

The Captain's Log 9 was published in February 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan. It is the first 10-page issue.

  • Star Wars hits the Xmas party
  • news on the "Uhura" satelllite
  • theory of "Warp Factor" physics called "A Theory to Warp Your Mind" by Brett Harrison (see "More History" above)
  • William Shatner Fund for Multiple Sclerosis established in Australia
  • ST movie confirmed, Nimoy not included
  • extract from a letter by Robert Jan:
    .."Thank you to all the people who have directed the AUSTREK organisation since its inception. Austrek has given additional zest to my life as a S.F. person (the word fan sticks slightly in my throat), not only by supplying me with infonnation etc., about one of my favourite realisations of the sense of wonder, but by also opening communications with other Trek-people. I'm sure that you know that S.F. in general is thought light of by many people; all of us at some time have had to bear the laughter or hate because we have tried to express our "weird views". AUSTREK is a tangible something that us local believers can reach for. (We all know that the clubs exist in the States and in other places, but they are so far away to be almost intangible.) A place where we can share our dreams and meet others of our species. Pare I say, "a place where no man has gone before.")
Again AUSTREK, thankyou; a Star Fleet citation for meritorious service encrusted with dilithium crystals could not adequately express what we all owe you. (Though it's a starter, dilithium being as costly as it is at the present)...

Issue 10

The Captain's Log 10 was published in March 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 11

The Captain's Log 11 was published in April 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 12

The Captain's Log 12 was published in May 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 13

The Captain's Log 13 was published in June 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 14

The Captain's Log 14 was published in July 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 15

The Captain's Log 15 was published in September 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 16

The Captain's Log 16 was published in October 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan. It was "huge," at 25-pages.

Issue 17

The Captain's Log 17 was published in March 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 18

The Captain's Log 18 was published in November 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 19

The Captain's Log 19 was published in December 1978. The editors are Joan and Ian McLachlan.

Issue 20

The Captain's Log 20 was published in January 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 21

The Captain's Log 21 was published in February 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 22

The Captain's Log 22 was published in March 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 23

The Captain's Log 23 was published in April 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 24

The Captain's Log 24 was published in May 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 25

The Captain's Log 25 was published in June1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 26

The Captain's Log 26 was published in July 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 27

The Captain's Log 27 was published in August 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 28

The Captain's Log 28 was published in September 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 29

The Captain's Log 29 was published in October 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 30

The Captain's Log 30 was published in November 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 31

The Captain's Log 31 was published in December 1979. The editors are Jan McDonnell and Geoff Allshorn.

Issue 32

The Captain's Log 32 was published in January 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy (the same team that put out Spock).

Issue 33

The Captain's Log 33 was published in February 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 34

The Captain's Log 34 was published in March 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 35

The Captain's Log 35 was published in April 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 36

The Captain's Log 36 was published in May 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 37

The Captain's Log 37 was published in June 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

cover of issue #37 (poor photocopy)

Issue 38

The Captain's Log 38 was published in July 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 39

The Captain's Log 39 was published in August/September 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 40

The Captain's Log 40 was published in October 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Log is late out, and Editor pleads for submissions (thus the small Log), complaints that Gen meets are boring and uninteresting so Committee wants ideas, introduction of Admin page (of sorts), Answers to Cryptic Crossword, Halloween party on Hot lst/2nd. Travel notes of members in the USA, Letter from a member in Sweden, Letter from Head Librarian of Intergalactic Library of Alderbarion Cesa III to Arch Commander Kehlin (??). [3]

Issue 41

The Captain's Log 41 was published in November 1980. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 42

The Captain's Log 42 was published in December/Jan 1980/1981. The editors are Betty de Gabriele, Kathleen Gaitley, Elizabeth Czepiel, and Paul Murphy.

Issue 43

The Captain's Log 43 was published in February 1981. Guest editors were Stephen Bates and Adrienne Losin.

Issue 44

The Captain's Log 44 was published in March 1981. Guest editors were Stephen Bates and Adrienne Losin.

Issue 45

The Captain's Log 45 was published in April 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk. Guest eidtor is Adrienne Losin.

Issue 46

The Captain's Log 46 was published in May 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

Issue 47

The Captain's Log 47 was published in June 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

cover of issue #47 (poor photocopy)

Issue 48

The Captain's Log 48 was published in July 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

Issue 49

The Captain's Log 49 was published in August 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

Issue 50

The Captain's Log 50 was published in September 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

photocopy of the cover of issue #50

Issue 51

The Captain's Log 51 was published in October 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

Issue 52

The Captain's Log 52 was published in November 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

Issue 53

The Captain's Log 53 was published in December 1981. The editors are Andrew Bauld and Tracy Adamczyk.

Issue 54

The Captain's Log 54 was published in January 1982. The editor was Carol Ashcroft.

Issue 55

The Captain's Log 55 was published in February 1982. The editor was Carol Ewan Wanat.

Issue 56

The Captain's Log 56 was published in March 1982. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 57

The Captain's Log 57 was published in April 1982. The editor was Carol Ashcroft.

Issue 58

The Captain's Log 58 was published in May 1982. The editor was Ewan Wanat.

Issue 59

The Captain's Log 59 was published in June 1982. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 60

The Captain's Log 60 was published in July 1982. The editor was Ewan Wanat.

Issue 61

The Captain's Log 61 was published in August 1982. The editor was Julie Hughes.

cover of issue #61 (poor photocopy)

Issue 62

The Captain's Log 62 was published in September 1982. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 63

The Captain's Log 63 was published in October 1982. The editor was Stephen Baruday.

Issue 64

The Captain's Log 64 was published in November 1982. The editor was Julie Hughes and Carol Ellis.

Issue 65

The Captain's Log 65 was published in December 1982. The editor was Tom Bartolotta.

Issue 66

The Captain's Log 66 was published in January 1983 and contains 14 pages. The editor was Tom Bartolotta.

cover of issue #66
Scenario 1 --
"Whatdya wanna be a member of that crazy club for?"
"I believe in it (Mum/Dad) I like what it stands for Star Trek is good quality SF and television.."
"It's childish rubbish.... you should grow up and be a bit more realistic...all this Star Trek, its all fantasy."
" But (Mum/Dad) just look at the ideas this show is putting forward...."
"That will be quite should be thinking about :
1/getting a job.
2/your school work.
3/what you're going to do with your life,
4/getting a steady boy/girl friend.
5/getting married.
6/your wife/husband.
7/your children's future
... .nag nag.. ..nag.... blah.. .blah blah."
Scenario 2:
"Yes, well I am a member of a club."
(Workmate/schoolmate) "What club is that?"
"The club is called's a Stan Trek club.
"That seems a bit strange...what do ya do in this club?"
"Oh well... (embarrassment etc...)"

No, I am not trying to be sarcastic, I'm trying to point to a problem I think all of us have faced in the past (or may be facing right now...)....the problem of belonging to a club that seems "different" to so-called normal people. I know that a lot of you will probably get mad at me writing about this subject...thinking that it is all nonsense, that genuine Austrekkers have no such problems. Well, if you have never suffered the verbal assaults described above, don't continue reading this, go on to the rest of the log. If you have, then I am going to try and say something that won't necessarily ease the problem but might make it less fearful than it might otherwise be. No, I'm not going to advise that you move out of home..., that you buy a loud hailer for your next family argument. I'm just going to help you by making you understand that you are not alone... I think it would be safe to assume that everyone, Austrekker or not, Star Trek Fan or not, has experienced the form of peer/family pressure I described in the two scenarios,...that sort of nagging is not exclusive to parents and peers having a go about Star Trek I used to get for being too much of a larrikin when I should have been studying at school. If you are under the sort of pressure that I'm talking about, then you must first remember these things:

1/ Don't loose your cool, too many bad fights start that way.
2/ Don't waste your time trying to nag back, it seldom works, it just makes everyone angrier.
3/ Don't threaten to walk out...leave this shows your attacker that you really have retreated to the world of fantasy.
4/ Wait until things cool off before you start to talk.

What do you say then? I not trying to give you
a standard model that works for everyone (That would deny
your individuality and the principle of IDIC) but here's
something that you can think about while you're trying
to work out what you're going to say First, try and remember that you are an individual and that your mind is your one can actually change your values and beliefs without actually brainwashing you. You can try to allow this sort of nagging to fly by you.... I know in some cases it might be difficult (Some parents can get awfully violent in presenting their arguments) but the best sort of defence is to try to remain passive, if you are not arguing back, then the nagging won't last that long. It will probably really get under your skin but don't lot it....just try and remember how much you value your own beliefs. Next, you should try and look at yourself from your attacker's viewpoint. Ask yourself whether or not some of what they are saying is true...are you paying less attention to your schoolwork and more to Trek? If this is so, then you're going to have to admit this to yourself and then make some sort of visible attempt in cleaning up your act....I don't mean give in, I mean compromise... (This doesn't mean you become rabidly anti-Trek.) The best way of avoiding the nagging confrontation is to show that you are trying to listen, at least. BUT you must make your parents/workmates/husband or wife understand that your changing means that they will have to change too... you have to stick up for your rights whilst attempting a compromise and the attacking party will get the message that such compromise means a little give and take on both sides,

finally, you yourself must be sure about why you
are a member of Austrek....yes, I mean real soul-searching.
 If you can say that you are proud of what the club and
 the show both represent, if you can say that you enjoy
being a member of a club filled with people whom support the ideals of Star Trek, then you really have nothing
to fear. You are a special person a person with vision.....a person that knows that there will be a tomorrow and that the "final frontier" will be a part of that tomorrow.... you are just a little bit ahead of the others whose eyes look around today and cannot see the future ... you have the gift of HOPE.

Issue 67

The Captain's Log 67 was published in February 1983. The editor was Tom Bartolotta.

Issue 68

The Captain's Log 68 was published in March 1983. The editor was Tom Bartolotta.

v story on Harlan Ellison as related by Anne McCaffrey at Adelaide Minicon '80

Issue 69

The Captain's Log 69 was published in April 1983. The editor was Tom Bartolotta.

Issue 70

The Captain's Log 70 was published in May 1983 and contains 17 pages. It was edited by Tom Bartolotta.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 70

The usual mix-up of material. Worth reading. [4]

Issue 71

The Captain's Log 71 was published in June 1983 and contains 16 pages. The editor was Julie Hughes and Carol Ellis.

Issue 72

The Captain's Log 72 was published in July 1983. The editor was Julie Hughes and Carol Ellis.

Issue 73

The Captain's Log 73 was published in August 1983. The editor was Tom Bartolotta.

Issue 74

The Captain's Log 74 was published in September 1983. The editor was Carol Ellis.

Issue 75

The Captain's Log 75 was published in October 1983. The editor was Carol Ellis.

Issue 76

The Captain's Log 76 was published in November 1983. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 77

The Captain's Log 77 was published in December 1983.

Issue 78

The Captain's Log 78 was published in January 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 79

The Captain's Log 79 was published in February 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 80

The Captain's Log 80 was published in March 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 81

The Captain's Log 81 was published in April 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 82

The Captain's Log 82 was published in May 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 83

The Captain's Log 83 was published in June 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 84

The Captain's Log 84 was published in July 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 84

The newsletter of the Austrek Star Trek fan club. This issue is essential reading to anyone who wants a STII uniform. Tells exactly how to adapt a McCalls pattern to fit. So, believe me, I'm treasuring this issue!!! Plus letters and ads. *Recommended* [5]

Issue 85

The Captain's Log 85 was published in August 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 86

The Captain's Log 86 was published in September 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 87

The Captain's Log 87 was published in October 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 88

The Captain's Log 88 was published in November 1984. The editor was Julie Hughes.

Issue 89

The Captain's Log 89 was published in December 1984. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

Issue 90/91

The Captain's Log 90/91 was published in January 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

Here I go jumping into the deep end without my floaties.." Alison's introductory words to a new era began in much the same way as all others, with a plea for material for the Log and SPOCK. Filksong writers were warned to start composing.

James Doohan gets his Austrek T-shirt and we get a hand-written note thanking us; his wife had filched it though as it was too small for him. (This was later rectified with LARGER sizes being printed - JD finally got one and I got a great nightie!) Christmas party 1984: Traditional Christmas party weather - a warm, muggy night. Pam Rendell wins the large tapestry of the Enterprise which Alison had slaved over making (it was magnificent!). Premiere of ST:III - Lots of costumes and Robert Jan scared a tram in his Klingon costume. ST:III Reviewed - favourite comment - the "Ex-sailor's whore" instead of well, guess The Enterprise meets her maker (This tragedy causes Robert Jan to run off the tracks and become a Klingon.) Rumour mill: All the crew are to be killed off in ST:IV except Spock!! The Committed Meet: Area rep scheme to be reinstated (this really has been the white elephant of Austrek, it is a good idea but it just

never gets off the ground!) Club charity to become the St Kilda Crisis Centre run by the Salvos. Discount to be arranged vith Minotaur. Filksong book to be produced. David Gerrold to be asked down to Melb. while in Oz after Con Amore, and the drama/video group is started. [6]

Issue 92

The Captain's Log 92 was published in March 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

The Baby cartoons continue (that's Rhiannon there not Callum). SPOCK 39 Reviewed with a new editor. Cherry Wolfe, at the helm. January meet Reviewed - and a photo of everyone in Spock Masks.(These were supplied courtesy of Michael Cosaitis). It took us years to get rid of them, even giving them away. The Communicator. Michael's Media column appears for the 1st time with a comp: "Design a new Enterprise" as Paramount were having trouble with new design (look at the Excelsior for proof of that!) The Last Starfighter favourably reviewed. [6]

Issue 93

The Captain's Log 93 was published in April 1985 and contains 22 pages. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

photocopy of the cover of issue #93
Pages! and a NEW LOGO! "Babes in the Wood" revisited as Alison relates the tale of 2 editors and their first two issues. (The printers didn't open until mid-January, for one, and in between feeding, bathing, & putting the kids to bed &, most of all, keeping then out of the Log stuff, it took all weekend to collate, staple, fold and label two issues - in those days there weren't collating parties, however being intrepid adventurers we soon figured out it'd be easier with more people!)

Galactic Tours Convention holds an SF fete and the V club is born.(A child on the street saw the V costumes and, tugging frantically at his mother's skirts said: "Mummy, mummy, the Visitors really are here!" Of course, they were all gone from sight when Mummy turned around and the child was told off for fanciful tales!) March meeting: Spock collated at it, Alison also drives home with a STIV soundtrack (one of those interesting typos!) Ads appear for three cons. The COMMITTED MEET: More T-shirts to be printed in sizes 18-24. Write to honourary members, advertise in other zines, check with Space Age Books (now defunct) for member discounts, auction for charity for July meet, activities for coming meets.

More letters on ST:III, Bjo Trimble asks artists to underdraw first before inking a drawing, 1st Brain Seizer. KATRA #1 goes on sale. [6]

Issue 94

The Captain's Log 94 was published in May 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

Review of 2010. One intrepid Austrekker meets Helen Mirren. Book reviews of Uhura's Song (good) & Shadow Lord (bad). LoC from Geoff Allshorn about having an Aust wide ST/SF raffle with prizes donated from all over fandom & profits to drought relief and self-help programs to aid starving people, Bjo launches the SPACE WRITE NOW! campaign to save the Space program: "Would you like to live on the moon?". Brian Seizer. [7]

Issue 95

The Captain's Log 95 was published in June 1985 and contains 14 pages. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams. It contains color enclosures about Space 2010 and Witness. There are reviews, a puzzle, ads, letters, and info about club activities.

photocopy of the cover of issue #95
The SPOCK Tree returns to the Log cover (done by Robert Jan) and the Sec goes on holidays for tvo weeks. TRUFFLES - the Roddenberry Fan fund is launched with the aim of raising enough money to bring out GR on a lecture tour (it was never brought to fruition either..) Tatiana Bearlova & (wait for it) Command. Admiral Cadi Kirilli Daughter of Celemon & Richard of the Clan Siwglyddiaeth become paying soft toy members of club.

Area Rep Scheme (the white elephant again) has a name change to Operation Communication - it didn't help. An AUSTREK/SASTREX get together is planned at Mt Gambier (huh, could I tell some tales...) 2010 reviewed again along with Ladyhawke and Runaway. A dinner/meet is planned with David Gerrold - this was real last minute stuff, as we wouldn't know exactly what we would be doing until our representative met with him at Con Amore (guess who the Rep was, he he!) Keep the phone lines open. The Committed Meet: Decision to stop having committee meets during the general meets. Suggest someone go on Hey, Hey Its Saturday in the Masterslime Competition in club T-shirt for free advertising! May Day Hobby Day is the May meet and the turn-up is very good, so is the participation - lots of people brought their hobbies. Michael and Matt meet Harrison Ford in the hotel lift. They missed the press

Conference and decided to try the hotel! [7]

Issue 96

The Captain's Log 96 was published in July 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

Filksong workshop at Julie Hughes' planned with potential singers welcomed. Dinner with David Gerrold (he did make it 
to Melbourne and the "phone tree" worked quite well - where did we
 take him? The late lamented Spaghetti Theatre, then the Space
 Lounge, then Cherry Wolfe's house) We also made him an honourary 
member of the club. Con Amore review. The First Annual Austrek
 Bowling Day match to be held (we've bowled before but this was to 
become a regular event according to Adam, our Social director then -
 and Gail can't spell congradulations ) [7]

Issue 97

The Captain's Log 97 was published in August 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

Reporter in our midst at the General meeting (the article did appear in the Age). Rumours abound about ST:IV, Shane Morrissey responds to Michael and Matt's story of about Harrison Ford he did get to the Press Conference, A filky weekend in the country - the filksong workshop and a guide to trouble shooting when writing the damn things! [7]

Issue 98

The Captain's Log 98 was published in September 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

Austrek Bowls, Star Trek crossword, Committee minutes. Log Classifieds. Cons become contagious, Teresa Morris replies to Robert on the Theory of Vulcan Nighties. Operation Communication continues. The Committed Meet: The Constitution is changed, talk on the Xmas Party, Sept meet, Nov meet, the car rally, sell copier (duplicator)(and we still haven't got rid of this thing - if anyone wants to offer a price...). [7]

Issue 99

The Captain's Log 99 was published in October 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

Reviewscreen on Cocoon, Red Sonja, The Last Unicorn, & Back to the Future. Galactic Tours PR, ST Wordsearch. AussieCon II (43rd World SF Convention) reviewed: Disillusioned Fan whimpers about lack of media input at con, but everyone else enjoyed it. Parade rules frighten off good costumes. (I remember this well as I had only just begun making costumes (6 months) and the rules I read in the PR's turned me away - consequently our whole group practically was chided for NOT entering, and we were not the only ones.) [7]

Issue 100

The Captain's Log 100 was published in November 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

photocopy of the cover of issue #100
...the Log is 100! Alison's baby is born! (So if people weren't clear in their letters just who they were congratulating; we got confused!) Reviewscreen of The Captain's Log (100 issues), Katra II, Dwellers in the Crucible, and Dragon Waiting. LoC from the Salvos, Review of Conquest '85.

Controversial questions from a member: "Is the club in danger of being a clique or closed group within a group? Is it a social group under the guise of a ST club, or an ST club with social overtones? Does the Club cater for all Austrekkers, or is there a leaning and emphasis towards the 18-24 age group within it?" The Filksong book is at the Printers, and we get a LoC fron Gene Roddenberry with picture of his star on the Walk of Fame.

WORLDCOM IN PICTURES! and revised constitution is printed for all to see. The Winner of Design an Enterprise announced (see #92) - Alan Jorgensen and the plans published in LOG. [8]

Issue 101

The Captain's Log 101 was published in December 1985. It was edited by Alison Wallace and Gail Adams.

It's Blue!! Christmas Party: Karidian players Premiere! Ink Waster awards given for Log and Spock.

Costume parade, soft Toy competition - this party was to be the blueprint for future parties. More on Aussiecon II, Reviewscreen on Spock 42. Log collating Disaster: my car decided to have a fit, billowing smoke not 2km from home - towed back with Logs inside "ORAC" was a fitting name for that cantankerous little car., however we still managed to get there. Alison turns into Gail for our final edition of our issues. Congratulations go for 100th and the baby, and another Wordsearch in the Log. Sue Bursztynski defends the club and committee against the allegations in 100th! Aussiecon II defends itself against Disillusioned Fan's comments in (#99), The Uniforms of Starfleet (ST:TO series)- an article on the changing Starfleet uniforms.

So ends an era and begins an epoch that of Adam Bradshaw. [8]

Issue 102

The Captain's Log 102 was published in January 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw (with what sounds like help from Gail Adams).

Alison's last Editorial: Gail carried Log while Ali carried baby (Gail still can't spell congratulations...) From the new editor: Adam invites everyone to be creative and write to the Log... on his knees, or so he says. Filksong book makes it to print! and is on sale. The Christmas Party was a PARTY! Inkwasters were Michael Cosaitis for the Log and Robert Jan for SPOCK. Loc from Geoff Allshorn on Log 100 issues. Star Trek style sheet - what Pocket Books wants in scripts (for the budding writer). Star Trek: The Uniforms Part 2, & Review of "A View to a Rill, Silverado." [8]

Issue 103

The Captain's Log 103 was published in February 1986 and contains 22 pages. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Adam's solo first LOG - dares members to take up gauntlet and enjoy the new "golden age of Austrek". Deep Thoughts begin and so does the sign off "Dar Tariki, Tariqat" which had us all flummoxed until someone had enough courage to ask! Helen Sargeant and Alison write filksong about the Christmas party!

Friends of Pern begin. Reviewscreen of "The Klingon Dictionary & Pawns & Symbols." Magic Minutes Man (Craig Hooper) reports on the committed meet. Archives organised into a lending library, new committee position - Member liaison officer. The Uniforms of Starfleet Pt.3 (ST:II,III), Robert Jan starts Klingon Concordance (A brief survey of Klingon sources). Trek trivia quiz, Austrek price rises to $8 single etc. 22 pages for the first issue, not a bad effort, and off to a good start. The Deep Thoughts were to become a LOG landmark even though sometimes no one could figure them out.

For me, [it was] a transition time, after putting so much energy into the Log it was both a curious and concerning time. How would Adam handle it? Would he let us down? Perhaps my "guiding hand" was a bit heavy, how much can one help before it becomes interference? If truth be known, at the time I would have rathered be LOG Editor than Secretary, but there was no one else to take on the Secretary's job, and it was a hard and slow process letting go. (Isn't it nice to know that Gail had such faith in me? Adam) [9]

Issue 104

The Captain's Log 104 was published in 1986 and contains 20 pages.

front page of issue #104, Robert Jan
Challenger disaster - and on the cover a tribute to those "Who dared to boldly go " Star Trek: The Movies article, Reviewscreen of A Comet Called Halley & Katra III, Archive & KinKon II report. A host of ST Letter-writing Campaigns to keep pens busy: 1) Bring ST to Xelbourne TV (No Luck here), 2) Bring TJ Hooker back. (It did for awhile), 3) Encouragement for Majel, 4) ST Commemorative Stamp for 20th Anniversary - write to USA Post! 1986 Auction on Jan 25th reviewed and $583 raised. [8]

Issue 105

The Captain's Log 105 was published in May 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Chekov's Crisis - an article on Chekov, Trivia quiz. Imperial Klingon Starfleet Uniforms (ST:TO series). "Andrew Smith" strikes! In LoC, he is confused by Tanya Beariova and cannot figure out where it comes from in ST, and doesn't like fluffy duck references. A blank half page "kindly provided for writing notes". [8]

Issue 106

The Captain's Log 106 was published in June 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

photocopy of the cover of issue #106
There is a letter from a fan named Pam who asks that the members of the club who are engaged in childish bitching and revenge plans, to stop:
Note that through the years there have been many letters to the Log about the behaviour of club members - whether it be problems with cliques, bitchiness, or similar problems. This kind of behaviour seems to crop up wherever there are a number of people involved in social activities, and Austrek is no exception. The letters to the Log seem to have come in waves over the years - but so far 1 have not been able to detect any specific pattern to this!

Issue 107

The Captain's Log 107 was published in July 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

The Halley's Comet weekend reports, review of ST:IV, Vulcan pronunciation, wordsearch, Dr Who survey. Bunratty Castle - a night out with Austrek at a theatre restaurant. Austrek meet: July Faction Feast or Plenipotentiary Pig Out (this was the time of factions - Klingons, Romulans, Federation, although they never really got organised ... and like all fads within a year or so most people had dropped the idea). Allied Security Forces born from Galactic Tours to provide Security for cons, Robert Jan gives a real life scale for the Big E using Melbourne as a ruler... and LoC to Andrew Smith by giving a tongue in cheek history of Tanya the immortal bear, Trekcon III: Cadets in Training proposed. [8]

Issue 108

The Captain's Log 108 was published in August 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Official launch of Trekcon III: Back in Training for 14/15 March 1987, At the last meet. Flashback to Car Rally 1985, Star Trek mentality - the Hope of the World. Reports on KinKon II, Stutters £ Mutters of KinKon II,and the Pon Farr Club hots up, Eccentricon and Trekcon arrange to scratch each other's back, we print their flyers, they print ours. [8]

Issue 109

The Captain's Log 109 was published in August 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

On Time Travel, KinKon II reports, On STIV: The Voyage Home pre-reviews, interview with George Takei (from Starlog), Wonderworld, Pon Farr Pin Up of Christopher Lloyd. [8]

Issue 110

The Captain's Log 110 was published in September 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Car Rally reports, A Fan's Visit on the ST:IV set, Eccentricon PR, Moomba goes to the Movies! [8]

Issue 111

The Captain's Log 111 was published in October 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Star Trek's 20th Anniversary, Imperial Klingon Warfleet Uniforms (ST: Movies), and Spock is back in action! [8]

Issue 112

The Captain's Log 112 was published in November 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw. The club is now ten years old.

AUSTREK is ten years old! ST:III preview, Austrek invades Bunratty Castle - a great night out. (I remember - we gave Adam all our carrots) Walter Koenig comes to Melb & dinner is organised by Timewarped con, review of Psycho III, Klingon Starfleet Uniforms Pt2, Trekcon III PR. [8]

Issue 113

The Captain's Log 113 was published in December 1986. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Issue 114

The Captain's Log 114 was published in January 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Issue 115

The Captain's Log 115 was published in February 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

I finally got my computer!! and what a wonder it was to do the Log with compared to the non-electric manual one. The Social Director maps out the year ahead (whatever happened to that planned Weekend at Coves in May, the Weekend at the Wineries in July, the Car Rally to an historic building in September, and the Beach party in January of '88, Craig ?), & Pam Rendell, our SPOCK Editor, sets the record straight for Craig. Rumour & Review of ST:IV & Clan of the Cave Bear. More of Craig's Words (Isn't it nice to know that this guy will one day be President?), Austrek Christmas party, Inkwasters Award to Helen Sargeant for the LOG and Gail Adams for SPOCK (a taste of things to come, eh Gail?), Bowling day. The making of a new concordance, Starfleet invades Melbourne, Wordfind. [8]

Issue 116

The Captain's Log 116 was published in March 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Issue 117

The Captain's Log 117 was published in April 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Issue 118

The Captain's Log 118 was published in May 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Issue 119

The Captain's Log 119 was published in June 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Mad Max (?) gets on the cover, and Austrek has a meeting for Villains. We get four Nominations to fill the vacancy on the committee: Kaye Morrissey, Jan MacNally, Jane Phillips, and Helen Keele. Funding for Trekcon IV, What we know of The crew of TNG, rumour on the New Star Trek (Will Tony Bonner become the next Captain? Or will Vernon Dells gain the role of Captain Data ? Thank the Gods that one didn't come true!), Trekcon III con report, Karin Kvalheim tells us how she found out about Austrek by watching the Moomba parade. [8]

Issue 120

The Captain's Log 120 was published in July 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Reports on the Star Wars 10th Anniversary Dinner (one of Shane's more memorable celebrations, it would seem). Not only was there NO special guest (Vader had run off with David Prowse) but the Force took control of the pyrotechnics resulting in an avalanche of reports, much to my delight. It was a celebration that really went off with a bang (and what went wrong with it.) Jan MacNally wins the election and gets onto the Austrek committee, Trekcon III report, A ship of the Line (about the Galaxy class starship. Enterprise, & her predecessors), the Bowling results, Anita Livings wants your opinions on fund-raising for Trekcon, Wordfind, Bookreviews of Time out of Mind and Portals of Time. [8]

Issue 121

The Captain's Log 121 was published in August 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Issue 122

The Captain's Log 122 was published in September 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

photocopy of the cover of issue #122
Adam Bradsbaw on the cover with Bjo Trimble (without sounding like I'm boasting, I believe this is the first time an editor, or anyone living, has appeared on a Log cover; normally it is reserved as a showpiece for artwork only). ST letter writing campaign. What The Next Generation is about. Attack of the Wokkas (Eccentricon reports), Austrek membership card entries. Book review of The Phoenix Legacy, a guideline to making Imperial Ladies Wear of Rome, Austrek Weapons policy, Les Robertson replies to a poison-pen LoC from Jane Phillips in reference to winning a costume award at Eccentricon.

Committed meet minutes: Define Austrek/Trekcon relations, increase in member fees, birth of merchandising officer, need for weapons policy, Pam Rendell resigns as SPOCK editor (and it takes three people: Robert Jan, Helen Sargeant, and Sue Bursztynski, to take her place), no to incorporation, Robert to do a 1988 Calendar (and what happened to that, Robert?).

The Log gets an Attack of the Wokkas as we return from Eccentricon. "Wokka" originally came from Fozzie Bear's catch-cry after he told a joke "Wokka, wokka, wokka" and Debra Cunningham, Andrew McGee and myself were "wokking" during the bus trip to NSW. Now, when you're trapped in a bus for ten hours some of the insanity has to rub off, so pretty soon we had others "wokking" on the bus. when we arrived at Richmond (NSW) it was pitch-black and the bus driver dumped us in the middle of this paddock which we had to transverse to get to the buildings on the other side. I lost my direction temporarily in the dark so I yelled "Wokka, Wokka, Wokka"
to which I was answered "Wokka, Wokka, Wokka" and the Melbourne crew adopted this as the new catch-cry for Eccentricon, and this is where
 the Wokka originated. [8]

Issue 123

The Captain's Log 123 was published in October 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw. It has the newsletter's first TNG cover.

Editor threatens to build Devil's Mountain in your mash potatoes, the Log gets done professionally (?) as printers go on holidays (and I just realised that I may have repeated a DEEP THOUGHT in a future issue *GASP*), and Gail is still looking to get a SPOCK out (but does Robert know about this?). Reviewscreen of The Flight of the navigator, ST letter campaign in favour of the new series, Patrick Stewart: the actor (stage credits), Mt Bulla weekend, the coming of TNG (newsclip), Roger Camel dies. [8]

Issue 124

The Captain's Log 124 was published in November 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Helen Sargeant becomes Adam Bradshaw for the elections. (Not only did Helen do my election speech but I, or rather Helen on my behalf, got some massive applause when my re-election was announced, amazing what you can achieve when you don't turn up - it also helps to have a good PR Manager, thanks Helen). Jan MacHally wins the Austrek raffle, Spock 48 ready. Another look at collating. Etymology of Capt Jean-Luc Picard, Lt Natasha Yar, and the Ferengi. Early thoughts on the first episode of the next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint (an interview with a USA fan who has seen the episode). Conquest 87 report, Blakes 7 letter campaign (which also didn't work), Review of Robocop, The Witches of Eastwick, and Roxanne, Robotman, and Star Trek, and the Committee meet minutes. [8]

Issue 125

The Captain's Log 125 was published in December 1987. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Austrek Christmas party becomes the Intergalactic Bizarre Bazaar, Gail's final word as Secretary, we find out about a Day in the Life of our outgoing Treasurer, we have a "Presidential Report" *GASP*. After the Christmas party we also got to see the first two episodes of the Next Generation courtesy of Sue Clarke, and wasn't that fun? The SPUNK is still available (alright, put those phone numbers away), A Review of the novel of Encounter at Farpoint, Reviewscreen of How Much for the Planet?. Can you pick the Real SF Movie Titles?, Off on a new Trek to the Stars (TNG newsclip), the Editor's feet wanted for a soap advertisement ??, and Nine Theories on the Popularity of ST. [8]

Issue 126

The Captain's Log 126 was published in January 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Review of 1987 as seen in the Captain's Log, the Jelly bean Competition, the Austrek Family Picnic Day report, the Christmas Bash & Bizarre Bazaar reports. Review of Princess Bride, the 1987 Austrek Car Rally.

On the new Committee for 1988: Jan MacKally gets big-headed as Secretary, we can't get rid of Gail Adams, Julie Hughes is our best President, Debra Cunningham tries to stay a silent writer, Ian Bedier is a man to watch {?), Kaye Morrissey is a seething Austrek table-sitter, Pam Rendell fiddled on the Roof, Adam Bradshaw is more powerful than a tribble on heat, and Christine Young gives us a day of her life.

I also abolished the Inkwasters (Normally given at the Xmas Party) as I felt that it was too difficult to choose any one contributor above the many who offered something to the Log each month. As it happened, SPOCK didn't offer an award that year either. [8]

Issue 127

The Captain's Log 127 was published in February 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Issue 128

The Captain's Log 128 was published in March 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

An Act of God disrupts the Log, How to book for Wagga Wagga with Austrek & Astrex, Jan MacHally tells us about telephone etiquette and how to Phone the Sec (and what not to do), Bloatons invade the Log, 3XY Stereo Sky Show, Committee minutes, Austrek Constitution, Gail wants you to submit. Reports on the First Meeting for the Year where we had small group discussions on your thoughts & aspirations for the club for that year (and I met "Sharon's friend" who was a person I met in a dark alley (apparently), and turned out to be my sister!! (and this person is now our Social Director!?); as well as meeting other assorted "relatives"). [8]

Issue 129

The Captain's Log 129 was published in April 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

The Austrek meet is the Post-KinKon Costume Gathering, Jan MacNally goes Operatic (by giving us a song that she dedicated to herself). Review of The Final Frontier and The IDIC Epidemic, and The Next Generation Comics, excerpt from Clive James' The Crystal Bucket. LoC from Helen Sargeant setting up a writers workshop for interested members, and our Head Fed starts up the Starship registry. Rumours go wild in our "Rumour Has It" column (as it turned out, DC Fontana and Denise Crosby did leave, the lumpy ankle-biters turned out to be Ferengi, Worf got his episode, and Sean Connery did play Indiana Jones' father, but we still don't know about Bonanza: The Next Generation, the return of Blakes' 7, the Dr Who Movie/Cartoon/Documentary, or the Avengers movie - unless all that was just rumour after all ?). [8]

Issue 130

The Captain's Log 130 was published in May 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

The Annual Austrek Bowling day is on this month, Ferengi mania strikes as we prepare for the Ferengi auction in August, the Austrek menbership card is narrowed down to two possible choices, and Trekcon IV is announced. KinKon III Con reports, (Ah yes, will we ever forget KinKon? The raiding parties, the huge smoke doors, roller-coasting in a laundry trolley, crashing supply trollies, the deaf soccer players, being dragged into the arm-wrestling (literally), Jane's "Bunny Wabbit", bending bars in wardrobes, and the visiting fire brigade - oh, and the con, too.). Committee minutes, Sydney try for Worldcon in '91 (but fail). [8]

Issue 131

The Captain's Log 131 was published in June 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

photocopy of the cover of issue #131
Robert Jan sketches an elaborate cover for the Log. Spot the Brain cell at the June neet (impromptu dramatic art, or getting up in front of people with a script and looking like an idiot - but it sure is fun to do and see). The Wagga Wagga weekend is on this month as is the "SPACED OUT" Bowling Day in costume for Trekcon IV, but the Bush dance falls through. More KinKon III reviews. Time for Yesterday and The Final Frontier reviews, reviewscreen of SPOCK 150, a letter from Tracey Webster who tells us the origins of James, and who to nominate at Zencon (a list for the Nat SF Media Awards). [8]

Issue 132

The Captain's Log 132 was published in July 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

photocopy of the cover of issue #132
Club Sec returns from Britain, Marion MacNally fills the vacancy of Pam Rendell on the committee, and the Editor becomes a Ferengi, Wagga Wagga with Austrek/Astrex Con reports, the results of the Annual Austrek Bowling Day, IDIC Principle, the Role of the First Officer, The Technicalities of Encounter at Farpoint (but what happened to Part Two??), and the Log in a Library. [8]

Issue 133

The Captain's Log 133 was published in August 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Letter Campaign for Bev Crusher, review of Timetrap, Trekcon Bowling Day, "What Happens in the Briefing Lounger," LoC from England, and Cons -- an article. [8]

Issue 134

The Captain's Log 134 was published in September 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

photocopy of the cover of issue #134
The Great Annual Austrek Car Rally announced for this month as is the Trekcon Band Night, Debra Cunningham announces her withdrawal from the committee but decides to stay on sharing her position with Marion MacNally. SPOCK goes O/S, a review of UFP Con, More on the Wagga weekend and the Bowls, a review of The Seventh Sign and Beetlejuice. LoC from Sue Bursztynski complaining about amount of material for TNG in the Log. Loc from Steven Hughes says he couldn't fit in with the club and Austrek should operate on a more cerebral level. Is the New Star Trek worthy of the Original? and on Patrick Stewart (newsclips).[8]

Issue 135

The Captain's Log 135 was published in October 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

AGM is held with screening of Trek episodes, Beauty & the Beast review, replies to Sue B and S Hughes roll in, review of Lizards of Oz, Kirk is a Spaced Out Cowboy (newsclip). [8]

Issue 136

The Captain's Log 136 was published in November 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

SPOCK wins Best Fanzine and Gail Adams wins Best Fan Artist in the Nat SF Media Awards, Debra Cunningham bows out of '89 committee, 1989 Austrek Committee (in pictures). Car Rally Results, A HUGE letters column. Band Night flops as Julie (?) tells us where to go in her letter. More replies to Sue B and S Hughes, TNG Update on the Rumours & 2nd Season, What you didn't Notice in Star Trek III (LoC from Irwin Lowe), Mini reviews of Mac and Me, Batman, Outer Heat, (Alien Nation), The Blob, Short Circuit II, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [8]

Issue 137

The Captain's Log 137 was published in December 1988. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Austrek Christmas Party, the Roaring 20's: On Holodeck Six - Christmas in Chicago, Premiere of WILLOW, The New Blakes 7 on the cover, ZenCon II Con reports. Dining with Darrow (a two hour luncheon with Paul "Avon of Blakes 7" Darrow from which this five page article was written. Paul Darrow would have to be the Best Guest any con has had for a LONG time, and the most responsive to fans that I've found for a long time and Michael Keating "Villa" was just as much fun - but we didn't have lunch with him.), ZenCon and Converge in Pictures, Austrek Car Rally report. Converging in NZ (Con report). [8]

Issue 138

The Captain's Log 138 was published in January 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Review of 1988 as seen through the Log, Austrek Christmas party report, Jan wins Xmas hamper, Car Rally short stories, Why Chekov was operated on in ST:IV, Converge report, Austrek Picnic and Silly Olympics results, Letter of Apology from Steven Hughes, Zencon report, Spock's World review. [8]

Issue 139

The Captain's Log 139 was published in February 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Jessica Rabbit (?) on the cover, It's the Year of the Snake, Trekcon splits from Austrek, another Zencon report, Star Trek Revisited, and Marina Sirtis (newsclips), Rumour on changes with the second season of TNG, Review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation to the Next, Superboy, and A Hazard of Hearts. [8]

Issue 140

The Captain's Log 140 was published in March 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Robert does another intricate cover for the Log. Christine Young resigns from the Committee and her position is filled by Sharon Tapner, and the marathons move to Malvern, Dr Who in the Park, The birth of the Next Generation (Publicity info put out by Paramount) including: facts about the Galaxy class Enterprise, Show description and (brief) Biographies of the crew. Letter from K.A. Vanden questioning the Austrek/Trekcon debate. Review of The Good Mother. [8]

Issue 141

The Captain's Log 141 was published in April 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

April Meeting: The Big Con - who Dun It ?? featuring a video of Conspire, Transporter accident competition, Door Prize, and the popular (introduction to) Pass the Parcel. (The Best attended meeting of the Year), Austrek go to the Zoo (in pictures), Thoughts about 2nd Season of The Next Generation, Thoughts about the first season of the Next Generation, LoC from Alison Wallace explaining Trekcon's break from Austrek, Gary Glitter compared to Captain Kirk (newsclip). [8]

Issue 142

The Captain's Log 142 was published in May 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Austrek Annual Bowling Day this month. Conspire Con reports (The con that said John De Lancie (Q from TNG), then Nichelle Nichols was special guest and then no one turned up - but we really didn't care. A con where all of us Bus-faring Austrekkers have fond memories of Capt Lee "Styles".), Conspire in pictures, review of War of the Worlds, Starfleet Crossword, Rumour on the story of Star Trek V, April meeting report, and our first Aunt Chastity's Galactic Romance Crisis Column. [8]

Issue 143

The Captain's Log 143 was published in June 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

June Meet has the Wacky Olmpics, Austrek has lunch at the Pizza Hut, Membership fees to rise to $12 single etc from July, Austrek Annual Bowling Day results, Reviewscreen of Strike Zone and Cinefex Magazine #37, Spock Weds in Real Life, and ST:V Previews (newsclips.) [8]

Issue 144

The Captain's Log 144 was published in July 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Julie Hughes & Alison Wallace resign from Committee, Editor tells you to go to the source & compares Austrek to a diamond, Wendy Purcell & Craig Hooper co-opted onto committee. The Good Mother (newsclips), review of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, LoCs on Conspire, LoC of harsh accusation from Club Sec to the Log Editor, Merrit Buttrick (David Kirk) dies of AIDS, Eridani review. Rumour Has it. [8]

Issue 145

The Captain's Log 145 was published in August 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

August Meet: Make & Break Paramedical Video Day, Austrek gather for a Phaser Strike at the Fun Factory, Winter Palace Ball Reports, a double dose of Aunt Chastity, The Future of Star Trek Movies (A 4 Page article which was later reprinted in the Leonard Nimoy Fan Club newsletter, Quest II, in America), your Thoughts on The Next Generation, LoC from Geoff Tilley who is questioning the Austrek Committee, LoC from Frank Fisher begging for the return of Austrek's Car Rally (but it did not happen), the Rules of Fizzbin. [8]

Issue 146

The Captain's Log 146 was published in September 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

photocopy of the cover of issue #146
Editor asks "Are you an Active Member ?", Getting Ideas for the Christmas Pirate Party, Aunt Chastity column (I meant to explain earlier that Aunt Chastity is a like a "Dear Abby" column with a Science fiction theme. Like Abby, Chastity's identity is known only by a select few: Faith, Hope, and Virtue), another Winter Palace Ball report, More Thoughts on ST: The Next Generation, Replies flood in about Geoff's and Jan's LoCs, Nominees for 1990 and Marion MacHally withdraws her nomination for 1990 Committee. [8]

Issue 147

The Captain's Log 147 was published in October 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Sec replies to the LoCs in her page, Phaser Strike reports. More LoCs in reply to replies about the Sec's LoC, Trekker Lore of TNG (newsclip), review of Batman, Aunt Chastity, Next Generation first Season survey to be filled in. [8]

Issue 148

The Captain's Log 148 was published in November 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Marion MacNally's Boobs get on the cover of the Log (the third time for a photo cover?), and I propose we put out a fanzine to commemorate the Log's 150th, Aunt Chastity gets laid up (and is this the last we'll see of her in the Log?), LoC from Geoff Tilley replying about his LoC and other's LoCs about bis — (Are you still following me here?). Review of Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom (a stage play), and Star Waiting : The Convention (Con reports), and the Premiere of Star Trek IV: The Final Frontier hit the big screen this month as it premieres Australia wide. [8]

Issue 149

The Captain's Log 149 was published in December 1989. It was edited by Adam Bradshaw.

Austrek Christmas Party: The Pirate Party, End of Year Spock Report from Editor, Batman review, other Star Walking reports, LoC from Jenny McLean condemning the treatment of Trekcon by some, letter from Alison Wallace asking for a proper dress code to be followed in future functions, Be Prepared for ST:TNG (an article). reviewscreen of Salute to the Jugqer and the new format Star Trek DC Comics, star Trek: The Final Frontier reviews (newsclips). [8]

Celebrating 150 Issues

This issue was published in 1990 and contains 102 pages – Includes mostly non-fiction from Captain’s Log past issues (1977 to 1990) – details of each issue, plus interviews, rules of Fizzbin card game, Deep Thoughts from Star Trek, biographies on TNG actors, episode guides for TOS and TNG, uniforms, movies (1-5), soundtracks, weapons, etc.

It has art by Maria Papadeas Stephen Baruday, Robert Jan, Andrew McGee, Bernice Cuffe, K.A. Vanden, Gail Adams, Lynn Bartlett, Adam Bradshaw, Marianne Plumridge, Roslyn von Werstak, Greg Franklin, and Wendy Purcell.

front cover of the issue that celebrates the 150 mark, published in 1990. Cover art by Maria Papadeas
back cover of #150, artist Lana Brown?
From the editorial:
THE EDITOR'S DILEMMA : Getting out a magazine is no joke; if we print jokes, people say were are irreverent, if we don't, they say we are too serious; if we clip things from other magazine, we are "being too lazy to write them ourselves!", if we don't, we are "stuck on our own stuff.'"; if we do print every word of every contribution, we "don't appreciate genius"; if we do print them "the columns are filled with junk"; if we make a change in your article, we are "too critical"; if we don't we are blamed for poor editing. Now, as like as not, some one will say we swiped this from some other source - WE DID. Well, that just about sums up the joys of being an editor for Austrek's newsletter. The Captain's Log. In fact, that little ditty came from one of the early issues of the Log (way back in the early teens - I cannot recall the exact issue). If you haven't guessed already, this zine is in commemoration of 150 issues of The Captain's Log, and can also act as a valuable resource for the Star Trek fan, and the Austrek member, so I hope you get as much enjoyment from it as we did putting it together. No, scratch that, I hope you get MORE enjoyment than that, because it was a real pain at times (George loves Wordstar, don't you George?). Seeing the Log reach its 150th, and being a part of its process is something special for me, because the 150th was my objective ever since I saw the 100th Log in print - the fact that I had to put together half as many Logs again to reach that objective didn't phase me in the least. It took me four years to reach my goal, and this zine is its culmination. In my enthusiasm to reach the 150 mark, I also broke the record for editing the most issues of the Captain's Log. So, what's next on the agenda ? 200 sounds like a nice number. Somebody shut me up before I promise something I may regret, please?!?

Issue 151

The Captain's Log 151 was published in February 1990.

Issue 152

The Captain's Log 152 was published in March 1990.

Issue 153

The Captain's Log 153 was published in April 1990. It was an April Fool's issue.

Issue 154

The Captain's Log 154 was published in May 1990.

Issue 155

The Captain's Log 155 was published in June 1990.

Issue 156

The Captain's Log 156 was published in July 1990.

Issue 157

The Captain's Log 157 was published in August 1990.

Issue 158

The Captain's Log 158 was published in September 1990.

Issue 159

The Captain's Log 159 was published in October 1990.

Issue 160

The Captain's Log 160 was published in November 1990.

Letters section is a long one - mostly politics

Issue 161/162

The Captain's Log 161/162 was published in December 1990/January 1991.

Issue 163

The Captain's Log 163 was published in February 1991.

Issue 164

The Captain's Log 164 was published in March 1991.

Issue 165

The Captain's Log 165 was published in April 1991.

Issue 166

The Captain's Log 166 was published in May 1991.

Issue 167

The Captain's Log 167 was published in June 1991.

Issue 168

The Captain's Log 168 was published in July 1991.

Issue 169

The Captain's Log 168 was published in August 1991.

Issue 170

The Captain's Log 170 was published in September 1991. It is the 25th Anniversary special, 30 pages in length.

Issue 171

The Captain's Log 171 was published in October 1991.

Issue 172

The Captain's Log 172 was published in November 1991.

Issue 173

The Captain's Log 173 was published in December 1991.

Issue 174

The Captain's Log 174 was published in January 1992.

Issue 175

The Captain's Log 175 was published in February 1992.

Issue 176

The Captain's Log 176 was published in March 1992.

Issue 177

The Captain's Log 177 was published in April 1992.

Issue 178

The Captain's Log 178 was published in May 1992.

Issue 179

The Captain's Log 179 was published in June 1992.

Issue 180

The Captain's Log 180 was published in July 1992.

Issue 181

The Captain's Log 181 was published in August 1992.

Issue 182

The Captain's Log 182 was published in September 1992.

Issue 183

The Captain's Log 183 was published in October 1992.

Issue 184

The Captain's Log 184 was published in November 1992.

Issue 185

The Captain's Log 185 was published in December 1992.

Issue 186

The Captain's Log 186 was published in January 1993.

Issue 187

The Captain's Log 187 was published in February 1993.

Issue 188

The Captain's Log 188 was published in March 1993.

Issue 189

The Captain's Log 189 was published in April 1993 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #189
sample page from issue #189

Issue 190

The Captain's Log 190 was published in May 1993.

Issue 191

The Captain's Log 191 was published in June 1993.


Issue 192

The Captain's Log 192 was published in July 1993.

Issue 193

The Captain's Log 193 was published in August 1993.

Issue 194

The Captain's Log 194 was published in September 1993 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #194
The editorial:
Due to the small amount of news last month, we have an extra large one this time (most of it is currently rumour). This includes info on the new seasons of TNG and DS9 and on the upcoming TNG film. For some of you who have not heard, Paramount is considering another Trek series to replace TNG when it goes off air in June 1994, see the pages for more information. News of more Trek merchandise has arrived and a large number of them are listed in a new column this month: Collectors Quadrant. This, 1 hope will be a semi-regular feature, depending on the advance information I receive.

Due to various members' comments, I have tried a few variations with the presentation of certain articles in the following pages. What do you think? Yes, Star Trek is one of the quality shows on TV. It has been nominated again for some more Emmy awards. It should be noticed that both STTNG and STDS9 have both been nominated for several categories, all technical and related. In a couple of them, they have been nominated in the same category! Sadly officials have not recognised writers, actors or directors. These are generally reserved for the non-scifi drama-type series. We are pleased to say, that the Austrek Art Show was a great success with over 130 works entered for assessing by the membership. For more details, see the report co-written by Marion MacNally and Brett Jones. Who knows, this function may appear again in the near future. The trip to the Science Works was definitely different! We had about 30 members turn up, most of them in costume! It must have been something to do with the TV crew that were going to be there. For a more in depth analysis, see the article from Jan and Marion MacNally. A personal view on a Trek author is very interesting- Are there any other things about how Trek is written or portrayed that propel you into discussion? Robert Jan's 'Final Word on the Classic vs. TNG Debate' is also interesting. With the advent of the TNG series finishing, DS9 going strong, a new series emerging and the Trek movies continuing, the arguments about 'what is the best' seems more and more pointless. As long they live to the original Trek ideals, there should be no problem. A couple of reviews of books, magazines and the Trek screen saver also provide interesting reading and for the younger readers, we also have a alien word-find on the activites page. Can you find them all?

An election form is also included this month for next year's committee elections. Please return these as soon as possible.

Issue 195

The Captain's Log 195 was published in October 1993.

Issue 196

The Captain's Log 196 was published in November 1993.

Issue 197

The Captain's Log 197 was published in December 1993 and contains 24 pages. It contains art by David Gerrold and Wendy Purcell.

cover of issue #197
From the editor:
Well, another year has simply gone 'where many have gone before...'! It is with a sense of relief and a great sadness that this is my last Captain's Log Editorial. The new editor next year has promised changes to the Captain's Log, and I hope you all support him/her when the time comes.

This month we have some reports from several conventions that our members have been attending over the past few months including one from Austrek's very own one in September, Trexpo'. Supplemented with a review of Cupcon (here in Melbourne), Star base '93 in Leeds and another from Conquest '93, it shows that some Austrek members try to visit conventions whenever they are away from home. (They are also great fun too!) Star Trek is going strong on TV in the form of the two series STTNG and STDS9. The last updates for 1993 are presented here which could prove interesting viewing when Channel 9 gets around to showing them! Some more information on the proposed new ST series is supplemented with some news of merchandise that have just been released over here. In the letters this month, I recieved quite an interesting range. It just goes to show that many aspects of Star Trek impact on different peoples lives. The recent issue that was mentioned at the AGM in November has been brought to light again for you readers. Several arguments have been presented for your evaluation. There is also a letter from a concerned member on this matter also. An informative article on the impact of music (particularly songs) in Star Trek in both the Original series and the Next Generation will bring memories flooding back of these famous (or infamous) tunes that we have enjoyed in Star Trek over the years. The tunes of the past only pave the way to more recent renditions in The Next Generation. There is an interesting article on collectables and what affects an item's collectability in the future.

Just before you discard the wrapper for this month's Captain's Log, included this month for the junior trekkers (or even some others as well) a colouring page for you to test out your artistic ability! Who knows, you may even submit it in the next Austrek Art Show!

Issue 198

The Captain's Log 198 was published in January 1994 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #198
From the editorial:
Hi there! You may be wondering what I am doing in this part of the Log. I had intended to continue with the membership secretary role this year, but on reflection I realised that I had really done as much as I could with the computerisation of the membership information. With the move to divide up the "humungous" position of secretary between general secretary and membership secretary, I reahsed that it would be much easier to pass on the roles, and it would be less time-consuming During 1993 Eleanor Sharpe was a great help to me with the membership side of things, and so it was natural for her to take over the role of up-keep of the membership database, while John Edmondson takes over the general secretarial role. I will still be involved in terms of extracting details from the database for the administration page and the mailing list, but 1 have passed over the rest of the work.

I have been wanting to edit a newsletter for quite a while, and to use my computer skills to further help the club. As well as this, our household recently bought a new super-dooper computer. So here I am! This year I plan to standardise some aspects of the Log's format, and to encourage the members to get more involved with the Log. In this, my first issue, the committee for 1994 is introduced to you in more depth, with accompanying pictures so that you can recognise them when you see them! This is your chance to find out about some of their interests outside Trek. We also have yet another article from Darren Maxwell (see what happens when you give someone access to a computer!) and a fascinating article on the meaning of colours and how they apply to the uniforms. Note that the article on colours is Lyn Tom's first published article on Star Trek, and I think that there are many people out there who just need a little encouragement to transfer what is in their heads onto paper, so that other people can enjoy their ideas! We also introduce the classifieds section, turn to page 24 for information on submitting to it.

How do you like the 24 page format? This gives us room to include more of your articles and provide a more comprehensive newsletter. It means a slight increase in cost for postage, which means that not all the Logs this year will necessarily be 24 pages, but it also means that we can post them flat at no extra cost.

Issue 199

The Captain's Log 199 was published in February 1994 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #199
From the editorial:
Well here I am again, in my second editorial. It only seems a few days since - wait, it was a few days ago that I did January's editorial! You see, it is traditional that January's Log comes out late in the month. This is because the Log editor spends the month leading up to it working on it, and as the editor is often on the previous year's committee, it is difficult to start work on the January Log until the change-over of committee, ie the beginning of January.

This is exactly what happened to me - being Secretary last year, I was full on with that right up until the end of December. Unfortunately I couldn't pass the position on any earlier, as the 1994 General Secretary was 1993's Treasurer, and the 1994 Membership Secretary was still waiting for her computer to arrive! (By the way, well done to Eleanor who has managed to learn about using computers from scratch, as well as taking on the membership/rencwals/enquires the day after she got her computer.)

So, all in all, the Christmas break was hectic for all of the committee, particularly me! To ease up on this problem, I have put through the committee a motion that the previous editor of "The Captain's Log" is responsible for January's Log. This means that I will be doing thirteen Logs, but future editors won't have to be as frantic about putting their first Log out.

Issue 200

The Captain's Log 200 was published in March 1994 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #200 -- "Just to explain the front cover - it is by David Gannon, and it was displayed at the 1993 Austrek Art Show, and won a first prize. If you would like a limited edition (only 150 printed!) copy of this Log with a FULL COLOUR COVER of this wonderful art-work, send us $4 to cover costs and postage. Or else see me at the next meeting (and buy it at the bargain price of $3!)." -- the editor
art by Robert Jan from issue #200

This issue contained a special insert, the first issue of "Rascals," a supplement for younger readers.

From the editor:
This month marks the 200th issue of "The Captain's Log". What a wonderful achievement! For a newsletter to start from humble beginnings, and grow into the mouthpiece of a club of over 1,000 members through the best of times as well as the not so best of times. Star Trek seemed forever destined to be on-again-off-again, and it was due very much to the dedication of the fans which has kept it going for so long. And now it seems never ending, with a new film in the works, and a new series! Finally they've realised what a gold-mine they're sitting on.

Back to the 200th issue - this Log consists of the "normal" Log, and inside it the "anniversary" Log. Included in this middle section is a fascinating look back at the history of the newsletter. Despite the fact that Austrek at the moment is looking very much to the future, with all the new information about Next Generation, DS9 etc, it is also very important, and worthwhile, to know where this newsletter has come from.

One of the leading supporters of Austrek and its newsletters is Diane Marchant. Up until now she has been Australia's representative of the "Star Trek Welcommittee". The Welcommittee is primarily an information service, answering queries and passing on prospective Star Trek fan club members to their local clubs. Diane has strong connections with Star Trek in America, and she has always been an important source of information, particularly in the earlier years of the club when Australian Fandom was so isolated from the rest of the world. She has carried out her tasks for over 20 years, and only now has decided that she needs a break. So she has handed over the reins to Jan Jackson, and we wish Jan the best in this demanding job, and Diane a well-deserved break.

Issue 201

The Captain's Log 201 was published in April 1994 and contains 28 pages. The editor was Katharine Shade. The cover is by Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

cover of issue #201

Issue 202

The Captain's Log 202 was published in May 1994 and contains 28 pages.

cover of issue #202], Wendy Moncur

Issue 203

The Captain's Log 203 was published in June 1994 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #203, Pam Rendell

Issue 204

The Captain's Log 204 was published in July 1994. This issue contained a special insert, the second issue of "Rascals," a supplement for younger readers.

cover of issue #204, Zaquia Tarhuntassa

Issue 205

The Captain's Log 205 was published in August 1994 and contains 22 pages.

cover of issue #205, Gail Adams

Issue 206

The Captain's Log 206 was published in September 1994 and contains 20 pages. The editor is Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #206

Issue 207

The Captain's Log 207 was published in October 1994 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #207, Robert Jan

Issue 208

The Captain's Log 208 was published in November 1994 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #208

Issue 209

The Captain's Log 209 was published in December 1994 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #209

Issue 210

The Captain's Log 210 was published in January 1995 and contains 20 pages. The editor is Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #210

Issue 211

Issue 212

The Captain's Log 212 was published in March 2012 and contains

cover of issue #212

Issue 213

The Captain's Log 213 was published in April 1995 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #213
inside page from issue #213, "graphic art" by Michael Wilson

Issue 214

The Captain's Log 214 was published in May 1995 and contains 24 pages. The editor is Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #214, David Gannon

Issue 215

The Captain's Log 215 was June 1995 and contains 20 pages. The editor is Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #215

Issue 216

The Captain's Log 216 was published in July 1995 and contains 20 pages. The editor is Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #216

Issue 217

The Captain's Log 217 was published in August 1995 and contains 20 pages. It was edited by Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #217

Issue 218

The Captain's Log 218 was published in September 1995 and contains 25 pages. The editor was Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #218

Issue 219

The Captain's Log 219 was published in October 1995 and contains 25 pages.

cover of issue #219

Issue 220

The Captain's Log 220 was published in November 1995 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #220

Issue 221

The Captain's Log 221 was published in December 1995.

Issue 222

The Captain's Log 222 was published in January 1996 and contains 20 pages. It was edited by Katharine Shade.

cover of issue #222

Issue 223

The Captain's Log 223 was published in February 1996 and contains 15 pages. It was edited by Rose Mitchell, Sean-Paul Smith and Tony Souter. This issue does not have a table of contents, but instead simply lists the tribbers.

cover of issue #223
in lieu of a table of contents in this issue: a list of tribbers
The editorial:
Welcome fellow Austrekkers. I'm Rose Mitchell and together with Sean-Paul Smith and Tony Soutter, our ongoing mission will be to bring you The Captain's Log each month. However, we can't do this alone, we need your CONTRIBUTIONS. Sadly, over the past few months, these have been a bit sparse. It is surprising just what amazing ideas are out there. Take the chance!

In this issue is an interesting interview with De Forest Kelley and an article on visual effects by Faith Sinnott. Maybe others would like to write about other technical aspects of Trek, or on subjects such as model making, costuming, make up etc. Regular features includes reports by Julia Tasker about the latest sci-fi releases on sell through video, and Tracey Payne provides some useful advice on collecting trading cards.

On behalf of Austrek, we'd like to thank Katharine Shade and her team for all their fine work on The Captain's Log over the past few years. Katharine has been a mainstay of Austrek for many years serving as a committee member (Secretary) and then as Log Editor. It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to her and Jeremy Sadler whose contributions have been greatly appreciated. Alas other horizons call them and they are off to boldly explore other ventures and universes. Not to despair too much, both Katharine and Jeremy will from time to time return (just like Trek characters and plots); after all such a wealth of knowledge and experience just can't dissipate into the ether... Good Luck guys.

Issue 224

Issue 225

Issue 226

Issue 227

The Captain's Log 227 was published in June 1996 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #227

Issue 228 (July)

The Captain's Log 228 appears to have been published twice, once in July 1996 and once in August 1996.

The July one has art by Robert Jan, Stewart Gill and Anthony Botheras.

cover of issue #228, month of July, Anthony Botheras.

Issue 228 (August)

The Captain's Log 228 appears to have been published twice, once in July 1996 and once in August 1996.

cover of issue #228, month of August, art by Robert Jan

The August one:

Issue 229

cover of issue #229, photo by Sue Taylor, Original Series costumes (L to R): Tracey Payne, Sue Taylor, The Green People/Orion Slaves, Janice Tait, Frank Dersken, photographed at the Guardian of Forever

The Captain's Log 229 was published in September 1996 and contains 20 pages.

Issue 230

The Captain's Log 230 was published in October 1996 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #230, Litza Waters

Issue 231

The Captain's Log 231 was published in November 1996 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #231, Robert Jan

Issue 232

Issue 233

The Captain's Log 233 was published in Dec/Jan 1997 and contains 28 pages. It has art by Louise Graham and Robert Jan.

cover of issue #233, Louise Graham

Issue 234

The Captain's Log 234 was published in February 1997 and contains 15 pages. The editor is Rose Mitchell.

cover of Captain's Log issue #234, by Robert Jan. (Artist's Note: Borg Cube detail incorporates S.F genre spaceships and other iconic artifacts.)

Issue 235

The Captain's Log 235 was published in March 1997 and contains 19 pages.

cover of issue #235, Louise Graham

Issue 236

The Captain's Log 236 was published in April 1997 and contains 20 pages. The art is by Robert Jan, Warren Oddsson, and Louise Graham.

cover of issue #236, Louise Graham

Issue 237

The Captain's Log 237 was published in May 1997 and contains 19 pages.

cover of issue #237, Litza Waters

Issue 238

The Captain's Log 238 was published in June 1997 and contains 15 pages.

cover of issue #238, concept by Rod Tyrell, design by Faith Sinnot, art by Louise Graham (Borg Queen) and Corey Sinclair-Robb (Hugh)
The editorial:
Greetings, and welcome to June's edition of the Log. Notice some changes in the format? The Committee discussed at length aspects of the Log production, in particular the high costs involved in producing a monthly 20-page fanzine. Just like in the real world, the Trek universe unfortunately is subject to the perils of the current economic climate. Printing and distribution costs have risen considerably over the last year. So much so that membership fees no longer cover these overheads.

So after considerable debate and much angst, certain recommendations have been put into place to try and cut the costs of bringing the Log to you, without impinging on either the quality or quantity of the content of your newsletter. Feedback is welcome, so if you have a view either for or against the changes or have some other suggestions we certainly would like to hear from you. Both the Editor and the AUSTREK Committee are aware of just how important the Log is to AUSTREK members. Which brings up another topic the Committee discussed recently and that was to explore if holding hall meetings was still valid and viable. Attendance at hall meetings and social functions, to put it bluntly, is usually pretty abysmal. This appears to be a trend world-wide -- some long-established clubs around the globe are experiencing much the same problems as AUSTREK is and several reasons for this have been expounded, mainly the impact of the Internet and the oversaturation of the Star Trek market to name just two. So, are hall meetings still valid? Meetings have been planned up to December this year, however, should we begin to plan for 1998? Do you want to meet person-to-person? The Committee wants to know! Moving right along in (his vein of apathy, the Writing Competition has had little or no response to date! This competition will be cancelled unless the Editor receives either some material or firm commitments for material in the very near future.

This also applies to the Art Show. To date only a few people' have contacted Litza Waters to enter. Again, do you want this function to go ahead? July 1 is the deadline for entries. This does not mean that your work must be finished by that date. If you have any queries please contact Litza...

Issue 239

The Captain's Log 239 was published in July 1997 and contains 15 pages.

cover of issue #239
The editorial:
Greetings, and welcome to July's edition of the Log. Checking out the Internet and the newsgroups, which are all agog with news of the new character in VOY, 7 of 9', I have begun to wonder just where on Earth Star Trek is heading.

There appears to be an element of sensationalism creeping into the franchise. 7 of 9's costume, for want of a better word, leaves nothing to the imagination, as many of you would have seen in a recent edition of Entertainment Tonight. Jeri Ryan provocatively posed and pouted in classic cheesecake style through a photo shoot and interview. Even Kate Mulgrew, who cannot by any stretch be deemed a "bimbette", and Roxann Dawson sashayed about in high heels and glamorous tight gowns a la Charlie's Angels.

Subtely is obviously not on the agenda at Paramount. Sex sells, even Borg sex it would seem and it is even better with large breasts - 7 of 9 has apparently not had all of her implants removed!

What has happened to the altruistic morality, the striving for higher ideals, the advancement of humanity, that made Star Trek so attractive to millions of fans? Even the bland political correctness of TNG never detracted from the underlying message of Trek . All people were treated on an equal basis regardless of sex, race, species, creed, age, etc; it showed us explicitly that you didn't have to be one of the 'beautiful people', and, didn't have to stare up at the glass ceiling while lying on your back to achieve. It also showed us that sex themes could be treated sensitively, tastefully and intelligently.

Cheap sex, it now seems, has become the prime plot device on Trek. DS9 has coupling going on right, left and centre. It's not quite as bad as Melrose Place, but you can see the writing on the bulkhead. Plot Spoilers for next season could very well resemble synopses for an Aaron Spelling soapie.

In the nineties, everything is eventually reduced to the lowest common denominator, even that sacred cow. Star Trek. It's not that I'm disappointed nor disillusioned at the direction of S7"s modern premise -- just plain offended.

Trek is just not the domain of adolescent males! Let's leave the bimbos and himbos back in the nineties, in the HOTTEST place to be (where they belong) and let's get ST" back online.

Goodness, maybe I'm just getting old and turning into my mother. AAAHHHH.

Issue 240

The Captain's Log 240 was published in August 1997 and contains 15 pages. It contains art by Robert Jan, Cory Sinclare-Robb, Debbie Johns, Kyle Payne and Tracey Payne.

cover of issue #240, design and concept by Robert Jan, art by Cory Sinclare-Robb
announcement regarding the club's new website
The editorial:
The AUSTREK Art Show has come and gone, a great success. Litza Waters did a sterling job in managing the entries and hanging them on the day. There were over 50 entries, all of a high calibre. Just goes to show what talent there is in AUSTREK and in fandom in general.

Litza also devised and led several activities to keep us all entertained. Congratulations Litza on a job well done, your enthusiasm and professionalism inspired us all. Well over 80 people attended the Art Show - some even heard about it through the local press, which had run several articles about AUSTREK lately. Promotions and results of the Starfleet Academy Exam, held last meeting, were handed down. Congratulations to Mary Watson, who achieved the highest score and was the only person promoted to Captain. Rod Tyrrell was able to announce a very special event towards 
the end of our meeting: An Evening with Patrick Stewart, staged by 
the Multiverse Consortium. See what happens at club meetings; you
 get to hear first-hand exciting news not usually given out to the gen
eral public. As you can see from the announcement at the bottom of this page, AUSTREK now has its own Internet site. On behalf of the Committee, I would like to especially thank Dean Kennedy for all his hard work in getting this project together. Dean also kindly hosts our site on his server and AUSTREK is most appreciative of his generosity. Dean is not a trekker and his only foray into sci-fi is the X-Files. However, he took on this project with much enthusiasm and vision. We haven't quite converted him, but a least he can converse with us and know what we are talking about! Thank you again Dean. You can check out Dean's web design business, Terrabytes, via our home page.

So, point your browsers our way, check out the site and pass feedback to us on how we might improve the sight, or let us know what information you would like to see on AUSTREK's Internet site.

Issue 241

The Captain's Log 241 was published in Sept/Oct 1997 and contains 20 pages.

cover of issue #241
From the editorial:
I was indisposed. At Basicon 2, the National Science Fiction and Media Convention held recently in Melbourne, a panel was held on how to start your own fanzine or newszine. The panel members, luminaries in the fan publishing arena, all had a common background - they had little or no experience with journalism, publishing or the media when they firsc started out. They learnt as they went along, broadening their experience and picking up knowledge from people they meet during the course of their fan activities, and along the way having quite a lot of fun into the bargain.

Ifyou have think you might have the necessary skills and commitment and what to participate in what can be a quite rewarding pastime, please let me know. The more the merrier. Regretfully, Rod Tyrrell has had to resign from the Committee due to ill health. We wish Rod a speedy recovery and hope he's back 'on deck' soon. Steve Hartshome has now been invited to serve on Committee after unofficially acting as the Social Director for the Club for sometime and now will hold this position officially. Last month's social event, led by Steve Hartshorne, was a great success. Everybody trooped off to Pugg Mahone's for an evening of Guinness and "Riverdancing". We're going back there for October's social evenl, so grab your black tights, tap shoes and best Irish brogue and come along.

Don't forget to book your passage on the USS Melbourne Cup. Berths are filling fast and this looks like being THE event of the year. Come along and get into the spirit of Flemington Race Course from a Trek perspective and don't forget to wear a costume if you can. As one wag commented recently, "a bunch of Trekkies at the Cup won't be so strange given that they'll probably be standing next to guys in gorilla suits!" You might like to consider taking public transport. Remington has easy access to trams and trains - there's a station on the course. On Cup Day, peak services are run. So for a fast getaway, leave your car at home, and PT it.

Issue 242

The Captain's Log 242 was published in November 1997 and contains 15 pages.

cover of issue #242
From the editorial:
This month has been rather disappointing. Our November event, a Maquis incursion on the USS Melbourne Cup had to be cancelled due to an overwhelming lack of interest. The few members and their friends who expressed an interest in attending were not enough people to make the venture viable. Steve Hartshome, Social Director, had put in several months of work planning and organising the trip and it was most disappointing that the event did not go ahead.

This has led to several brainstorming sessions amongst Committee members, primarily asking the question: what do the members want from AUSTREK? Frankly, we are at a loss. Planning for 1998 is underway with a return to monthly hall meetings, with some away missions thrown in occasionally. Some interesting activities for these meetings have been suggested and some have been taken up. But we would really like to hear from you guys. After all this is your club and this is a democracy (well, last time we checked anyway). The current Committee has made a commitment to ensure that AUSTREK meets all of the members' needs. However, our efforts are being hampered by a perceived air of apathy. In order for us to do our jobs properly, then you also have to make a contribution. Tell us what you want and we will try to achieve this.

So then, just what do you want from your club'.' Can you let us know your ideas? If so, then drop us a line either through the club snail mail address or via email. We want to hear what it is that would grab your interest in 1998.

Issue 243

The Captain's Log 243 was published in December 1997 and contains 15 pages.

cover of issue #243, Louise Graham

Issue 244

Issue 245

Issue 246

Issue 247

Issue 248

Issue 249

Issue 250

The Captain's Log 250 was published in March 1999 and contains 35 pages.

cover of issue #250, Robert Jan

Issue 251

The Captain's Log 251 was published in June 1999 and contains 31 pages.

cover of issue #251, Louise Graham
From the editorial:
... over the last few years I have become quite jaded, if not bored with some of the nonsense and boorish behaviour of some of the more obsessive and dogmatic Trek fans, particularly a small (and it IS a very small) clique of Melbourne fandom.

Don't get me wrong folks; this is not a generalisation of all Trekkies, but an observation and a comment on a minority of people who spoil it for the rest of us. And it is usually these people who are pilloried and lampooned in mainstream society, thus tarring the rest of us with the taint of 'loonyism'. At a recent media convention, a member of what has become known as the Melbourne Front of the Trek Nazis (gleaned from a fairly vitriolic piece in Thyme, a world-wide fanzine published out of Melbourne), was heard to announce from the podium of a panel he was appearing on, that he religiously scanned the Captain's Log from cover to cover to check up on what the Editor (moi) and the contributors were saying! I know, because I was there, albeit to heckle another member of the panel who waxes lyrical on any and all subjects (he is a very dear and close friend of mine, so I could heckle with impunity and hopefully clever wit). I was so astounded by this revelation that 1 was not even indignant over the inference of censorship, let alone amused by it all. All I could think of was "Why? Don't these people have anything better to do?" However, I did point out, on behalf of AUSTREK, that this person was not a member of our club, therefore had no legitimate regress for anything published in our fanzine! He none-the-less thought that he had a duty to monitor our fanzine. You the membership can be assured that we here on the publication panel of the Captain's Log do take our mandate seriously. The Log is vetted by independent (although part of our membership) people to ensure what is published is appropriate. However, we here on the publication panel consider you, the membership, to be a mature and discerning readership that appreciates intelligent critique and that being (mostly) Australian, you also have a fine sense of humour when it comes to "taking the mickey" out of people who take themselves far too seriously.

A follow-up article in Thyme suggested that media fan clubs such as AUSTREK and fanzines, like the The Captain s Log, had a duty of care to take on a role of stewardship to encourage 'gentle reality checks' from time to time, ie, remind people that Star TVek is not real! Which is quite different from taking on board the philosophy and tenets that form the foundation of the Star Trek universe. IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations is the basic cornerstone of the TVek universe, and if it was practised more widely we would not be seeing such shocking inhumanity to humankind as what is happening in Kosovo at the present time.


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