The Big E

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Synonyms: The Enterprise
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The Big E is a older Star Trek term. It refers to the starship Enterprise.

from a Star Trek convention in the early 1970s, an unidentified fan recreates The Big E

Examples of Use

From a fan's comment about the story, "For Sale, Must Sacrifice" in the zine Warped Space: "It's a very believable get-Spock in which the Merry Men of the Big E once again run afoul of the Prime Directive."

From an issue of The Halkan Council: "Why isn't' there a chaplain aboard the Enterprise? Thought the Big E must be efficiently run, surely they can allow for religious observance and spiritual counseling?"

From a description of Tales of Feldman: "It's also quite funny, and was quite well received, despite the fact that little of the action happens on the big E."